Africa Unexplored Regions European Colonies c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
African Continent mountain range height diagram 1855 Stulpnagel large map
Albany New York c. 1900 promotional guide 6 photographic plates city views
American Midwest Ohio Indiana Wisconsin Michigan Kentucky 1850 Meyer map
American South Louisiana New Orleans Alabama Mississippi 1850 Meyer map
Ancient Germania Germanic Tribes Roman Provinces Raetia Noricum 1865 map
Ancient Iran Persia Parthian Empire Persian Gulf 1865 detailed historical map
Ancient Italy Roman Empire Cisalpine Gaul Sicily Corsica Sardinia 1865 map
Ancient Mediterranean Roman Empire Gaul Anatolia North Africa 1865 map
Ancient World Anatolia Asia Minor Cappadocia Cyprus Syria 1865 historical map
Ancient World Persia Alexander the Great Sparta Antioch 1865 historical map
Antebellum United States Northwest Territory c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Arabian Peninsula Mecca & Medina Red Sea c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Art Deco wow! Chateau de Gourdon 2011 Christie's Auction House 6 vol. catalog
Atlantic Ocean Trade Routes Exploration Currents 1855 Stieler detailed map
Australia New Zealand New Caledonia Papua New Guinea 1855 Stulpnagel map
Australia Tasmania New South Wales West Australia c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Australia Tasmania Van Diemen's Land Bass Strait c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Baltic Sea Littoral Estonia Latvia Prussia Poland 1855 Stulpnagel detailed map
Benevento Cellini Italian Renaissance Sculptor 1906 fine 2 leather books
British Raj India Nepal Assam Sri Lanka Calcutta 1854 Stulpnagel detailed map
British Raj India Southeast Asia Vietnam Cambodia Thailand 1850 Radefeld map
Canada British North America Alaska Russian America c 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Cape Colony Old Colony Massachusetts 1932 illustrated almanack w/ art & maps
Caribbean Islands Cuba Bahamas Jamaica Puerto Rico Havana c 1850 Radefeld map
Central America Mexico Honduras Panama Hawaii Galapagos Island 1850 engraved map
comparison World Mountain Heights diagram 855 detailed profile print
Contantine's Roman Empire Gaul Britannia Dacia North Africa 1865 historical map
Daboll New England Alamac Farmer's Friend 1833-1863 Lot x7 home advice & recipes
Early Human History Paleontology Fossils 1896 ancient history 2 vol leather set
Eastern Asia Korea Japan Manchuria Yellow Sea c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Elephanta Caves Hinduism Mumbai India c.1925 illustrated booklet map Elephants
Gaul Ancient World Roman Empire Old France Gallia 1865 historical map
Grand Hotel Victoria Quebec City Canada c. 1930's guide book w/ tourist map
Grand Trunk Pacific 1909 Trans-Canadian Railroad promotional booklet w/ lg. map
Hispania Roman Empire Iberian Peninsula Balearic Isles 1865 Corr historical map
Holy Land Israel Palestine Jerusalem Solomon's Temple c. 1850 Meyer map
Hotel Vatnahalsen Mydral Norway c. 1910's illustrated souvenir album 10 views
Indonesia Malaysia European Colonies Philippines 1855 Stulpnagel detailed map
Iran Persia Afghanistan Baluchistan Caspian Sea 1855 Stulpnagel detailed map
Island of Ireland Connaught Ulster Munster Leinster 1855 Stulpnagel map
Island of Ireland Dublin Ulster Leinster Connaught c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Islands & Volcanos of the World Azores Sicily Naples Iceland 1850 Meyer map
Kingdom of Two Sicilies Calabria Syracuse Palermo Malta 1850 Sicily Meyer map
Legends of the Madonna Sacred Art Lecture 1867 Jameson illustrated leather book
London & Its Environs 1911 illustrated travel guide w/ folding maps & city plans
Lord Chesterfield 1925 Letters on Manhood How to be a Gentleman 2 vol. leather
Madagascar Mozambique Zanzibar c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Maine New Hampshire Vermont Automobile c. 1930's folding pocket tourist road map
