Abyssinia Ethiopia Sudan Nubia Red Sea Nile River 1868 Johnston map
Adventures of Gil Blas 1867 Le Sage illustrated French leather book
Alsace-Lorraine Baden-Wrttemberg German Empire 1873 Ravenstein map
Ancient Rome City Plan Roman Walls 7 Hills c. 1780's Italian engraved map
Androscoggin Lakes Maine & N.H. 1884 Farrar's Illustrated Guide tourist book
Aristotle's Complete Masterpiece c. 1830's women's health pregnancy physician
Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Empire Croatia Bohemia 1873 Ravenstein map
Battle of Lake Regillus Tarquinius Latin League Roman Republic 1725 view
Battle of Munda Caesar's Civil War Spain Gnaeus Pompey 1732 engraved view
Belgium & the Netherland Low Countries Holland Luxemburg 1868 Johnston map
Belgium Ancient World Roman Empire Belgian Tribes 1730 Liebaux engraved map
British Isles Ireland United Kingdom England Wales Scotland 1873 Ravenstein map
Caribbean Sea West Indies Cuba Jamaica Bahamas Puerto Rico 1868 Johnston map
Christian Psalms of David 1811 pocket sized Leather book early American Religion
Collected Papers & Letters of Louis-Gaston de Sonis French General 1890 old book
Columbian Exposition Chicago World's Fair 1893 rare souvenir photographic album
Eastern Steamship Lines 1930 illustrated travel brochure with map
Eastern United States Great Lakes New England American South 1868 Johnston map
Europe Belle poque France German Empire Ottomans Russia 1873 Ravenstein map
European Russia Finland Poland Crimea Ukraine Astrakhan 1868 Johnston map
Evening with Poets Poetry 1866 fine color plate book decorative leather binding
Falkland & Zicci 1875 Edward Bulwer Lytton decorative leather book
Frohe Marlein c. 1910 Mili Weber Swiss German illustrated children's book
Grand Principality Mecklenburg German Empire Schwerin 1873 Ravenstein map
Hannover Brunswick Oldenburg Kingdom of Prussia Germany 1873 Ravenstein map
Hessen-Nassau Kingdom of Prussia Kassel Darmstadt 1873 Ravenstein map
Hill's Manual Social & Business Forms 1887 illustrated decorative leather book
Historical Fashions 12th-15th Centuries 1861 French 76 color plates leather book
History England From Revolution to George II 1794 leather 8 vol. set w 28 plates
History of the United States 1880 Cassell's 3 vol. fine monumental leather set
Holy Bible New Testament huge 1779 book w/ large decorative map Holy Land
Holy Bible Old & New Testament 1838 lovely decorative gilt full leather binding
How to Box 1948 Joe Louis illustrated Boxing Sports Book Training Champions
Indictment of Liquor Traffic 1885 Daniel Dorchester Temperance rare Pamphlet
Isaac Watts 1812 Psalms of David arrangement lovely rare leather book
Ischia Italy Gulf of Naples 1859 traveler's guide mineral baths thermal waters
Italian Art Journal 1906 L'Arte scholarly illustrated monumental book vellum
Kingdom of Bohemia Hapsburg Empire Prague Carlsbad 1873 Ravenstein map
Kingdom of Denmark Iceland Fyn Jutland Sjaelland Copenhagen 1873 Ravenstein map
Kingdom of Denmark Schleswig-Holstein Mecklenburg Anhalt 1868 Johnston map
Kingdom of Greece Corfu Paxo Athens Sparta Corinth 1868 Johnston map
Kingdom of Hungary Austria-Hungary Budapest 1873 Ravenstein map
Kingdom of Illyria Istria Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Empire 1873 Ravenstein map
Kingdom of Italy San Marino Rome Venice Genoa Naples Florence Milan 1873 map
Kingdom of Prussia Danzig Brandenburg Berlin 1868 Johnston map
Kingdom of Saxony German Empire Dresden Leipzig 1873 Ravenstein map
Kingdoms of Sweden & Norway Scandinavia Stockholm Oslo 1873 Ravenstein map
Krakow Poland c. 1900 illustrated souvenir photo album 13 plates street scenes
Low Countries Netherland Belgium Luxemburg 1873 Ravenstein map
Maritime Provinces Eastern Canada New Brunswick Nova Scotia 1868 Johnston map
Medical & Surgical Reporter 1864 Lot x 9 American Civil War magazine period ads
Montgomery Ward Catalog 1910 huge mail order #79 toys fashion house wares nice!
