"1915" Boston Exposition Official Catalogue 1909 w/ huge city plan map
A Child's Life of Christ 1899 illustrated book early rare color dust jacket
Adam's Sons 1906 A.G. Learner w/ long letter from artist beautiful book
Africa Continent Mountains of Kong Nile Delta St. Helena 1884 Bradley map
Africa Continent Mountains of the Moon Madeira Port of Aden 1855 A & C Black map
American Airlines Cartoon Pictorial map c. 1950-60 United States & Mexico
American Recipe Pamphlets Cookies Ice Cream Biscuits pre-WWII- lot of 10 items
Annis Squam Massachusetts Ipswich Bay Wheeler's Point 1847 Blunt coastal survey
Artist's and Mechanic's Repository 1839 leather book Galvanism Optics Magnetism
Atlantic & Pacific Ocean Currents North & South America 1849 Berghaus map
Atlantic Ocean Physical Chart Ocean Currents Sea Lanes 1856 Oceanography map
Autobiography of Leigh Hunt 1860 English critic essayist
Bella Hass 1954 Consumer mail order catalogue wonderful fashion home goods men
Black Rock Connecticut 1901 Eldridge detailed coastal nautical survey
Book of New York 1922 American Bankers Association Annual Convention illustrated
Book of the Bear 21 Russian Tales 1926 Nonesuch Press Garnett illustrated book
Boston Herald 1945 WWII two mini newspapers Liberty Overseas Edition May 21 & 28
Boston Mass. Historical Festival Souvenir Program 1897 illustrated book adverts
Boy's King Arthur 1919 N.C. Wyeth Illustrated color plates Scribner's Classic bk
California as island in Northern Hemisphere Asia North America 1719 Mallet map
Cape Ann Harbor Gloucester Massachusetts 1847 Blunt detailed coastal survey
Carrier Pigeon & Other Tales Juvenile 1849 Colman Morality Tales Christianity
Chicago World's Fair 1892-3 H.G. Cutler profusely illustrated monumental book
Children's Hour 1864 Sanitary Commission Civil War illustrated children's book
China Qing Empire Korea Formosa Taiwan Hainan 1820 Carey map original hand color
City of Paris birds-eye view 1768 Proud engraved Vineyards Skyline Seine River
Congress Spring Medical Therapy Properties 1847 scarce book
Daughters of America Women of the Century 1883 Phebe Hanaford illustrated book
Dear Sooky 1929 Percy Crosby author inscribed illustrated children's book
Dog Ownership Lot of Nine 20th Century American Pamphlets Training Advertising
East Pasadena California Raymond Hotel 1880's stationary & envelope
Eastern Hemisphere Africa Asia Europe Indian Ocean Antarctica 1719 Mallet map
Eminent Women of the Age 1868 illustrated biographies powerful & important women
Empire of Austria Hapsburg Empire Hungary Bohemia Croatia 1845 Greenleaf map
Essays to Do Good c. 1840 Cotton Mather religious essays Christianity
Euboea Greek Islands Ottoman Balkans Aegean Sea 1683 Mallet map
Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen 1914 Dugald Walker illustrated book
Fashion or Siska van Roosemael 1849 Henrik Conscience illustrated book
Florian's William Tell 1836 leather children's book Greenfield Mass. scarce
Flower Vase Language of Flowers 1844 Edgarton poetry collection horticulture
Geographical Historical Statistical Map of North & South America 1820 Carey map
Hinduism Christianity in Orissa Odisha India 1853 Missionary Work illustrated bk
Historic Homes of Amherst Mass. 1905 Alice M. Walker illustrated local history
History of Philosophy ancient & modern 1841 C.S. Henry for Harper's 2 vol set
History of the Bible 1831 G.R. Gleig Harper's Family Library 2 vols w/ 2 maps
Holy Land Israel Palestine Canaan Jerusalem Dead Sea 1687 Blome engraved map
Humble Earnest & Affectionate Address to Clergy 1803 William Law old book
Humpty Dumpty 1921 Anna Chapin illustrated by Ethel F. Betts children's book
Indian Ocean Physical Map Madagascar Sri Lanka Australia 1849 Berghaus map
