American South Florida Louisiana Alabama Georgia Mississippi 1873 Williams map
Amherst Belchertown Hadley Ware Hardwick Massachusetts 1891 Walker regional map
ancient Egypt Sudan Nubia Red Sea Nile River 1850 Cowperthwait Mitchell map
Ancient Spain Celt-Iberian Tribes 1827 Brue large detailed map hand color
Art Treasures of England 1876 huge leather book 100+ fine engravings
Art Treasures of Germany Famous Paintings 1870's huge leather plate book
Austria-Hungary Bohemia Vienna Austrian Empire c.1850 Cowperthwait Mitchell map
Austrian Possessions Hapsburg Monarchy Austria-Hungary Bohemia 1804 engraved map
Babcock's Toy Books Children's Stories & Poems c. 1840's Lot x 2 chap books
Bath Dexter Richmond Village Winthrop Sagadahoc County Maine 1893 Stuart map
Beekeeping Apiculture Honey Making A.I. Root Medina Co. 1890 mail order catalog
Boothbay Ocean Point Southport Lincoln County Maine 1893 Stuart map
Boston Bay Salem Lynn Marblehead Massachusetts 1903 topo chart lighthouses
Breck's of Boston Garden Book Seeds Flowers Vegetables 1950 mail order catalog
Burgess Seed & Plant Co. Gardening Flowers 1939 mail order catalog w/ envelope
Burpee's Bulbs Seed Catalog Tulips Gardening 1926 mail order catalog
Canadian Maritimes Newfoundland Nova Scotia New Brunswick 1873 Williams map
Colorful Colorado Tourist topographical Road Map 1952 large folding map brochure
Cumberland County Maine Portland Harpswell Cape Elizabeth 1893 Stuart map
Dacia Pannonia Illyria Roman Provinces Albania 1826 Brue large detailed map
Dahlias Nursery Gardening Flowers 1939 pictorial mail order seed catalog
Deerfield Northampton Hampshire County Massachusetts Whately 1891 Walker map
Dublin to Killala Ireland Road Route Swineford 1750-80 Terry engraved travel map
Duxbury Plymouth Kingston coastal Massachusetts 1898 topo chart Scituate Harbor
Eastern Russian Empire Siberia Kamchatka 1850 Cowperthwait Mitchell map
Eastern U.S. Railroads & Canals Infrastructure 1874 rare transport thematic map
Egypt Nubia Sudan Red Sea Nile River 1822 Brue large detailed map hand color
Enemies' Land Christian Anti-Masonic Narrative 1899 Giddings Signed rare book
Erkins Studios Garden Ornaments Statues c. 1950 pictorial advertising catalog
Finger Lakes Nurseries Geneva New York Gardening Flowers 1932 mail order catalog
France Railroads Paris Orleans Marseilles Aix Toulouse 1858 Dufour engraved map
Gallic Tribes Ancient Europe Gaul Rome 1824 Brue large detailed map hand color
Gaul Ancient France Roman Provinces 1859 Dufour engraved historical map
Geography 1806 Jedidiah Morse early school book w/ North America & World maps
Geography American School Book 1818 Jed. Morse book w/ World & America 2 maps
Greater Tibet exploration Red Sea Colonies 1885 rare RGS periodical 2 lg. maps
Hancock County Maine Penobscot Ellsworth Brooklin Sedgwick 1893 Stuart map
Iceland Scandinavia Russia Cruise Vacation 1937 pictorial vintage promo w/ map
Indian Territory Oklahoma Missouri Kansas Midwest U.S. 1873 Williams map
James Vick's Sons Gardening Floral Guide 1926 illustrated mail order catalog
Japan Geisha's Souvenir Program Theatre many ads 1958 Pictorial Souvenir Album
Japan Seed Co. Gardening Flowers Bulbs Vegetables 1917 rare mail order catalog
Jell-O Advertising Booklets Lot x 2 Pictorial Promo Books c. 1915 recipes
Jerusalem Delivered Torquato Tasso Epic Poem 1803 illustrated 2 vol. leather set
Kingdom of Naples Sicily Southern Italy Pompeii 1850 Cowperthwait Mitchell map
Kingdom of Prussia Silesia Brandenburg Berlin Konigsberg 1804 engraved map
Knox County coastal Maine Rockland Vinal North Haven Thomaston 1893 Stuart map
Knox County Maine 1893 Stuart map Friendship Thomaston Saint George Appleton
L.L. Old's Bulb Catalog Gardening Flowers 1937 pictorial seed mail order catalog
Lincoln & Sagadahoc County Maine Boothbay Bath Phippsburg 1893 Stuart map
Little Fascinator Love Advice Letters Courting c. 1860's novelty fan book
London England Tourist folding city plan 1892 Collins large urban pocket map
Mediterranean Sea south Europe North Africa Italy 1834 Brue large detailed map
Mexico & Central America Honduras Guatemala Nicaragua 1873 WIlliams map
Milford Franklin Foxborough Worcester Co. Massachusetts 1891 Walker regional map
Minnesota Iowa Michigan Wisconsin Midwest U.S. Great Lakes 1873 William map
Montreal Island St. Anne's Lake St. Louis La Chine 1828 Hooker miniature map
Montreal Longueil La Prairie Chambly Canada 1828 Hooker miniature map
Mount Holyoke Massachusetts 1828 Throop miniature landscape birds-eye view print
Mt. Desert Island Bar Harbor Acadia Hancock County Maine 1893 Stuart map
Napoleonic Europe France in 1812 1st Empire 1856 Dufour engraved historical map