Mount Holyoke Women's College view book 1905 Kinney illustrated souvenir album
New Testament Christianity 1868 Leather Dual Language Edition German & English
New York City Broadway Bowling Green to Central Park 1910 huge picture book ads
North Africa Roman Empire Carthage Numidia Tripoli 1726 Liebaux map
North America Continent United States Canada Mexico Alaska 1873 Ravenstein map
Northern India Rajputana Kashmir Punjab Delhi Agra Bombay 1868 Johnston map
Old Testament Concordance 1937 huge rare Mendelkern Hebrew-Latin Concordance
Oldenburg Bremen Quakenbruck German Empire Prussia 1873 Ravenstein map
On the Imitation of Christ 1802 Kempis & Payne rare American leather book
Onrust Island Pulau Kapal Indonesia Thousand Islands 1763 island map & city view
Optics Scientific views optical sight 1780's rare plate book encyclopedia
Ottoman Balkans Serbia Albania Bulgaria Wallachia Bosnia 1868 Johnston map
Ottoman Balkans Wallachia Bulgaria Romania Serbia Bosnia 1873 Ravenstein map
Ottoman Empire Middle East Caucasus Mesopotamia Armenia Syria 1868 Johnston map
Panama Pacific ocean liner Travel & Tourism c. 1940's advertising booklet
Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition 1876 lot x 3 parts illustrated souvenir album
Prussian Rhineland Cologne Dsseldorf Rhine River 1873 Ravenstein map
Prussian Song Book Evangelical Reformed Church 1831 lovely rare leather book
Psalms of David & Hymns by Isaac Watts 1815 early American leather book
Pyrrhic Victory Battle of Asculum War Elephants Chariots Roman Army 1726 print
Railroad Map of German Empire & Austria-Hungary 1873 Ravenstein map
Raven Schleswig-Holstein Kingdom of Prussia Hamburg Lubeck 1873 Ravenstein map
Religious Art of 13th Century France 1931 illustrated decorative leather book
Rocky Mountain Views Rio Grande train 1946 souvenir album color views book
Rocky Mountains Canada's Playground c.1900 illustrated tourist souvenir album
Rogers Locomotion & Steam Works Paterson New Jersey 1832 & 1868 2 engraved views
S.S. Aquitania Cunard Lines Ocean Liner 1920's illustrated advertising brochure
Saxony & Anhalt Kingdom of Prussia German Empire 1873 Ravenstein map
Silas Cornell's Improved Terrestrial Globe 1847 rare instruction book geography
Silesia Kingdom of Prussia German Empire Breslau 1873 Ravenstein map
South America Southern Portion Argentina Chile Falklands 1868 Johnston map
Southern Africa Cape Colony Boer Republics Madagascar 1873 Ravenstein map
Southern France French Riviera Marseilles Savoy Corsica 1873 Ravenstein map
Southern Germany Bavaria Baden Wurttemberg Pfalz 1868 Johnston map
Southern India British Raj Sri Lanka Madras Mysore 1868 Johnston map
Southern Sweden Scandinavia Gotland Stockholm Malmo 1873 Ravenstein map
Sweden & Norway Baltic Sea Gulf of Bothnia 1868 Johnston map
Switzerland Swiss Cantons Zurich Geneva Bern 1796 Doolittle early American map
System of Modern Geography 1833 & 1841 J. Olney geography school books lot x 2
Thuringia German Empire Gotha Erfurt Hildburghausen 1873 Ravenstein map
Tom Thumb CDV & P.T. Barnum 1873 Struggles & Triumphs illustrated memoirs Circus
Wellesley College Massachusetts view book c. 1900 illustrated souvenir album
Wellesley College view book Massachusetts c. 1880's illustrated souvenir album
West Africa Morocco Guinea Senegal Gambia Dahomey Cameroon 1873 Ravenstein map
Woodland & Wild Poetry 1868 illustrated gilt gift leather book w/ 12 engravings
Works of Josephus 1849 Jewish & Roman history illustrated 2 vol fine leather set
World Geography 1811 rare NH book John Hubbard w/ folding world map
World Map on Mercator's Projection Ocean Currents 1868 Johnston engraved map
World's Fair 1893 Art of World 2 vol huge leather set profusely illustrated A+
Young Man's Book of Knowledge 1849 Tegg Magnetism Astronomy History leather book