A for Apple Pie & Nursery Rhymes 46 color plates c.1870 Red Riding Hood 3 Bears
ABC French Juvenile Chap Books Reading Primers c.1890's Lot x 3 children's books
Australia New South Wales Victoria Sydney Melbourne Perth c. 1856-72 Weller map
Austria Hapsburg Crown Lands Holy Roman Empire 1606 Lazius & Mercator folio map
British Columbia Vancouver Island Western Canada Caledonia c. 1856-72 Weller map
British India Nagpur Hyderabad Central India c. 1856-72 Weller map
Canton River China Hong Kong Macao Honan Island Guangzhou c. 1856-72 Weller map
Caucasus Georgia Azerbaijan Armenia Russia Ottoman Empire c. 1856-72 Weller map
Central America Mexico Texas Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua c. 1856-72 Weller map
China Chinese Coast Nyew-Tew Island to Leaotong Gulf c. 1856-72 Weller map
Cuba & Jamaica Caribbean Islands Havana Kingston c. 1856-72 Weller map
Delhi British India Palaces River Jumna c. 1856-72 Weller city plan map
East Indies Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Sumatra Java Borneo 1806 H Tanner map
Encouragements to Youth 1830's Bouilly rare leather juvenile moral advice book
Gilbert Gurney Novel 1836 Thomas Edward Hooke leather 3 volume set
Hans Christian Anderson Children's Book case 1949 Set of 16 miniature books
Holtzer-Cabot Hospital Signal System 1918 Moveable Floor Plan Diagram novelty
House & Garden Bound Magazine Complete Year's Run 1909 leather book 12 issues
La Friquassee Crotestyllonnee 1878 Prosper Blanchemain French leather book
Le Satyricon French & Latin Satirical Novel 1834 Petronius 2 vol. leather set
Liverpool England Britain U.K. 1883 Lett's SDUK urban center city plan
Mademoiselle de Grafigny French Novelist Collected Works 1821 Barbier plates
Miyako Hotel Kyoto Japan Tourist Souvenir 1912 sight seeing guidebook
Mormon Settlement Salt Lake City Utah Territory c. 1856-72 Weller rare map
Mt. Tom Railroad Holyoke Mass. 1912 illustrated tourist souvenir booklet w/ maps
New Orleans Louisiana Tourist Guide 1931 Southern Pacific illustrated promo book
New South Wales Australia Sydney Canberra Moreton Bay c. 1856-72 Weller map
Ontario Railroads Toronto Ottawa 1901 Rand McNally large transportation map
Ostend Belgium Souvenir Travel Album 1891 street scenes 13 photographic views
Roman Holy Land Palestine Israel 1875 Brue large detailed hand color map
Russian Empire Moscow St. Petersburg Asia Siberia Kamchatka Korea 1777 Bowen map
Scenes of London Society 1823 French leather book 24 Cruikshank aquatint plates
Territorial Western US California Utah New Mexico c. 1856 Weller scarce map
Texas State by itself 1886 color large state map
Transylvania Hungary Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire 1606 Mercator folio sheet map
Victoria Australia Melbourne Port Philip Port Western c. 1856-72 Weller map
Waverly Novels Sir Walter Scott 1842 Abbotsford 12 vol. leather set 120 plates