Italian Peninsula Tuscany Papal States Kingdom of Naples 1779 Bowen map
Le Livre D'Or c. 1890's L. Bouc Children's French language text book
Life of Sir Isaac Newton 1840 Brewster illustrated book Harper's Library
Little Peterkin Vandike 1899 Charles Stuart Pratt illustrated book Mermaid cover
London and Surrounds 1849 detailed city plan Thames River Isle of Dogs Hyde Park
Marriage: Its History and Ceremonies Phenology & Physiology 1856 Fowler old book
Memoirs and Remains of John Oliphant 1835 Rev. J. Hopkins old leather book
Mexico Texas Republic Caribbean Islands c. 1845 Boynton miniature map
Natural History of Insects 1831 Entomology Harper's Family Library illustrated
Nieuwpoort Belgium Holy Roman Empire c. 1736-50 Tindal Rapin Basire city plan
North America United States Canada Mexico Alaska 1859 DeSilver engraved map
North America United States Canada Texas Republic c. 1855 Boynton miniature map
Official American Textile Directory for 1930 monumental advertising trade book
Oregon Missionary Teacher: Memoir of Cyrus Shephard 1851 Z.A. Mudge rare book
Our Artist in Peru 1866 George Carleton signed drawing Sketch Book South America
Paris and Environs 1891 Karl Baedeker's Travel Guide Book w/ Plans & Maps
Peru & Bolivia Lima Cuzco Oruzo South America 1845 Greenleaf map
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens 1954 Arthur Rackham illustrated children's book
Poland & Hungary Geographical Historical Map 1820 Carey map hand large color
Practical Introduction to the Study of Geography 1839 J. Olney Americana book
Rabelais' Gargantua 1934 H. Giraud illustrated adaptation for children
River Drainage Systems of Europe & Asia Ganges Yangtze Volga 1849 Berghaus map
Robin Hood 1917 N.C. Wyeth illustrated children's book in original DJ
Scenes Foreign Lands Asia Africa Arctic 1853 illustrated children's book travel
Songs of Canaan 1842 Packard and Hubbard Hymn Collection Musical book
Southern Africa Cape Colony Orange Free State Natal Transvaal 1875 map
Story of the Louisiana Purchase 1904 Singer Sewing Machines promotional album
The Beezeebees 1926 Swan Crownfield & Anne M. Peck illustrated children's book
The Doors of Perception 1954 Aldous Huxley Mescaline Altered Consciousness drugs
The Hyacinth or Affection's Gift 1847 Henry Anners Literature Poetry Collection
The Last Frontier Village Las Vegas Nevada c. 1950 promotional magazine Casino
The Oddfellow's Monitor 1845 Modern Eleusinia by Arnold society defense old book
The Simple Cobbler of Aggawam in America 1843 Nathaniel Ward signed book
The Three Bears 1906 color illustrated children's book rare original dust jacket
The Wise Book 1906 Githa & Millicent Sowerby illustrated children's book
The Year Book of the Nations for 1856 Elihu Burritt statistical collection World
Three Vassar Girls in South America 1884 decorative Champney adventure book
Trades & Occupations Arts of Life 1849 illustrated juvenile book book binder etc
Travels and Adventures of Baron Munchausen 1868 Cruikshank illustrated book
Trolley Trips 1931 Boston Massachusetts Tourism Sight Seeing illustrated guide
Trying to Get Out of Debt 1862 Henry Maynard money loans economics religion
United States Government outline functions 1868 Anson Willis primer branches etc
United States Republic 1820 Melish Carey Missouri & Northwest Territories map
United States Texas German & French Colonies "Mormon City" 1857 engraved map
Versailles Palace Gardens Solar System Mercury Venus Mars 1719 Mallet print map
West Roxbury Magazine 1900 Americana Massachusetts illustrated advertisements
Women's Fashion Catalogue c.1910 Standard Mail Order Company illustrated adverts
Wonderful Escapes & Daring Adventures Great Hunts 1873 illustrated book for boys
Youth Favorite Story Book 1853 Clara Arnold illustrated book for children