"Sept" Camera Herbert & Huesgen Pictorial Advertisement c. 1920 Camera Booklet
A Forest Hymn Nature Poem 1860 William Cullen Bryant Illustrated leather book
ABC Picture Alphabet for Little Learners 1836 CT wood cuts juvenile chap book
Africa Continent Cape Colony Egypt Guinea Madeira c. 1850 Chapman 2 sheet map
African Continent Cape Colony Egypt Congo 1889 HUGE detailed 6 sheet map
Alfred Lord Tennyson Collected Works 1896 lovely 6 vol. leather set
Alps Mountain Range Germany Switzerland Austria 1876 HUGE 8 sheet detailed Map
American Sheet Music Collection c. 1820's-50's Star Spangled Banner 75+ songs
Ancient Sicily Sicilia Italy Mt. Etna 1720 Taylor Cluverius hand colored map
Boston Harbor c. 1900 coastal survey chart map w/ lovely hand color uncommon
Brieftaschen Cameras Pictorial German Catalog c. 1910's vintage trade catalogue
British Poets Selected Works Ben Johnson to Beattie 1844 decorative leather book
British Poets Selected Works Falconer Walter Scott 1844 decorative leather book
Buffon Natural History Complete Works 1839 fine leather 6 vol. set 121 plates
California as Island 13 Colonies 1708 de la Feuille Colonial North America Offer
California Los Angeles San Francisco San Diego Sacramento 1902 Cram 2 sheet map
California state 1901 large detailed color two sheet map
Caribbean Sea Cuba Jamaica Bahamas Hispaniola Puerto Rico c. 1780 Bowen map
Centennial Restaurants Ethnic Cuisine Walter Brown 1876 Harper's Weekly print
Cherbourg Normandy France 7 Year's War 1801 Cary historical city plan
East Africa Empire of Abyssinia Nile source Somalia Ethiopia 1719 Mallet map
Eastern Europe Scandinavia Russia Poland Ukraine 1889 Petermann HUGE 6 sheet map
Ernemann Cameras Photography Advertising Lot x 2 c. 1915 Huesgen Co. leaflets
Female Education Etiquette Conduct 1809 Hannah More American leather book
Florence Italy 1840's Holy Trinity Church & Bridge nicely framed print
German Empire Prussia Bavaria Saxony 1888 Vogel LARGE detailed 4 sheet map
History of the Conquest of Peru 1859 William Prescott 2 vol. leather set
Holland Netherlands Nederland Hoorn Edam Alkmaar 1748 Vaugondy engraved map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Bohemia Prussia Bavaria 1751 Bion map
Horticulture Review 1889 France Journal 24 Flowers & Fruits chromo color plates
Housatonic National Bank Stockbridge Mass. 1880's-1900's Lot x 14 bank checks
Hungary Illyria Dalmatian Coast Croatia Balkans 1719 Mallet map
Inky Boys & Santa Claus Peter Primm's Series 1867 McLoughlin juvenile toy book
Ireland c. 1775 Bowen engraved map w/ very nice hand color
Ireland Dublin Derry Galway Cork Ulster Munster Connaught c. 1780 engraved map
Ireland Irish Sketchbook Travel c.1890's Thackery illustrated 2 vol. leather set
Isle de Cayenne French Guyana South America 1753 Bellin engraved hand color map
Isles of Shoals Smuttynose Hog Island New Hampshire c. 1870's coastal survey map
Italian States Piedmont Lombardy Tuscany Papal States Naples 1751 Bion map
Japan Nippon Honshu Kyushu Tokyo Edo Kyoto 1890 scarce folio Scribner-Black map
Jerusalem from Job's Well City View 1860's nicely framed color lithograph print
John Bunyan Illustrated Complete Works 1866 leather large nice 4 volume set
Kingdom of Denmark Copenhagen Jylland Sjaelland Fyn 1748 Vaugondy engraved map
London Fire Monument Street Scene Architectural View c. 1780 framed print
Muscovy Russian Empire Novgorod Astrakhan Moscow 1686 Mallet decorative map
Netherlands Low Countries Nederland 1748 Vaugondy engraved nice hand colored map
New York City Manhattan c. 1940's tourist's cartoon pictorial map info brochure
New York City Plan Centennial Celebration Map 1876 Harper's Weekly print
New York Concert Music Programs Scrap Album Singers Composer c. 1890's book
New York World's Fair Transit Map Nat'l Liberty Insurance 1939 Promo birds-eye
Northern & Eastern Asia Coastline Russia Korea Japan Alaska 1772 Vaugondy map
Nova Scotia Canada 1930's lot x 3 lovely illustrated souvenir adverts tourism
Officers & Crew of the Britannia 1831 British Reform Bill framed satirical print
Ottoman Empire Arabia Persia Africa Emerald Mts. 1777 Bowen folio hand color map
Our Old Home English Sketches Travel 1863 Nathaniel Hawthorne 1st Edition book
Pacific Northwest Washington Oregon British Columbia c.1917-20 tourist brochure
Palestine Israel Holy Land 12 Tribes 1890 scarce folio Scribner-Black map
Payne's Pictorial World c. 1850's illustrated w/ 69 plates fine leather book
Persia Iran Afghanistan Baluchistan Turkestan c. 1850 Chapman engraved map
Persia Iran Caucasus Armenia Afghanistan Turkestan 1869 Berghaus detailed map
Philadelphia & Pennsylvania Centennial Celebration 1875 Strahan leather book
Poems & Songs of Scotland Robbie Burns Walter Scott 1854 lovely leather book
Prussia East Prussia Pomeralia Danzig Konigsberg 1780 engraved map
Quebec Canada 1930's lot x 3 tourist brochure pictorial ads road maps
Quincy Massachusetts 1929 cartoon pictorial map John Adams historical events
Rochester New York & Environs c. 1920's Wagner large folding pocket map
Russian Empire Finland Baltic States Ukraine Kola c. 1810 McIntyre engraved map
Sacred Scenes & Characters 1850 Darley Pictorial fantastic Leather Gift Book
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Denmark Finland c. 1775 Bowen engraved hand color map
Scientific American Supplement 1881 Jan- June w/ 26 issues large leather book
South America Brazil Peru Paraguay Chile Peru 1748 Vaugondy hand colored map
South America Brazil Peru Venezuela 1889 Petermann detailed HUGE 6 sheet map
Southeast Asia Mughal Empire India Thailand Cambodia c. 1780 engraved map
Spain & Portugal 1797 Philadelphia engraved Vallance scarce map
Spain & Portugal Madrid Lisbon Toledo Barcelona Pamplona 1801 Cary engraved map
St. Augustine St. John's Florida South Subdivision Road Map c. 1950's map
Texas & Oklahoma Indian Territory 1890 scarce folio Scribner-Black map
Texas Dallas Houston El Paso San Antonio 1901 Cram large two sheet detailed map
United States California Texas Midwest 1889 Petermann HUGE detailed 6 sheet map
United States Western Territory Georgia New England Virginia c 1800 engraved map
Upper Saxony Holy Roman Empire Circle Brandenburg Saxony Pomerania 1757 map
Wellington Camera Specialties Photographic Plate Printing c. 1920 ad booklet
World Map Ethnography Religion Currents 1890 scarce folio Scribner-Black map