Acropolis Ancient Greece Athens Parthenon c. 1890's large architectural plan
African Continent European Colonies Madagascar c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
American political Cartooning Opper Art 1880's Puck Humor Lot x 10 color prints
American Political Cartoons Opper Art 1880's Puck Lot x 10 scarce color prints
American Politicians Gillam Art 1880's Puck Political Cartoons Lot x 10 prints
American Politics Keppler art 1880's Puck Political Cartoons Lot x 8 rare prints
American Politics Opper art 1880's Puck Political Cartoons Lot x 10 color prints
Animal Picture Book c.1880's Harrison Weir juvenile 24 large chromo color plates
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia Persia British India Qing China Korea Japan 1924 map
Aunt Mary's Tales Adventure Ghost Story 1827 small leather pocket book
Boston Bay & Cape Cod c. 1940's cartoon pictorial folding map shipwrecks
Brittany France Le Finistere Travel Guide 1936 illustrated tourist book w/ maps
Canada Hudson Bay Manitoba Ontario Northwest Territory 1924 Johnston map
Diamonds & Precious Stone Geology Jewelry 1867 Emanuel illustrated plates book
Eastern U.S. Florida Alabama Tennessee Georgia Alabama 1924 Johnston map
F. Opper political cartooning 1886 Puck Humor Lot x 10 original color prints [d]
F. Opper Puck comic art 1880's Lot x 10 original color prints American Humor [B]
German Confederation & Switzerland Bavaria Saxony c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
Great Seahorse 1909 Isabel Anderson Fantasy color plate juvenile book scarce
Hertz Car Rental New England Auto Tours Travel Brochure c. 1960 cartoon map
History of Methodism John Wesley 1891 Daniels illustrated huge lovely book
Holy Bible Old & New Testaments Metal Clasp c. 1880's small leather pocket book
Hungarian Christian Daily Prayer Book c.1910 rare ornate leather book slip cover
Jack & the Bean Stalk c. 1860's George Cruikshank illustrated children's book
Jack and the Bean-Stalk + Little Jane & Her Mother 1848 rare juvenile chap book
Judge Frank Beard Art Political Cartoons 1880's Lot x 14 rare color prints
Judge Political Cartoons 1880's Lot x 8 scarce color prints America Britain
Jungle Baby c. 1915 Tuck G.E. Farrow Children's Book E.M. Taylor illustrations
Keppler Art Political Humor 1880's Puck Political Cartoons Lot x 10 color prints
Keppler art Puck Political Cartoons 1880's Corruption Lot x 10 nice color prints
Kingdom of Denmark Iceland Faroe Island Schleswig-Holstein 1924 Johnston map
Life of George Washington 1859 Cecil color plate biography children's book
London UK Banqueting House 1816 Ackerman Architectural Street Scene view print
Maritime Provinces Canada Newfoundland Nova Scotia New Brunswick 1924 map
McNeill's Code Telegraph Cipher Merchants Bankers 1890 rare book period ads
Midsummer Night's Dream 1870 Shakespeare Paul Konewka silhouette illustrations
Mitchell's Geography 1851 illustrated juvenile atlas w/ 14 hand color maps
Montana state Cartoon Pictorial Map 1937Shope art promotional historical map
Mount Desert Island Maine Bar Harbor c. 1880's illustrated souvenir album
Murray's Spain Travel Guide 1892 great 2 vol. set w/ dozens of maps
New York Politics Gillam Art 1885 Puck Political Cartoons lot x 10 color prints
New Yorker's Idea of United States 1937 novelty cartoon pictorial map
North America Canada United States Mexico Caribbean Islands 1924 Johnston map
Ontario & Quebec Canada Toronto Quebec City 1924 Johnston map
Opper art American Politics Corruption 1880's Puck Political Cartoons Lot x 10
Ottoman Balkans & Greece Albania Serbia Bulgaria c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
Pan American 1970's Japan tourist map city plan w/ advertising pictorial
Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal Field Geological Survey 1888 atlas w/ 8 large maps
Plymouth Vermont 1860 geological map Unionville Five Corners Albert Hager
Polish Catholic Prayer Clerical Liturgical Calendar c.1890's fine clasps binding
Political Cartoons 1880's Puck & Judge American Society Humor Lot x 10 prints
Puck covers Political Cartoons Keppler art 1891- 1911 Lot x 10 old color prints
Puck Political Cartoons covers Opper Art 1880s Lot x 10 scarce old color prints
Puck Political Cartoons F. Opper Art 1880's Cartooning Humor Lot x 10 prints [c]
Puck Political Cartoons Keppler Art 1882-1903 Corruption Lot x 10 color prints
Puget Sound Washington Pacific Northwest c.1945 promotional tourist brochure map
Quincy Massachusetts 1929 cartoon pictorial map historical events John Adams
Rocky Mountains Resorts Sightseeing 1900 illustrated tourist brochure views map
Rush's Almanac 1874 & 1879 Lot x 2 promotional advert booklets patent medicine
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Baltic Sea c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
South Africa Guide Book 1904 Brown Tourist & Settle Guide w/ folding maps
South America Brazil Peru Chile Venezuela c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
Southern India Bombay Hyderabad Ceylon Mysore Sri Lanka 1924 Johnston map
Spain & Portugal O'Shea's Tourist Guide 1892 illustrated book w/ maps
Spanish Cuba Philippines Spanish-American War 1898 Boston Sunday Herald war map
Spanish-American War Atlantic Ocean Ship Movements 1898 Boston Sunday Herald map
Tammany Hall NYC Corruption 1880's Puck Political Cartoons Lot x 9 color prints
Ten Days in Quebec Canada c. 1901-10 illustrated tourism travel guide
Venetia Florida c.1950's promotional pictorial map real estate Home Development
Vermont state Surface Geology map 1861 Hitchcock large color map rock types
Washington D.C. 1795 Reid & Russell large engraved city plan rare map
Washington D.C. City Plan 1901 Thackara Vallance large re-issue map
Washington D.C. City Plan Park System Monuments 1901 large folding map
Yale Banner University Year Book 1888 Louis Barnum illustrated souvenir book
Zimmerman American Politics 1880's Puck Judge Political Cartoons Lot x 9 prints