Africa Exploration Bruce Nile Source 1790 Dublin 52 plates & 3 maps Mts. of Moon
Africa India Age of Exploration 16th century Voyages 1749 leather book
American Almanac & Repository of Knowledge 1856 lovely leather book
American Practical Navigator 1900 Nathaniel Bowditch leather nautical book
Ancient Persia Parthian Empire Persepolis Fars Ctesiphon 1683 Mallet map
Andros Tinos Cyclades Greek Islands Ionian Sea 1685 Mallet map
Art Journal 1876 D. Appleton 36 engraved plates fine leather book Landseer
Artist Travels & Sketches in Europe 1874 Post pictorial gilt decorative binding
Asian History China Japan India Arabia 1844 Goodrich illustrated book
Astronomy Sciences Grammar Natural Philosophy 1809 Blair rare book 9 plates
Australia New Zealand Papua New Guinea Indonesia c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
Austrian Empire Hapsburg Monarchy Lombardy Hungary c. 1840-45 decorative map
Bancroft's United States History 1866 fine 9 vol. Leather set w/ maps portraits
Biblical Scenes Life of Christ c. 1890 Chromolithographed print lot x 10
British Political Cartoons 1760's Humor Royal Court Absurdities Lot x 10 prints
Brockton Massachusetts c. 1890's illustrated souvenir album street scenes
Catholic Saints & Biblical Scenes c. 1890 Chromolithographed print lot x 8
Christopher Cellarius Collected Works Sammelband 1730's Latin rare Latin book
Civil War Rebel Prison Camp Memoirs Andersonville 1865 Kellogg illustrated book
Colonial East Africa Abyssinia Ethiopia Somalia 1912 Bartholomew detailed map
Colorful Colorado Vintage Travel Guide 1932 illustrated tourist booklet
Cornell's Geography School Atlas 1858 juvenile book w/ world hand color maps
Cows De Leval Separator Co. c.1923-43 Dairy Farming Lot x 3 illustrated catalogs
Dardanelles Ottoman Fortresses Gallipoli Sestos Abydos 1685 Mallet print
Dean Academy Franklin Massachusetts 1915 souvenir album baseball team glee club
Dr. Livingstone's African Exploration 1858 illustrated travel & exploration book
Dr. Livingstone's African Exploration Herald-Stanley Expedition 1872 old book
Ecclesiastical History 1840 Judaism Christianity leather book w/ maps & views
Edmund Burke Biography Collected Letters Poetry 1839 James Prior leather book
Elisha Kent Kane American Arctic Explorer Biography 1859 Smucker old book
France Tourist Clermont Lyons 1834 Harding Roscoe fine book 26 engraved plates
French Cavalry Uniforms Crimean War c. 1858 Lot x 10 hand colored prints
Gentleman's Magazine & Historical Chronical 1760 leather book w/ 5 large maps
Gettysburg PA Civil War Battlefield Tourist Brochure 1936 souvenir map
Grand Canyon National Park Arizona 1924 promotional tourism booklet w/ map
Harper's New Monthly Magazine 1870-71 illustrated leather bound volume 6 issues
Haskell New Bedford Mass. Clothier Hats Furs c. 1900 merchant label advertisemnt
History of World War I John Buchan 4 vol. set illustrated w/ many maps 1922
Holy Land Kingdom of Israel Samuel the Prophet Jerusalem 1862 Johnson map
Hotel-Dieu Hospital Paris Medical Journal 1865 Trousseau 3 vol. set leather huge
Iceland Frisland Greenland Arctic 1716 Age Exploration Voyages book map plates
India Goa Ceylon Dutch Age of Exploration History of Voyages 1750 leather book
Investigation of Truth Science Philosophy Insanity Dreams 1836 Abercrombie Book
J. Vogel c. 1830's European costumes of Young People hand color print lot x 8
Joseph Addison Collected Works Spectator Guardian Newspapers 1801 Boston book
Juvenile Fairy Tale Promotional Giveaway c. 1925 Dr. Caldwell's Pepsin Laxative
Kingdom of the Netherlands Luxembourg Limburg c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
La Fontaine Fables complete works French 1818 illustrated 6 vol leather set
Lectures of Life Sciences Biology 1866 Leo Grindon scarce book
Maria Edgeworth Collected Works 1832 lovely decorative 18 volume leather set
Marie-Therese de Lamorous Biography House of Mercy c. 1840 French Catholic book
Men's & Women's c 1820 Fashion Prints hand color Lot x 10 French & German
Merry's Museum & Parley's Magazine 1852-4 Goodrich juvenile periodical lot x 20
Modern Geography Compendium 1862 Astronomy Ancient Holy Land atlas w/ 11 maps
Museum of Foreign Literature & Science c. 1833 Philadelphia rare book 6 issues
Napoleon Bonaparte Biography 1827 Walter Scott fine 9 vol. leather set 1st Ed.
