A Rustic Retort Wit Outwitted c. 1780's Tegg British humorous cartoon print
Almanac 12 Sports 1900 William Nicholson & Rudyard Kipling 12 color litho plates
Artistic Japan Le Japon Artistique c. 1889 S Bing leather book many color plates
Asprey's Atlas of the World c. 1920's pocket atlas leather binding 145 plates
Austrian Empire Hapsburg Lands Istria Steyermark Vienna Salzburg c. 1850's map
Belgium Travel Brochures Brussels Zeebrugge Bruges 1930-50's lot x 4 w/ maps
Borneo Island by itself Indonesia Malaysia Brunei Sarawak 1893 Stanford map
British India Qing Empire China Tibet Southeast Asia Hindostan 1867 Mitchell map
Charles Lamb: A Memoir 1866 Cornwall Extra-illustrated leather 2v set 89 plates
Christian Year 1853 John Keble leather religious book decorative gift binding
Cobb's Spelling Guide 1825 American leather school book pronunciation guide
Denmark & Southern Norway Copenhagen Oslo Stavanger 1883 Letts scarce map
East Haven Fort Hale Fair Haven L.I. Sound Connecticut 1868 F.W. Beers city plan
East Polynesia Oceania Tahiti Hawaii Galapagos Islands 1848 Stieler detailed map
Edmund Spencer Collected Works 1869 beautiful decorative leather book poetry
Florida Standard Guide 1921 scarce pictorial promo tourist guide book wonderful
Florist's Guide 1840 T. Bridgeman 3rd edition old gardening guide book
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly 1891 leather bound large illustrated book
French Scientific Review Arts Industry 1911 Illustrated rare 2 vol. leather set
Geological Map of Australia Tasmania New South Wales Victoria 1893 Stanford map
George Sand Collected Letters Correspondence 1883 French 7 vol. leather set
Grand Duchy of Austria Vienna Salzburg1874 Flemming detailed large map
History of Slavery Greece Rome United States 1858 huge illustrated leather book
History of the Voyages of Exploration 1749 Vol. 5 lovely French leather book
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Bohemia Prussia 1796 Doolittle engraved map
Hotel Epworth Chicago 1893 World's Fair advertising w/map Methodist Jackson Park
Hotel St. James Victoria Vancouver Island 1920's advertising pamphlet w/ map
International Studio 1902 YR graphic arts magazine Jessie King art nouveau color
Interstate Traveler 1927 New England East Coast hotel & tourist travel guide
Johnson's Historical Atlas 1880 Complete 34 color history world maps 2 vol. set
Jones Family Residence East River 82nd St 1866 New York city color view print
La Princess Lointaine & Speech at Academy Francaise 1914 Rostand leather book
Map of New York city Bronx Zoo c. 1940's cartoon pictorial map folding brochure
Melliand Textilberichte 1936 German Textile Industry Trade Periodical Lot x 6
Moravia Silesia Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Lands 1874 Flemming detailed large map
New York Mohawk River Wood Cree Fort Stanwix 1851 Pease lithographed detail map
New Zealand North Island Wellington Manawatu Auckland 1893 Stanford map
New Zealand South Island Christchurch Hokitka Blenheim 1893 Stanford map
Oceania Australia Exploration Routes New South Wales Tasmania 1893 Stanford map
Oceania Australia Polynesia New Zealand Hawaii Fiji 1873 Gray color large map
Oceania Pacific Ocean Australia New Zealand Ocean Currents 1883 Letts scarce map
Pageant 1896 Whistler Art Magazine Literary Journal Poetry Theatre Visual Arts
Papua New Guinea Islands detailed focused map 1893 Stanford map
Perry Expediton Naval Chart Indian Ocean Japan Southeast Asia 1856 Ackerman map
Philippine Islands Luzon Mindano Palawan Manila 1893 Stanford map
Portland Maine 6th & 7th Wards 1871 large detailed city plan map
Quebec Summer & Winter 1904 Canadian Pacific Railway illustrated guide w/ map
Romance Fiction & Drama Character Sketches 1902 Brewer 8 vol. set 300+ images
Saint Augustine Florida Lot x 2 Tourism Brochures 1940's Fountain of Youth
Salem Massachusetts Pocket Guide 1893 H.P. Ives near miniature local history
South Africa Cape Colony Table Bay False Bay Cape Town 1848 Stieler engraved map
South Australia Gladstone Palmerstone High Table Land 1893 Stanford map
South Australia tracks of explorers shown 1893 Stanford map
Southern Sweden Stockholm Gothenburg Gotland Bornholm 1883 Letts scarce map
Souvenir Signature Album c. 1870's decorative binding chromolithographed cover
St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1904 pictorial souvenir 100's photos
Story of My Boyhood & Youth 1913 John Muir memoir illustrated leather book
Sumatra Indonesia Padang Medan Palembang Pekanbaru 1893 Stanford map
Sweden Norway Denmark Oslo Stockholm Copenhagen 1883 Letts scarce map
Swizterland Swiss Cantons Geneva Zurich Bern c. 1855 Fullarton lithographed map
The Jest Book British Jokes & Humor 1909 Mark Lemon Morrell lovely leather book
Western Australia (Southern Part) Perth Albany 1893 Stanford map
Western Australia Dampier Archipelago explorer tracks 1893 Stanford map
Winter Homestead 1868 Sleigh Currier & Ives hand color print 19th century frame