1939 New York World's Fair lot x 8 Art Deco splendid graphics pics
1939 New York World's Fair lot x 8 Art Deco splendid graphics pics 1939 New York World's Fair lot x 8 Art Deco splendid graphics pics
$ 375.00

1939 New York World's Fair- Art Deco ephemera: promotional printed brochures & advertising: excellent lot of eight graphically pleasing promotional items given away at the Fair to people walking through the different pavilions.

All color lithographed or offset, all printing techniques unique to the pre- WW II era of printing. 

Lot includes a splendid oversize oblong Art Deco masterpiece Official Souvenir Book with the original cardboard mailing box (!).

All items are complete, clean and well preserved examples.Most folding or multi-page. Short video captures lot and condition much better than words. Please watch prior to purchase to ensure a clear understanding of the lot.

Nicer lot than typical for the type, each item worthy of separate interest by itself.

New York World's Fair Weekly Frolics. 1939. Vacation tour company brochure, offering various packages. Deco.

Forward March of America. An Exhibit of the Electric Utility Industry at the World's Fair. Radio and electrical towers. Power companies, birth of wide-spread national electricity.

The New World Ensemble, New York World's Fair, Ford Exposition. Piano music- Ferde Grofe. brochure format.

New York World's Fair. Pennsylvania Railroad. 1939. Splendid 20 pp. Art Deco graphics. orig. fold line, railroad pocket brochure.

The Metropolitan Host, New York Guide to Theatre, Art, Sports, Movies, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Music, Shops, Sight-Seeing, Churches. 1939. city guide for visitors. Panoramic color birds-eye view of the Fair grounds, all buildings rendered in three-dimension, key at top left identifying 34 specific sites.  Great ads throughout, Rockefeller Plaza Restaurants Deco ad rear cover.

Billy Rose's Aquacade. New York World's Fair. 1940. Buster Crabbe, Eleanor Holm, Coca-Cola color ad, Chesterfield Cig., Pabst Blue Ribbon.

The City of Light on the Plaza of Light at the New York World's Fair.
1940, New York, Consolidated Edison Company. Splendid oblong Art Deco masterpiece. 24 pp. + covers. With large fold-out birds-eye view diorama view at rear.

Official Souvenir Book, New York World's Fair. 1939, New York, Exposition Publications, Inc.Western Printing & Litho, Pou. Plastic spine binding. Art Deco masterpiece, with numerous colorful half sheets interleaved- see video.

Oblong, plastic spine binding. in original mailing box. Box broken and worn but complete. Book well preserved, overall clean, excellent graphics.

Smallest book measures: 9" H X 4" W.
Largest book measures: 14" H X 10 1/8" W.