Achaia Hellas Ancient Greece Athens Corinth Thebes 1697 Cluverius decorative map
Alphons Mucha Maxfield Parrish 1904 Century Illustrated Magazine w/ color plates
Ancient Greece Peloponnesus Attica Sparta Athens Corinth c. 1700 map
Ancient World Pannonia Dalmatian Coast Hungary Croatia c.1697 Cluverius map
Armillary Sphere Tropic of Cancer & Capricorn Arctic Circle 1719 Mallet map
Asia 1844 scarce Harper Copley large map Arabia Hindoostan China Philippines
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia Iran Mughal India Qing Company's Land 1792 Neele map
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia Qing China Japan Korea India 1780 Bonne engraved map
Astronomy Sun & Moon Night & Day 1697 engraved celestial print
Australia 1839 village assembly Consumption of K ava scarce French tribal view
Australia Human Sacrifice Cannibalism Sensationalism 1839 engraved print
Australian Settlers women & man 1839 scarce French ethnic Pacific view
Baldwinsville New York 1896 Gazette & Farmer's special 50th issue w/ city pics
Balungao Luzon Island Philippines 1839 lovely early rare small city view
Bird's Eye View of World 1887 Reclus Anthropology Geography World Peoples book
Brazil Bolivia Peru Ecuador 1875 Lowry large detailed scarce map
Brest Brittany Kingdom of France coastal survey 1700 Moll engraved harbor map
British Possessions Canada 1844 scarce large harper Copley w/ city plan insets
Buen Retiro Spanish Royal Palace Madrid Gardens Statues 1719 Mallet print
Cadiz Spain Iberia Bay of Cadiz Salt Pits Pillars Hercules 1700 Moll mini map
California Nevada large 2 sheet map San Francisco Los Angeles 1894 Walker map
Central Italy Papal States Tuscany Rome Florence Lucca 1780 Bonne engraved map
Chile Patagonia Tierre del Fuego Falkland Islands 1780 Bonne engraved map
Copenhagen Denmark city plan 1790 Neele detailed key Fortifications Palace
Crete Greek Island Greece Aegean Sea 1670 Ortelius miniature map
Dainty Work for Women Home Arts Embroidery c.1893 Addie Heron book knit crochet
Duchy of Zator Poland Vistula River Osweicism Skoczow c. 1670 Ortelius map
Europe British Isles Holy Roman Empire Russia France Ottomans 1780 Bonne map
Europe Holy Roman Empire Ottomans Russia Scandinavia France 1795 Russell map
Familiar Studies of Men & Books 1920 Robert Louis Stevenson lovely leather book
Fantasy Prince Vance 1888 by Putnam & Bates Frank Myrick illustrations old book
Four Years on Pacific Coast 1858 Bates Female Author Americana West coast USA
France nation Cities & Towns monuments stone 1950's cartoon pictorial map
French Literature & Famous Authors Hugo Balzac c. 1950's cartoon pictorial map
French Wine Regions Vineyards Bordeaux Champagne Armagnac 1950's cartoon map
Georgia & Alabama with Savannah & Atlanta city plans 1884 large Mitchell map
Helvetia Switzerland Ancient World Swiss Alps Roman Provinces 1697 Cluverius map
Holy Bible Old & New Testament French Translation 1874 fine leather gilt binding
Holy Bible Old & New Testament German Translation 1887 fine leather binding
Holy Bible polyglott 1844 NY leather book Christianity Old & New Testament
Huitzilopochtli Aztec God of War & Sun Religious Statue Demon 1719 Mallet view
Illustrated Children's Books lot x 3 c.1890-1905 Fables Nursery stories & Dutch
Illustrated History Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition 1876 McCabe leather book
In Africa Forest & Jungle Yoruba 1899 R.H. Stone illustrated memoir African life
Island Nights Entertainment The Ebb-Tide 1920 Robert Louis Stevenson lovely book
Kalasan Temple Buddhism Indonesia Java 1839 architectural lovely hand color view
Keweenaw Point Michigan Upper Peninsula Lake Superior 1863 Barnes geological map
Kingdom of Burgundy Southern France Aquitaine Dauphine 1719 Mallet map
Kingdom of England & Wales London Cardiff York Canterbury 1796 Russell map
Kingdom of England Wales London Cardiff York Isle of Wight 1700 Moll map