New England Company Colonial American Correspondence 1896 limited ed. book
New York Statue of Liberty Bartholdi Eiffel 1904 Lot x 6 Harper's Weekly Covers
New Yorker Magazine WWII era 1943-6 Lot of 15 issues Ajalalov cover art
New Yorker Magazine WWII era 1943-6 Lot x 9 issues Bemelmans Duvoisin Addams art
North America United States Mexico c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
Norway & Iceland 1922 Bennett's Travel Bureau Cruise Vacation Advert booklet
Ottawa Canada Capital City c. 1915 illustrated souvenir album street scenes
Ottoman Balkans Albania Serbia Bosnia Bulgaria c. 1840-45 decorative map
Paris Guide Book 1822 Galignani illustrated tourist guide w folding maps 8 views
Peru So. America 1757 Age of Exploration History of Voyages rare book 10 plates
Peshawar India British Raj Souvenir Watercolor Scenes c. 1920's Set x 6 prints
Peterson's Women's Magazine 1867 Jan - Dec. complete 12 months w/ color plates
Pickwick Papers c. 1850 Charles Dickens illustrated book Victorian Lit
Quebec Canada Montmorency River St. Anne de Beaupre Church 1890's souvenir album
Rea Irvin art New Yorker Magazine 1945-6 unique Covers lot of 6 vintage WWII era
Reno Nevada Promotional Tourism Brochure c. 1950's illustrated tourist advert
Restaurant Antoine New Orleans Fine Dining 1940 Centennial Celebration album
Revolutionary France Low Countries French Departments c. 1790's engraved map
Rhine River Germany Folk Lore Legends Travel 1899 Bartley leather 2v set pics
Russian Empire & Poland Finland Ukraine Crimea c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
Russo-Japanese War 1904 Harper's Weekly Covers Lot x 8 Japanese Army Mutsuhito
Russo-Japanese War 1904 Harper's Weekly Covers Lot x 8 Russian Army Nicholas II
Saratoga New York rare view c. 1841 Lomaitre engraved hand colored early print
Shirley Temple Lot x 3 Books c. 1930's Film Novelizations & Composition Notebook
Siam Southeast Asia Sumatra 1751 Age of Exploration History Voyages book
South America Brazil Peru Chile Venezuela Colombia c. 1840-45 map
Spain & Morocco North German Lloyd Steamship Co. Souvenir 1896 tourist view book
St. James St. Helena City View Harbor Scene Sailing Ships 1813 Cooke view print
Stratford-Upon-Avon Shakespeare Home 1897 Victorian travel guide w/ map
The Friend American Religious & Literary Journal 1833 Robert Smith leather book
Theatre Monthly 1880-82 w/ 24 tipped-in Woodbury photos Scott 4 vol leather
Toronto Canada c. 1920 illustrated souvenir album street scenes early autos
Ulysses S Grant American President c. 1890 Civil War souvenir memorial album
Uncle Sam 1880's Political Cartoons Puck Political Cartoons Lot x 8 color
Vermont Laws 1824 Slade leather book US Constitution & Articles of Confederation
Washington D.C. 1897 Illustrated Souvenir Album Street Scenes Monument Views
West African Exploration 1747 Gambia Prevost rare book w/ 2 large coast maps
William Shakespeare Complete Works 1909 nice 10 volume set w/ commentary
WWI Battlefields Belgium France Verdun Ypres Marne c. 1919 souvenir travel book