Hello and welcome to my personal digital spot within the world of old & rare books, maps and collectible printed images.

Everything my assistants and I handle today is only printed long ago, in the past, primarily on paper by hand, mostly in book or loose single sheet format. Today, all of these carefully selected and curated types of items possess fairly obvious historical, aesthetic and/or monetary value; and here-in lies their appeal for all of us.

Our particular unique approach is to seek, acquire and then offer mostly one-of-a-kind historical items, all worthy of collecting, display and owning.

I've been offering desirable and visually appealing antiquarian items like this without interruption for over 35 years with endless help the entire way. This represents 20+ years with a seven days a week open public book shop in several different locations in a small urban city (Portsmouth, NH), followed for the past 15+ years by our endless flow of daily digital offerings from close-by in downtown Dover, NH. 

This broad range of attractive, interesting and typically monetarily valuable old books, maps, prints, albums, ephemera, etc. are all clearly examined within our endless steady flow of daily video examinations.

We’ve filmed more than 2000 of these short video presentations so far (all free & available online) and also photographically cataloged in detail many thousands more items for your online inspection, consideration and potential collecting/ investment acquisition.

Our basic approach is to treat everyone we meet politely and kindly, like potential life-time connections, partnerships or perhaps extended family members. Our desire is always to show everything fully and accurately.

We stand behind everything we sell and offer a unique Unconditional Satisfaction Guaranteed 30-day Returns. Authenticity of everything we offer is unconditionally guaranteed for life to be as described, you will never buy "fakes" or reproductions from us of any kind, period.

Our reliable positive digital reputation is readily verifiable on various major global commercial platforms such as IOBA, PayPal, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, ABE, NHABA.info, etc. You are dealing with real people who care about their customers and clients, whoever they are, wherever they are in the world. 

Once you buy something from us and it's been shipped with visible online tracking, we're always on your side. In the end, we want you to be happy when you deal with us. Our hope is you'll return in the future for more commerce and you'll even recommend us to your friends.  

We look forward to making your acquaintance!

Brian DiMambro, Antiquarian.
Dover, New Hampshire, USA.