Advertising Arts American John Held art Bernhard 1930 color illustrated magazine
Advertising Arts American Periodical January 1930 illustrated magazine
Advertising Arts selling commerce Art Deco 1931 color ads illustrated magazine
Africa Continent 1838 E.J. Huntington scarce hand color map
Africa Continent Madeira Port of Aden 1854 A. & C. Black engraved map
Africa Continent strange Mts. of Moon 1780 Bonne engraved map
Africa Europe Asia Arabia Mughal Empire Korea China Egypt 1758 Gibson map
Africa Sahara Desert Nile River Madagascar Egypt Congo Morocco 1793 Neele map
Ancient China Philippines Islands Southeast Asia Korea 1683 Mallet map
Antebellum United States Northwest Territory New England 1837 Duvotenay map
Arabia Middle East Hejaz Mecca Medina Aden Socotra c. 1815 Arrowsmith map
Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo 1950 Yearbook F. Franklin signed cover
Boston Massachusetts detailed 1849 cerographic city plan map
British Possessions in North America Canada Great Lakes 1815 Arrowsmith map
Burr McIntosh Monthly Magazine Christmas 1909 beautiful art nouveau cover
Canada 1900 Canadian Settlement Government Illustrated Book Westward Expansion
Cape Cod Magazine 1926 Americana New England period advertising
Cape Cod Magazine w/ cartoon map cover 1927 scarce w/ advertising
Chesapeake Bay entrance York & James River Cape Charles 1850 Blunt map
Columbo & Gale Sri Lanka Ceylon 1683 Mallet city plan harbor view fishing boats
Cosmopolitan mag issue 1926 H. Fisher cover art & great period advertising
Cosmopolitan Magazine 1926 beautiful cover art period advertising
Cosmopolitan Magazine H. Fisher 1924 beautiful cover art period advertising mag.
Daphne Syria Hellenistic Middle East 1683 Mallet bird's eye view
Delaware Bay Cape May Egg Island 1850 Blunt detailed coastal survey
East Indies Indonesia Malaysia Java Sumatra Borneo Celebes 1815 Arrowsmith map
Empire of Japan Kyushu Honshu Shikoko Korea 1815 Arrowsmith map
Ethnographic Map of Great Britain & Ireland 1856 A.K. Johnston scientific map
Europe British Isles Holy Roman Empire Ottomans Scandinavia 1701 Moll map
Exercises for Ladies to improve Beauty 1837 Donald Walker Women's Health Manual
Fort MacQuarie Sydney Australia Harbor View 1863 Lemaitre fine hand color print
Franklin Booth 1914 Graphic Arts magazine arts design & advertising
Harrison Fisher color cover 1926 Cosmopolitan Magazine entire issue w/ great ads
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Bohemia Low Countries Switzerland 1697 map
Holyoke Massachusetts city plan 1870-80 W.S. Loomis large folding detailed map
Illustrated Life George Washington 1860 J.T Headley monumental color plate book
Indians of North & South America - their History 1844 Goodrich illustrated book
Interavia World Aviation magazines 1949-51 Paris Aircraft Show illustrated lotx2
Ireland lovely c. 1700 Moll map Ulster Munster Connacht Leinster Dublin
Istrian Peninsula Italy Trieste 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut print
Italy Viareggio Maschere Carnevale program 1952 beautiful cover art period ads
John Held Jr. color Flapper cover art 1924 Life Magazine beautiful illustrated
Kangxi Emperor of China Ceremonial Clothing Royal Fashion 1683 Mallet portrait
Kingdom of Denmark Fyn Jutland 1628 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city view
Kingdom of Scotland United Kingdom Orkneys Hebrides Edinburgh c. 1700 Moll map
Kingston Jamaica British West Indies 1920's Tourist Souvenir Book photographic
Lady's Friend 1870 Mrs. Henry Peterson Women's Magazine Fashion Recipes
Litchfield Hills Connecticut 1897 by Marvin New England Photo History book
Lives of Celebrated American Indians 1843 Goodrich nicely illustrated book
Maine state by itself 1849 scarce Town & County map
Maine w/ New Brunswick & Nova Scotia 1796 Thomas & Andrews scarce American map