Napoleonic Europe in 1813 French Empire Egypt 1826 Brue large detailed map
Nebraska Dakota Territory Montana & Wyoming Western U.S. 1873 Williams folio map
New Bedford Fair Haven coast Massachusetts 1898 topo chart lighthouses railroads
New England Maine New Hampshire Vermont Mass. Connecticut 1873 William map
New England Spring Flower Show Gardening Expo 1949 pictorial souvenir program
New England Spring Flower Show Gardening Expo 1955 pictorial souvenir program
New York Catskills Albany Hudson Coeymans Johnstown 1828 Hooker miniature map
New York Fort Ticonderoga Lake George Essex 1828 Hooker miniature map
New York Manhattan Staten Island Yonkers Hoboken 1828 Hooker miniature map
New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Long Island 1873 Williams map
New York Poughkeepsie West Point Peekskill Dunderberg 1828 Hooker miniature map
New Zealand & Free State of Congo 1885 rare RGS periodical 2 large detailed maps
Night Before Christmas Children's Poem 1880's Christmas booklet
North Haven Vinal Haven Hurricane Isle Knox County Maine 1893 Stuart nice map
Northern Italy Tuscany Papal States Lombardy 1850 Cowperthwait Mitchell map
Oceania Australia New Zealand Indonesia Polynesia Hawaii 1873 Johnston map
Ohio Indiana Kentucky Tennessee Virginia Maryland Delaware 1873 Williams map
Ontario & Quebec Canada Toronto Great Lakes Toronto Montreal 1873 Williams map
Oriental Steamship Company Japan China India c. 1910 travel brochure w/ map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Albania Serbia Bosnia 1850 Cowperthwait Mitchell map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Serbia Bosnia Bulgaria Albania Croatia 1846 Mitchell map
Ottoman Middle East Turkey in Asia Armenia Iraq 1850 Cowperthwait Mitchell map
Pittsfield Great Barrington Richmond 1900 topo chart railroads Shaker village
Plymouth Kingston Wareham Massachusetts 1898 topo chart Old Colony Railroad
Portland Harbor Maine Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse 1854 Hooker coastal survey map
Prouts Neck Cumberland County Maine 1893 Stuart map Scarborough Greenville
Quebec & the Maritimes Travel Guide 1932 Canadian Pacific Booklet w/ RR line Map
Quebec Travel Guide Montreal Ottawa Quebec City 1896 pictorial souvenir booklet
Queen Mary Cunard White Star Line Ocean Liner c. 1936 pictorial promo booklet
Reformation Europe Charles V Holy Roman Empire 1860 Dufour historical map
Revolutionary Europe in 1789 Austria France Poland 1826 Brue large detailed map
South America Brazil Peru Argentina Chile Venezuela Ecuador c. 1848 Mitchell map
South America Brazil Peru Colombia Venezuela Chile Argentina 1834 Lorrain map
South America Brazil Uruguay Paraguay Argentina Peru 1836 Brue lg. detailed map
South America continent Brazil Argentina Peru Chile Colombia 1804 engraved map
Southern France Riviera Languedoc Gascony 1766 Brion Desnos decorative map
Spain & Portugal 1766 Brion & Desnos decorative historical map
Springfield Chicopee Ludlow Palmer Hampshire Massachusetts 1891 Walker map
St. Lawrence River Montreal Quebec City Three Rivers 1828 Throop miniature map
Sunset Scene meteors in night sky crowd observing Tower Ruins 1719 Mallet print
Switzerland & Northern Italy Savoy Piedmont Lombardy 1861 Dufour engraved map
Switzerland Bern Vaud Zurich Geneva Swiss Alps 1766 Brion decorative old map
Thorburn's High Class Seed Gardening Flowers 1911 pictorial mail order catalog
Torah Scroll Judaism c. 1960's Sages of Israel NYC Jewish promotional scroll
United States 1879-93 by F.A. Gray large hand color map
United States New York California Dakota Territory Texas 1873 William large map
Van Dusen Nursery Geneva New York Gardening 1922 pictorial seed order catalog
Waldo County Maine Belfast Stockton Unity Thorndike Troy 1893 Stuart map
Wallpaper Magazine Interior Design Home Decoration 1925 Lot x 9 magazines
Washington Oregon Idaho Pacific Northwest 1873 Williams map
Wayside Gardens Mentor Ohio Gardening Bulbs Seeds 1944 mail order catalog
Westphalia Upper & Lower Rhine Holy Roman Empire Germany 1766 Brion map
White Mts. Hills New Hampshire Legends Folklore History 1864 King leather book
William Hogarth Artist Complete Works 1870's leather 150 engravings book
Winter Harbor Gouldsboro Hancock County Maine 1893 Stuart map
Worcester Clinton Marlborough Boylston Massachusetts 1891 Walker regional map
Worcester Co. Massachusetts Sturbridge Webster Brookfield Auburn 1891 Walker map
World Map in Double Hemispheres Sailing Ships 1873 Dower large map
York County Maine Kittery Kennebunkport Berwick Biddeford Saco 1893 Stuart map
York Harbor & York Beach York County Maine Hotel Bartlett 1893 Stuart map