Weekly New Arrivals Highlights: October 1st, 2021 | Brian DiMambro Antique Book Seller

Step into Brian's office and have a look at some of the new things we've cataloged this week. Included in this week's offering is a beautifully illustrated early 19th century edition of Fontaine's Fables, an art deco era early 20th century guide to Cape Cod and Nantucket, and a fascinating history of California with a gold mining spine and with great wood engraved plates.

All items can be found by searching their name or number in our online store: Please see below for a complete list of the items in this short video. We'll see you next week with more great selections from our ever growing inventory of antique maps and books!

B2973 - Nashville Railroad Folding Map
B2974 - San Diego Travel Brochure
B3350 - Afflicted Man's Companion
B3387 - Frost's History of California
B3432 - Presbyterian Hymnal
B3436 - Fontaine's Fables
B3471 - Lausanne Guide Book
B3479 - Mt. Desert Island Guide Book
B3488 - Martha's Vineyard Guide Book
B3493 - Amsterdam Souvenir Photo tourist Album