New Arrival Weekly Highlights October 22nd 2021 | Brian DiMambro Virtual Book Tour

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome back to Brian's Office. This week's roundup is again focused on a few lovely leather books that we've cataloged over the past few days. In this short video, we'll take a look at a French scientific journal, a collection of Cicero's letters, an autobiography from Spanish Philosopher George Santayana, and much more! As always, each individual book can be found on our website by searching for the item number as listed below. Hope you're staying healthy and safe, and we'll see you next week or even sooner if you'd like!

B2180 - Three Dialogues on Orators, Cicero 1742.
B3307 - Le Nature French Scientific Periodical 1914.
B3352 - American Almanac Demographics Calendar Etc. 1861.
B3584 - Ferdinand Philippe Duke of Orleans Biography 1852.
B3619 - Collected Poems of Alexander Pope 1897.
B3620 - Gesta Romanorum 1880.
B3621 - Collected Poems of John Milton 1911.
B3622 - History of England w/ Maps 1928.
B3633 - George Santayana Spanish Philosopher Biography 1944.
B3641 - Letters of Juliet Lady Catesby 1808.
B3643 - The Iliad Greek Text Philips Exeter Prize Binding 1894.
B3644 - Pilgrim's Progress Decorative Gift Binding 1840.
B3648 - World As It Is Illustrated Atlas 1884.
B3649 - Book of Nature 1828.