Abington Massachusetts Bicentennial Anniversary Celebration Program 1912 booklet
Africa Cape Colony Mozambique Congo Egypt Guinea 1856 Boynton engraved map
Alaska & Pacific Northwest 1920's Lot x 2 Travel Pamphlets illustrated w/ maps
American Review History Politics foreign relations 1812 State Papers rare book
Ancient Egyptians Nile Africa 1854 Wilkinson classic well illustrated 2 vol. set
Animals of the World pictorial 1856 Boynton Zoological Map Mountains Comparison
Arctic Regions Voyages of Discovery 1846 Sir John Barrow 1st Ed. leather book
Atlantic Monthly 1864 Thoreau Emerson Longfellow Civil War American political
Atlas de Geografia Universal c. 1860 Ambrose Tardieu Spanish language atlas
Australia Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands New Zealand 1856 Boynton engraved map
Bahamas Guide History maps 1891 Stark tourist's guide book fine Nassau city plan
Bethlehem New Hampshire White Mountains hotels c. 1915 travel guide w/ maps
Biographia Americana Famous Americans North America 1825 rare book 12 engravings
Bone disease Essay on Necrosis 1794 Russell rare medical book 6 engraved plates
Boston Mass. Lot x 3 Souvenir Albums c.1900-10 many early Street Scenes Views
Bryant & Stratton Commercial School Boston MA c.1890's Secretarial Civil Service
California Romantic Beautiful 1914 James illustrated photos map art nouveau book
Cape Cod & Nantucket MA New England Vacation promos c.1950's lot x 3 brochures
Church Psalmody 1852 Christian leather hymnal prayer songs book
Climate zones longitude latitude Antipodes Earth 1766 Brion decorative old map
Cologne Cathedral Germany 1870's Lot x 5 architectural engraved lg. view prints
Complete Prose of Walt Whitman 1898 collected essays old decorative book
Daniel Boone Pioneer of Kentucky 1872 Abbott illustrated frontier Biography
Deeds of Valor American Medal of Honor Recipients 1901 illustrated 2 vol. set
Distribution of Global Rain & Snow 1856 Boynton engraved map world deserts
Doctor Doolittle's Caravan 1926 Hugh Lofting 1st Edition classic children's book
Dr. Livingstone South African Explorer 1874 profusely illustrated travel book
Duxbury Massachusetts Tercentenary Celebration 1937 pictorial map cover
Elements of Drawing 1857 John Ruskin 1st UK Edition nice example!
Florence Firenze Italia Italy c. 1900 city plan pianta tourist pocket map
Florida & Nassau Bahamas pictorial view book 1901 illustrated tourist souvenir
Florida History & Tourism 1930's Lot x 3 St. Augustine Silver Springs books
Florida Tourist Brochures c. 1920-1940 Hotel Mayflower Silver Springs Lot x 7
George Washington pictorial Life 1860 J.T. Headley hand-colored plates fine book
Greater New York city Manhattan Brooklyn 1901 Albertype tourist souvenir album
Greater Vancouver city plan c1930's Hotel Grosvenor tourist pamphlet map
House Beautiful with Home & Field Lot x 3 1934 illustrated American magazine
How the Other Half Lives 1903 Jacob A. Riis NY city Tenements Poverty Reform
Iceland Norway Sweden North Sea Cruise 1923 Raymond-Whitcomb brochure w/ map
Kirk's Map of Chicago & Suburbs 1926 road atlas detailed city plan
Ladies' World Magazine 1903-6 lot 4 issues great covers period adverts fashion
Lake Chautauqua New York State c. 1880's LE Walker & Wittemann souvenir album
Lancaster Records British History 1801-1850 Lovely 1869 leather book w/ map
Le Frou Frou 2 issue lot 1913 French color pictorial society satirical magazine
Marseilles & Aix-en-Provence coast France 1944 WWII era travel guide w/ 6 maps
Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes 1901 W.W. Denslow illustrated children's book
Needlecraft Magazine 1918-9 Lot x 3 American women's pattern magazine
New York City Manhattan 1886 illustrated souvenir album street scenes city views
New York City Manhattan Bronx 1924 pocket guide book large city plan map
North America United States Canada physical geography 1856 Boynton engraved map
Ottoman Empire Romania Balkans Black Sea Serbia 1766 Brion decorative old map
P.T. Barnum's Circus 1888 illustrated children's book clowns elephants lions
Pan American Exposition Buffalo New York Niagara Falls 1901 souvenir album
Paris Exposition 1900 pocket Souvenir view Album 12 color plates city views
People's International Family World Atlas 1891 Chicago scarce complete atlas
Philippines Spanish-American War Imperialism 1898 Hawaii Cuba possessions book
Photo & Wood Engravers trade catalogue/ price list c. 1920 Edward C. Muller
Photographic Road Trip Directions Chicago to Beloit 1905 early auto road atlas
Pilgrimage to Mecca & Medina Islam 1898 Sir Richard Burton 2 vol. set maps views
Pioneers of the American West 1856 W.P. Strickland Americana book settlers woods
Pirates of Panama 1914 John Esquemeling Buccaneers of America Caribbean classic
Plants of the World 1856 Boynton Botanical Map World Mountains Comparison
Races & Peoples of the World 1856 Boynton rare Ethnographic Map Hand Color
Radio Shack Electronics Catalog 1967 Guitars Record Players Amps Walkie Talkies
Renowned Places of United States lakes rivers harbors 1880's souvenir view album
Rotterdam Holland Netherlands c. 1870 souvenir tourist photo album 12 views
South Africa Cape Colony Boer Republics War 1898 Ridpath & Ellis pictorial book
South American Continent Brazil Peru Amazon 1766 Brion decorative old map
Stanley & Other African Explorers 1878 Headley illustrated book
Switzerland Tourism c. 1930's-50's Swiss Air Magazines Guides nice Lot
Teddy Roosevelt American Presidential Biography Africa Hunting 1910 Morris book
The Evergreen A Christmas New Year & Birthday Gift c. 1830's leather book
The Mother's Grave Children Mourning c.1870's Baillie & Sowle lithographed print
Utah Life Mysteries Crimes of Mormonism Polygamy 1870 J.H. Beadle leather book
Vermont Gazetteer Geographical & Statistical Washington DC 1823 rare pocket book
Washington D.C. guide 1924 Reynolds tourist book w/ city plan map & views
Wesleyan Camp Meeting Hymn Book 1829 Great Awakening American leather hymnal
William Shakespeare Dramatic Works 1851 lovely full leather book
Wonder Book for Boys & Girls 1913 Nathaniel Hawthorne Milo Winter illustrations
World Map in Double Hemispheres Mountains & Rivers of the World 1856 Boynton map