Kingdom of Naples Sicily Syracuse Massena Marsala Reggio Italy 1780 Bonne map
Kingdom of Naples Southern Italy Isle of Capri Apulia Italia 670 Ortelius map
Kingdom of Piedmont c. 1850 detailed topographical map Alessandria Genoa Savoy
Lives of Celebrated Women 1844 Samuel Goodrich Women's History illustrated book
Lower Saxony Holy Roman Empire Brunswick Bremen Elbe River 1719 Mallet map
Luzon Island Philippines 1839 Volcano & Lake engraved landscape view
Luzon Philippines Mount Mariveles 1839Hunting Dogs Scene engraved print
Macedonia & Thessaly Ancient Greece Balkans c. 1697 Cluverius historical map
Martinique Windward Isles Lesser Antilles 1780 Bonne map
Minneapolis Pilsbury 1882 Northern Miller rare trade periodical mechanical
Moondyne Joe c. 1900 John Boyle O'Reilly illustrated book Australia prisoners
Moral Monitor 1832 William Cardell rare children's book Bees Indians orphans
Mughal Empire India Ceylon Sri Lanka 1683 Mallet decorative map
Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Seine River Kingdom of France 1719 Mallet view
Pasig River Luzon Island Philippines fishing Boats Scenic View 1839 print
Peabody Museum Archaeology Ethnology 1868 First Annual Report rare booklet
Persia Iran Afghanistan Middle East Caspian Sea Tibet 1780 Bonne map
Peru & Bolivia Andes Mountains La Paz Lake Titicaca 1772 Bellin engraved map
Peru & Bolivia Lima La Paz Andes Mountains South America 1843 Jenotte map
Peru Bolivia Ecuador Lima La Paz Andes Mountains Lake Titicaca 1780 Bonne map
Philadelphia Public Ledger Building c. 1867 commemorative pamphlet
Polynesia Pacific Islands Oceania Hawaii Samoa Fiji 1836 Rienzi map
Principles of Sociology Social Darwinism 1897 Herbert Spencer 4 v. leather set
Rockingham Vermont Vital Records 1908 Peck Americana Local History
Royal Palace of Madrid Spanish Royal Residence Carriage Horses 1719 Mallet print
Rural Repository Bower of Literature 1829 rare illustrated periodical w/ 5 views
Russian Empire Alaska as an Island 1780 Bonne engraved map
Russian Empire Ukraine Crimea Astrakhan Kiev Moscow Sea of Azov c. 1800 map
San Mathe River Luzon Philippines 1839 scenic view engraved print
Scandinavia Northern Russia Baltic Sea Finland Sweden Norway 1780 Bonne map
Scandinavia Russian Empire Baltic States Courland Perm 1780 Bonne engraved map
Sons of Noah Middle East Egypt Holy Land Anatolia Iran 1780 Bonne engraved map
South America continent 1875 scarce large Ettling hand colored map
South America Panama Colombia Ecuador Peru 1777 Kitchin engraved map
Spain Plaza Mayor Madrid carriage tents 1719 Mallet bird's eye view print
Spirit of Popery Religion c. 1830-40's American anti-Catholic illustrated book
St. Malo Brittany Kingdom of France River Dinan coastal survey 1700 Moll map
Story of My Life 1903 Helen Keller autobiography 1st ed. illustrated nice book
Surat India Gujarat Warships City Walls 1751 Bellin engraved prospect city view
System World Geography 1814 Nathaniel Dwight juvenile book territorial U.S. golf
Taboo Temple Pacific Islands Native Religion Oceania 1839 engraved print
Tahiti Pacific Raiatea Coastal Village Sailing Ship 1839 color engraved view
Through the Visograph 1928 J.W. Chancellor early Science Fiction Philosophy
Travels in New England & New York 1823 Timothy Dwight leather book vols. 3 & 4
Travels with a Donkey Amateur Emigrant 1920 Robert Louis Stevenson leather book
Turkish Man & Woman Ottoman Empire fashion 1719 Mallet ethnic view costume print
Unseen World 1876 John Fiske Science Religion Spirituality After-life
Vermont state map by itself New England 1880 Walsh Colton map
Washington D.C. Navy Yard Potomac River Warships 1845 Force city view old print
Western Europe Roman Empire Gaul Hispania Britannia Germania 1719 Mallet map
World 1844 large Copley Harper map w/ insets Singapore Tasmania Canton Colony
Youth Sports in France Polo Soccer Bull Fighting Golf 1950's cartoon picture map