Adams Massachusetts city plan c.1902 large folding antique directory map
Albany New York 1847 early City View Sailing & Steam Ships engraved color print
Ancient Egypt Red Sea Nile River Cairo Giza Alexandria c. 1780-90 engraved map
Ancient Greece Morea Corinth Peloponnesus 1694 Mosting hand color map
Antilles Islands Caribbean British Colonies Barbados Antigua c. 1780 Bonne map
Asian Continent Ottoman Mughal Qing Empires Russia Japan Korea c. 1780 Bonn map
Belcher's Corner North & West Stoughton 1876 Norfolk Mass. detailed map
Belgium Luxembourg Low Countries Flanders Brabant c. 1800-09 early American map
Bellingham & Caryville 1876 Norfolk County Mass. detailed map
Bethany Beacon Falls Connecticut 1868 F.W. Beers detailed township & city plan
Boston Mass. American House c.1840-50's rare lovely hand colored city view print
Braintree & West Corners Norfolk County 1876 Mass. detailed home owners name map
Bridge Over the Scuylkill River Philadelphia Fishers 1840's architectural print
Brookline Massachusetts 1900 large folding antique city plan map
Cabin Trails American Road Atlas 1940 Tourism pamphlet w/ maps Roy A. Walker's
Cape Ann Gloucester Mass 1911 McKenzie's Handbook Travel Guide w/ period adverts
Cape Town South Africa Table Bay Harbor View 1840's lovely hand color print
Central Asian Steppe Arabia Korea Japan Scythia Tartary 1694 scarce color map
Concord Massachusetts 1929 directory large folding city plan map
Cranston Rhode Island 1937 large folding antique directory city plan map
Delineator Art Deco Photo Montage Comic Strips 1934 color ads
Dr. Jayne's Medical Almanac 1900-1914 lot x 4 illustrated patent medicine ads
East Haven Connecticut Fair Haven Fort Hale 1868 F.W. Beers detailed map
East Stoughton Norfolk County City Plan 1876 Mass. detailed home owners map
Eastern Prussia Germany Konigsberg Tilst 1850's Flemming detailed map
Edinburgh Scottish Capital Edinburgh Castle Bird's Eye View 1840's print
Egypt Pyramids of Giza Al-Haram Nile River 1840's engraved hand color print
Elephanta Caves India Hinduism Buddhism Religious Site c.1840's fine color print
England & Wales Map c.1790-1810 Bower engraved English Channel
England United Kingdom c.1780 miniature hand color lovely map
Europe Iberia Italy Ottoman Empire France Scandinavia Poland 1758 Jefferys map
French Spanish Portuguese Atlantic Coast Spain France 1749 Bellin decorative map
Guadeloupe Caribbean Islands c. 1780 Bonne engraved hand color map
Henry Fielding Works 1903 lovely antique 12 vol. leather books limited Ed.
Hispaniola Caribbean Islands Haiti Dominican Republic 1780 Bonne hand color map
India River Scene Ruins of Ettaia Landscape View 1852 Mayer engraved print
Ipswich Massachusetts 1932 large folding scarce vintage city plan directory map
Kingdom of Denmark Sjaelland Jylland Fyn Copenhagen 1694 scarce Mosting map
Kingdom of Hungary Hapsburg Empire Budapest 1850's Flemming detailed map
Kingdom of Prussia Saxont Posen Silesia Rhineland 1850's Flemming detailed map
Kremlin Russian Imperial Palace Moscow Moskva River 1840 fine city color print
Malta Mediterranean Valetta Harbor View c. 1840's lovely hand color print
Meriden Connecticut Balmoral Skirt Factory 1868 F.W. Beers detailed city plan
Mickey Mouse Christmas Delineator 1932 Art Deco style fashion periodical w/ ads
Mount Zion Jerusalem Street Scene Israel Palestine Holy Land 1840's color print
Natural History & Ethnography 1846 Bromme illustrated book 40 hand color plates
Norfolk Township & Centre City Mills River End 1876 Mass. detailed map
North Branford & Northford Connecticut 1868 F.W. Beers detailed city plan
Northern Italy Lombardy Venice Verona Milan Tyrol 1850's Flemming detailed map
Northford P.O. & North Branford Connecticut 1868 F.W. Beers detailed town plan
Orchids: Royal Family of Plants 1885 Miner 24 chromo color floral plates book
Pan-American Exposition NY 1901 Souvenir Brochure tourist guide w/map & pictures
Philosophical Reflections on Nature 1773 M. Holland rare French printer's set
Porto Ferrajo Isle of Elba Harbor View Soldiers Fortifications 1844 Walker print
Pyrenees France Automobilistes Bicyclists route map c. 1913 large Taride map
Quebec City St. Lawrence River Sailing Ships Fishing c. 1840's hand color print
Randolph Township Tower Hill West Corners 1876 Norfolk Mass. detailed map
Redwood trees Empire Exposition 1939 San Fran California tourist road map promo
Revere House Boston Mass 1840's rare G Smith Billings hand color city view print
Russian Empire Muscovy Novgorod Ukraine Baltic States Moscow c. 1780-90 rare map
Scandinavia Sweden Denmark Norway Finland 1758 Jeffrys lovely hand color map
Scotland Roads & Post Towns Edinburgh c. 1790 Menzies & Kincaid engraved map
Seven United Provinces Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg 1758 Jeffrys engraved map
Seymour & Squantuck Connecticut 1868 F.W. Beers detailed city plan
Sharon Township Norfolk County Massachusetts Massapoag 1876 detailed antique map
Sheldonville & Wrentham 1876 Norfolk Massachusetts detailed map
Solar System Planetary Orbits Lunar Phases Comets 1850's Flemming diagram print
Stoughton Township Norfolk County 1876 Mass. detailed owners names map
Susquehanna Pennsylvania 1840s Starucca Viaduct Railroad Stone Arch Bridge print
Tyrol Lichtenstein Voralberg Austria Hapsburg Empire 1850's Flemming Map
United Provinces Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg c. 1780 engraved map
Wallingford Connecticut New Haven County 1868 F.W. Beers detailed city plan
Walpole Township Allenville Norfolk County 1876 Mass. detailed map
West Africa Coast South Africa Congo Table Bay 1746 Bellin lovely coastal map
West Africa Morocco Guinea Cape Verde Canary Islands c. 1750 Kitchin coastal map
West African Coast Congo South Africa Table Bay 1746 Bellin engraved map
Westerly High School Graduation 1877-90 Blivens Opera House ceremonies lot x 8
Westville New Haven Connecticut Paper Mill 1868 F.W. Beers detailed city plan
Woodbridge Connecticut Milford Meadow 1868 F.W. Beers detailed city plan
Woodbury Connecticut Pomperaug Pleasantville 1868 F.W. Beers detailed town plan
Yale College & State House New Haven Connecticut 1840's engraved street scene
Yellowstone National Park w/ maps 1920 -40 Tourist travel guides lot 2 pictorial