"Philadelphia" American Line Passenger List 1907 souvenir booklet ship rules
Alaska Highway Western Canada c. 1953 tourist map Auto Routes Peace River
Alaska Mt. McKinley Nome Seward Aleutian Islands 1912 McNally large detailed map
Army of Potomac Picket Guard Harpers Civil War newspaper 1863 complete issue map
Bermuda Islands Advertising Map Tourist Scenes c. 1950's souvenir map
Boston Mass. Hotel Kenmore Cartoon Pictorial Map 1942 tourist brochure map
Boston Mass. Hotel Myles Standish c. 1940's cartoon pictorial city plan map
British Columbia Canada Vancouver Island 1912 McNally large detailed map
Chicago World Fair 1933 Tourist Pictorial Exhibition Map Greyhound Bus Souvenir
Children's Fables Treasure Chest Novelty Case 1962 Lot x 23 miniature books
Children's Game Box Story Scenes Bible Stories 1830's-50's rare pictorial block
Civil Engineering in Europe 1884 French illustrated journal rare monumental book
Civil Engineering in Europe 1903 French illustrated journal rare monumental book
Cuba Automobile Tourism Advertising Brochure c. 1940's sightseeing map guide
Denver Colorado Tourist Street Index 1960's large folding city plan map
Discovery of Florida Facsimile Portuguese Edition 1932 limited ed. boxed book
Duc de Lauzun Memoirs French Military Commander 1826 leather book
Ever Living Fairy Tales Children's Stories 1924 Lee art nouveau illustrated book
George Eliot Collected Works Essays Novels 1883 lovely 10 vol gilt leather set
Gold Medal Baking Soda Advertising Checkboard c. 1895 Saleratus promotional item
Grottoes Virginia Grand Caverns c. 1920's tourist cartoon pictorial souvenir map
Hans Christian Andersen Collected Stories Fairy Tales c. 1890's illustrated book
Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales & Legends 1935 Rex Whistler illustrated book
Hotel Lincoln New York City Manhattan map 1941 advertising city plan brochure
Household Book of Poetry world authors 1868 lovely illustrated leather book
India Himalaya Mountains view book c. 1838 by G. White w/ 38 engraved plates
Jackson Hole Wyoming Grand Teton & Yellowstone c. 1930's cartoon pictorial map
Japanese Empire Honshu Ryuku Kyushu Hokkaido 1912 McNally large detailed map
Jean de la Bruyere French Philosopher Collected Works 1713 Rowe leather 2 v. set
Lincoln Assassination Issue Harper's Civil War newspaper 1865 JW Booth complete
Lincoln's 2nd Inauguration Mar. 1865 Harper's Civil War newspaper complete issue
Luc de Clapiers Vauvenargues Complete Works 1806 French leather 2 volume set
Miami Beach Florida Venetian Way Advertising City Plan c. 1930's tourist promo
New York City Manhattan Knott Hotels 1941 detailed tourist city plan map
Night Before Christmas Santa Claus story 1916 Donohue color litho juvenile book
Ocean Highway New York to Florida Road Trip Route c. 1937 road map & brochure
Ovid Collected Works 1798-99 fine French 7 vol. leather set nice engraved plates
Philippine Islands Luzon Manila Mindoro Samar 1912 McNally large detailed map
Pursuits of Literature Satirical Poetry 1798 Thomas Mathias lovely leather book
Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado Trails Museums 1950 tourist souvenir map
Rocky Mountain National Park Granby West Entrance c. 1940's tourist cartoon map
Rogers Arkansas Ozarks Fishing Farming 1947 cartoon pictorial map & brochure
Rubaiyat Omar Khayyam Persian Poetry 1899 vellum poetry collection gift binding
Rural Annual Horticultural Directory 1860 Insects Plants Birds illustrated book
San Francisco California Golden Gate Park 1912 McNally large city plan map
Savannah Georgia Hotel DeSoto Florida 1950's Auto Travel Routes tourist map
Scandinavia Tourism Promotional Brochure c. 1938 illustrated tourist info & maps
Seven Falls South Cheyenne Canyon Colorado c. 1900 advertising tourist pamphlet
Siege of Vicksburg Fort Delaware Harpers Civil War newspaper 1863 MD map issue
Story of Bluebeard Coffee Cards Advertising c. 1880's Lot x 8 Allyn & Blanchard
Utrecht Holland Netherlands Tourist Info c1900 illustrated tourist guide w/ maps
Vicksburg Ironclad Fleet Harpers Civil War newspaper 1863 May issue
Washington D.C. Pictorial Souvenir Album 1906 architectural views old book
Western U.S. California Colorado Arizona Utah Nevada 1912 McNally detailed map
Women's Society Fashion Poetry 1891 McVickar 12 watercolor plates lovely book