Abraham Lincoln Portrait print c. 1862 Civil War Era Engraved Cabinet Meeting
Adventures of Gil Blas 1802 w/ 11 hand colored plates 3 vol. Baynton leather set
Aerial Age Airplanes Artic Exploration Hot Air Balloons 1911 Wellman book
Africa Ancient World Egypt Morocco Guinea Madagascar 1711 Senex decorative map
Africa Travels & Adventures 1809 Alexander Selkirk Sailor Bauer German book
Allegorical Frontispiece Europe Enthroned Regal Empress 1685 Mallet color print
Ancient Balkans Dacia Thrace Danube River Balkans 1685 Mallet map
Ancient Greece Attica Euboea Thebes Corinth 1711 decorative map
Animal Kingdom ABC Illustrated Reading Primer 1885 color juvenile linen book
Armillary Sphere Zodiac Constellations Planetary Orbits 1685 Mallet print
Art Nouveau Female Portraits 1904 Burr McIntosh Photo-Seccessionist Lot x 10
Australia Holland History sea Voyages 1751 Schouten Dampier Tasman history book
Austrian Netherlands Brabant Flanders Luxembourg c. 1796 Kitchin hand color map
Baby Tales Lessons Infant Minds Fables c. 1830's juvenile chap book wood cuts
Bay State Street Railway Co. Trolley Tour Pamphlet 1912 illustrated vintage ad
Biblical Catechism Sunday School Children's 1823 American instructional book
Broadmoor-Cheyenne Mountain Highway Colorado c. 1940 pictorial travel brochure
California Coronado's Golden Jubilee number 1935 rare photo Magazine
Canada Hunting Fishing Canoe Trips 1959 illustrated travel booklet w/ map
Central Italy Roman Empire Ancient World Umbria Etruria 1711 decorative map
Civil War Fortress Monroe Virginia James River 1862 Hinshelwood birds-eye view
Col. James Gardiner British Officer Battle of Prestonpans 1796 leather book
Coney Island Brooklyn Amusement Park Dreamland 1904 illustrated souvenir album
Congregational Church Manual 1841 American Christian Religious Leather Book
Constantinople Ottoman Empire Capital Topkapi Palace 1811 large City View print
Cote D'Azur French Riviera Monaco 1946 illustrated travel brochure period ads
Culpepper's Family Physician American Herbal Home Remedies 1824 Exeter NH book
Dacia Moesia Thrace Roman Provinces Danube Basin Byzantium 1711 decorative map
Dr. Livingstone's African Exploration 1860 illustrated travel & exploration book
Eastern Hemisphere Africa Europe Asia Australia Antarctica 1685 Mallet map
Edmund Dulac c. 1920's Fantasy Art Sailing Ships Boats Travel Print Lot x 10
Edmund Dulac Fantasy Art Arabian Nights Creatures c. 1920's Print Lot x 7
Edmund Dulac Fantasy Art Arabian Nights Orientalism c. 1920's Print Lot x 8
Erotica Vintage Prints Satyrs Female Nudes c. 1920's-30's Lot x 10 hand colored
Fox Hunting & Field Sport Dog Chases 1817 Somervile 9 color plate leather book
Frigate Warship Sailing Ships French Navy 1685 Mallet hand colored print
Galley Warship Oars French Navy 1685 Mallet hand colored print
Geography Ethnography 1841 Texas Republic woodcuts children's school book
Gettsyburg National Park 1931 souvenir album battlefield memorials
Grand Hotel Frankfurter-Hof German Luxury Hotel c. 1910 promotional brochure
Great Lakes Canal Chart New York Montreal Erie Canal c. 1890 travel color map
Havana Cuba Jesu del Monte City & Harbor View 1812 Cooke engraved print
Holland Netherlands Tourism c. 1920's-30's illustrated travel booklet
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Prussia Netherlands 1760 Jefferys color map
Howitt's Journal Literature & Popular Progress 1848 leather 2vol set w/ woodcuts
Icelandic Couple Homestead Dog Volcano 1788 Thornthwaite engraved costume print
Isfahan Iran Safavid Persia 1683 Mallet city view landscape travelers print
Italy Cities Tourist 1832 Italia Roberts leather book 26 engraved view plates