Mauch Chunk Switch Back Railroad Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania c. 1888 brochure w/ map
Mid-Atlantic States New York Pennsylvania Maryland Virginia c. 1850 Meyer map
Moon Lunar Landscape Geological Map See of Tranquility 1855 Ausfeld detailed map
Munich Munchen Bavaria Germany c. 1880's engraved views souvenir street scenes
Natural History 1820 animals birds bugs fish dogs cats book 258 engraved plates
Nature French Scientific Review Arts 1898 Illustrated rare 2 vol. leather set
New England Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Vermont Boston 1850 Meyer map
New York State Cartoon Pictorial Map & Travel Guide 1932 scarce
North & South America Caribbean Islands Polynesia c. 1849 David Lapie map
North & South America territorial United States 1855 Stulpnagel detailed map
North & South Carolina Georgia Florida Charleston St Augustine 1850 engraved map
North America United States Canada Mexico Caribbean c 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Northern Night Sky Constellations Zodiac Milky Way 1855 Stieler star chart map
Oceania Australia New Zealand Polynesia Micronesia Hawaii Fiji 1856 Kohler map
Ottoman Empire Anatolia Cyprus Armenia Egypt 1855 Stulpnagel detailed map
Ottoman Empire Arabia Qing China British Raj Japan Korea 1855 Stulpnagel map
Outline of Modern Geography 1827 Charles Goodrich illustrated leather book
Pacific Northwest & Alaska Union Pacific Railroad c.1920's promo tourism 3 maps
Palestine Israel Holy Land Dead Sea Jordan River 1855 Stulpnagel detailed map
Philippines & Indonesia Borneo Celebes Java c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Polynesia Pacific Islands Hawaii Fiji Tahiti Honolulu 1855 detailed map
Portland Maine New England Vacation c. 1930's tourist brochure w/ pictorial map
Portland Maine Woolworth & Co c. 1910-20's Tourist 5' long Post Card Souvenir
Qing Empire China Beijing Peking Hong Kong Macao Canton 1850 engraved map
Rees' Encyclopedia 1820 w/ 229 engraved plates Basso- Horology chemistry engines
Rees' Encyclopedia 187 engraved plates 1820 Arts Navigation - Writing in Cypher
Rhine River 1878 Bartlet huge 425 images picture travel book decorative binding
Rocky Mountain National Estes Park Colorado c.1917 travel brochure w/ map
Roman Empire Constantine the Great Europe 1849 engraved historical map
Royal Airforce Flying Review 1962-63 bound collection 20 issues period ads jets
Russian Empire Poland Finland Baltic States Black Sea c. 1850-8 Archer map
San Francisco Travel Guide 1957 illustrated book pictorial map Gray Line Bus
Science of Education Linguistic Educational Reform 1896 Lot x 3 books leather
Sir Walter Scott Journal 1891 Root 4 volume leather set engraved titles portrait
Solar System Earth Planetary Orbits Lunar Phases 1855 Stieler celestial map
South Africa Cape Colony Madagascar Mozambique 1855 Berghaus map
Southeastern Australia New South Wales Tasmania 1855 Stulpnagel detailed map
Southern Night Sky Constellations Zodiac Milky Way 1855 Bar star chart map
St. Petersburg Florida Sunshine Greeter 1935 tourist guide cartoon pictorial map
St. Petersburg Florida Webb's City c.1950's Brochures Lot x 2 promo advertising
Sunset Route American Southwest Southern Pacific Rail c. 1927 travel brochure
Syria Holy Land Palestine Israel Jerusalem Aleppo c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map
Texas w/ German colonies Minnesota Territory United States 1855 Stulpnagel map
The Town Hall City Politics Nation Building Identity 1847 Ricci Italian book
Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece 1868 Barthelemy 3 volume leather set
United States Western Territories territorial NM UT OR OK NE 1854 Stulpnagel map
West Africa Gulf of Guinea European Colonies c. 1850 Radefeld engraved map
World Map in Double Hemispheres Mts. of Moon in Africa 1849 Renner engraved map
World Map on Mercator's Projection c. 1850-8 Archer engraved map