Martha's Vineyard Buzzard's Bay Vineyard Sound Massachusetts c.1890 Walling map
Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes 1892 silhouette illustrated children's book
Mother Goose: The Most Popular Nursery Jingles 1880s illustrated children's book
Mughal India Ganges & Indus Rivers Southeast Asia 1683 Mallet map
Nantucket Island historical map Massachusetts New England c.1890 Ewer map
New Hampshire scarce 1849 Neville Town & County Map New England
New Spain Mexico Yucatan Peninsula Mexico City Honduras 1780 Bonne engraved map
New York Magazine of Mysteries 1902 fortunes mystical cover art period adverts
Newbury Mass. 1904 Ralph Ilsley family photograph album Americana one of a kind
Newburyport Massachusetts Merrimack River Plum Island 1847 Blunt coastal survey
Newport Harbor Rhode Island Castle Hill 1822 Blunt harbor chart coastal survey
Newport Harbor Rhode Island Fort Adams 1850 Blunt harbor chart coastal survey
Norman Rockwell cover 1918 Life Magazine American Solider great color ads & art
Norman Rockwell cover 1918 Life Magazine Sewing Soldier Dog
North & South America Hudson Bay Caribbean Islands La Plata 1758 Gibson map
North America United States Louisiana Purchase 1815 Arrowsmith map
Ottoman Empire Asian Possessions Anatolia Syria Holy Land 1683 Mallet map
Ottoman Greece Crete Corfu Athens Corinth Thessalonica 1697 decorative map
Pacific Ocean Australia New Zealand Polynesia Hawaii 1815 Arrowsmith map
Parthian Empire Iran Persia Ancient World 1683 Mallet map
Pen & Ink Drawing 1903 George Hartnell Bartlett profusely illustrated nice book
Persia Iran Middle East Persian Gulf Caspian Sea Fars Isfahan 1792 Neele map
Philadelphia city Pennsylvania c. 1900 b&w photographic souvenir book
Physical Culture Magazine 1929 American Health & Culture illustrated periodical
Physical Culture Magazine 1930 Health Body illustrated magazine w/ ads & pics
Porcelain Tower Nanjing Ming Era Chinese Pagoda 1683 Mallet Architectural View
Portsmouth Harbor New Castle New Hampshire Great Bay 1850 Blunt coastal survey
Psara & Chios Greek Islands Aegean Sea Sailing Ships Sea Battle 1683 Mallet map
Puck's Library Illustrated Humor Magazine July 1897 old American magazine
Rain Map of Europe 1856 A.K. Johnston map Hyetopgraphy Weather Patterns
Rain Map of the World 1856 A.K. Johnston scientific map Hyetographic
Rainan Project Egypt & New Guinea 1887 Stanford Royal Geographic mag w/ 2 maps
Rhode Island state by itself 1849 scarce cerographic hand colored map
River Systems of North & South America 1856 A.K. Johnston large scientific map
Roxy theatre Weekly Review 1927 Theatre & Arts magazine Art Deco advertising
Royal Geographic Society Africa Uganda Lake Victoria 1880 Stanford mag. w/ maps
Royal Geographic Society Artic Exploration Barents Sea 1880 Stanford mag. w/ map
Royal Geographic Society Lu River Tibet 1887 Stanford periodical w/ map
Royal Geographic Society South Africa Exploration 1881 Stanford periodical maps
Southeast Asia Philippines Formosa Siam Cambodia Laos 1780 Bonne lovely map
Springfield Massachusetts 1900 tourist guide illustrated B&W photographs
Vera Cruz Mexico Harbor Chart Military Fortifications 1850 Blunt coastal survey
Vermont state by itself 1849 scarce cerographic Town & County Map
Voices of Heart & Home: An Offering of Love 1856 poetry color plate old book
VooDoo Magazine Wow cover 1921 Norman Rockwell art MIT student magazine cartoons
WW I Great War Souvenirs 1918 J.F. Bouchor w/ 64 color plates Limited edit. book
Wynona Summer Camp for Girls Lake Morey Vermont 1924 photo album booklet
Yemen & East Africa 1887 Stanford Royal Geographic Society periodical w/ maps
Yonkers New York Illustrated c. 1910 illustrated book photographic local history
Ziegfeld Follies Alberto Vargas 1919 & 1924 Irving Berlin music beautiful covers