Italy Tourist Fiesole Naples Genoa 1833 Roscoe leather book 24 engraved plates
Jamaican Souvenir Manufacturing Baskets Necklaces Pottery 1905 Wortley booklet
Kentucky Highway Road Atlas WWII Era Travel Brochure c. 1939-43 illustrated book
Kingdom of France Ancien Regime Bourbon France c. 1760 Jefferys hand colored map
Lady's Almanac 1869 Boston women's book calendar period ads poetry illustrated
Life of Joan of Arc 100 Year's War 1818 LeMaire leather book w/ engraved plates
Low Countries Netherlands Belgium Belgium Ancient World 1711 decorative map
Macedonia & Thessaly Ancient World Roman Empire 1711 decorative map
Military Formations Pike & Shot Organization 1683 Mallet lot x 9 scarce prints
Mughal Empire India Southeast Asia Sri Lanka Thailand Cambodia 1683 Mallet map
New England Hotel Association Promotional Travel Brochure 1934 pamphlet
New England Pathfinder Railway Guide 1849 pocket travel book time tables ads
New Mexico c. 1955 Cartoon Pictorial Map Cowboys Conquistadors Native Americans
New Orleans Vieux Carre Guide 1928 Nott illustrated travel guide w/ old city map
New World Loose Leaf Atlas c. 1929 monumental leather atlas 100+ maps
Ottoman Balkans Hungary Transylvania Wallachia Greece Albania 1796 engraved map
Pan-American Exposition Buffalo New York 1901 Reid tourist souvenir view album
Pelagnisi Dromo Saraquino Greek Islands Naval Battle 1685 Mallet hand color map
Qing Empire China Korea Formosa Hainan Peking Beijing 1790 Neele engraved map
Richmond Virginia Rebel Capital James River 1862 Hinshelwood birds-eye print
Rock Island County Illinois Old Settler's Association Treasurer Report 1866-1943
Roseau Dominica Caribbean Islands Harbor View 1812 Cooke engraved print
Sailing Manual Handbook for Sailors 1890 E.F Knight Illustrated Book Knots
San Juan Hotel Orland Florida Cartoon Illustrated c. 1960 Advertising Brochure
Science of Self Defense 1867 Price Wrestling Boxing Sparring illustrated book
Scythia Russia Crimea Poland Finland Ancient World Black Sea 1711 decorative map
Scythia Tartary Central Asia Chinese Empire Caspian Sea 1711 decorative map
Southern Italy Roman Empire Campania Naples Apulia Brindisi 1711 decorative map
Spain & Portugal Iberia Madrid Barcelona Lisbon Seville 1796 Kitchin color map
Spain & Portugal Iberia Madrid Cadiz Barcelona 1760 Jefferys decorative map
St. Sebastian Rio de Janeiro Brazil Harbor View c. 1813 Cooke engraved print
St. Thomas Virgin Islands Havensight Pier c. 1813 engraved hand color city view
Susan Huntington Boston Massachusetts Memoir 1829 lovely gilt leather book
Switzerland & Italy Tourist 1830 Roscoe leather book 25 engraved view plates
Switzerland Roman Helvetia Bern Constance Lake Geneva 1711 decorative map
The Fireman's Dog New York Fire Department 1862 hand color juvenile story book
Thomas Gage Voyage Exploration 1721 New Spain Mexico rare book 5 engraved views
Thomas Gray Collected Poetry Works 1867 beautiful decorative leather book
Turkish Noble Couple Ottoman Fashion 1685 Mallet costume print ethnographic view
Union Village RI Dairy American Dairy Farm c. 1910 Promotional Advert Booklet
United States Popular History 1877 Ridpath profusely illustrated book color time
Vintage Erotica Female Nudes c. 1920's-30's Lot x 10 small hand color prints
Wagner's Zeitschrift Austrian Political & Legal Periodical 1828 rare German book
Warship Naval Battle Rigging Sails 1685 Mallet tall ship hand color print
Wartburg Castle Germany c.1905 illustrated souvenir album embossed pictorial cvr
William Shakespeare's Collected Sonnets c. 1930's Peter Pauper fine leather book
Zodiac Armillary Sphere World Map cherub 1685 Mallet hand color map print