Africa Continent Guinea Congo Egypt Nubia c.1850 Tardieu fine large engraved map
American Flag History 1912 Chase & Sanborn promo book w/ 1893 shaped trade cards
American Indian Relics antiques price List 1880's Cincinnati Ohio rare hand bill
American Manufacturing Business History 1608-1860 Bishop rare 2 vol leather set
American southwest Florida New Spain Caribbean 1796 Winterbotham map plates book
Asia Ottoman Empire Qing China British India Annam Birman Arabia 1850 large map
Boston Mass. & Vicinity 1886 Sampson rare large detailed hand colored pocket map
Branford & Branford Point Connecticut 1868 Beers township map Long Island Sound
Burton's Anatomy of the Stage c. 1830's novelty moveable toy rotating portraits
China Calendars 1927 & 1931 Chinese character ethnic costume view Lot x 2
Colgate Toothpaste Advertising Booklet 1913 Jessie W. Smith nursery rhymes book
East China Qing Empire Japan Korea Taiwan Canton 1890 Luddecke detailed map
Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine 1881 July-December rare illustrated 6 months book
Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine January - June 1881 rare leather book 6 months
Fred Astaire John Held, Jr. 1931 New Sun in Sky Band Wagon Broadway Musical
Free Merchandise 1928 Coupon Catalog color w/ Housewares consumer goods toys
H.W. Huguley Co Liquor Boston MASS old Advertisement c. 1914 Gin Whisky Bourbon
Haverhill Massachusetts 1889 Illustrated Local History Architectural Views
History of Heavens & Earth 1830s rare Welsh astronomy geology book w/ 7 maps
Meriden Connecticut Hanover Pluymoy 1868 F.W. Beers detailed city plan map
New Haven County Connecticut 1868 F.W. Beers detailed map LI Sound Milford Yale
New Haven County Connecticut 1868 F.W. Beers detailed town map Westville P.O.
Nister's Panorama Pictures c.1895 Juvenile 5 color pop up illustrations book
North America United States Canada Mexico c.1850 Tardieu fine large engraved map
Numismatic Currency Price List R.W. Mercer 1880's Cincinnati Ohio coin dealer
Orange Maltby Park Allingtown Connecticut LI Sound 1868 Beers detailed town map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Serbia Greece Romania Bulgaria 1823 scarce Ellis map
Pacific Northwest travel guide c. 1909 w/ large U.S. color R.R. map photos views
Philadelphia 1926 American Sesqui-Centennial Souvenir Programs & Album lot x 6
Pocket List of Railroad Officials 1916 business directory period advertising
Qing Empire China Korea Beijing Peking Hong Kong Taiwan Macao 1823 Ellis map
Scotland United Kingdom Edinburgh Glasgow Aberdeen 1823 scarce Ellis map
Shotgun Chart American Firearms 1954 Chevy Poster promo diagrams color pictorial
Southeastern Australia New South Wales Tasmania 1890 Petermann detailed map
Spanish-American War West Indies Indonesia Malaysia Philippines 1898 pocket map
Spanish-American War West Indies Indonesia Malaysia Philippines 1898 pocket map
Tartary Central Asian Steppe Mongolia Tibet Korea Nepal 1823 scarce Ellis map
True Story Advertising c. 1923 Magazine rare promotional Hand Fan pretty women
Turkey Eastern Ottoman Empire Anatolia Armenia Holy Land Syria 1823 Ellis map
Wallingford Connecticut Yalesville Pond Hill 1868 F.W. Beers detailed town plan
Western Australia Tasmania New Zealand Auckland 1889 Petermann detailed map
Wilkinson's World Atlas 1809-11 large complete atlas w/ 48 maps Franklinia
William McKinley World's Fair Bas-Relief Souvenir 1901 Cuba Big Brother Cigarros
Woolworth's Department Store 1919-29 lot of 2 illustrated Anniversary booklets