A History of Mathematics 1894 Florian Cajori old book
Account History of World Religions & Events 1832 J.W. Barber leather book
African Continent Sahara Desert Nile River Madagascar 1849-50 Radefeld map
Alexander Hamilton American Statesmen 1898 Henry Cabot Lodge lovely leather book
American Indians Manners Customs & Antiquities 1844 Goodrich old book
American Pictures 1875 by S. Manning decorative binding profusely illustrated
Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Empire 1852 Berghaus ethnographic map
Baby's Bouquet c. 1880-1900 Walter Crane Edmund Evans Art Nouveau illustrations
Baby's Opera 1910 Walter Crane Edmund Evans illustrated nursery rhymes book
Baedeker's Southern France Loire Valley Corsica 1891 travel guide with maps
Bible Pattern of a Good Woman 1867 C.L Balfour Advice for women female conduct
Butterfly's Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast 1857 illustrated childrens book
Collection of Methodist Episcopal Church Hymns 1842 Wesley pocket hymnal book
Conversations at Avonbury Parsonage 1834 scarce old leather book
Delft Gate Rotterdam Holland Netherlands 1770-80 engraved architectural view
Diseases of the World Yellow Fever Cholera Small Pox 1852 Berghaus map
Diseases of World Leprosy Tuberculosis Cholera Yellow Fevers 1856 medical map
Divine Recipes for Mankind Church of England Methodism 1761 Edward Goldney book
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Merry Men Prince Otto 1920 Robert Louis Stevenson old book
Dream Days 1902 Kenneth Grahame Maxfield Parrish illustrated fantasy book
Duchy of Anjou Kingdom of France 1638 Mercator miniature county map
Duchy of Berry Bourges Kingdom of France 1638 Mercator miniature county map
Eccles Provident Industrial Cooperative Society 1907 Jubilee commemorative book
Essays Educational Reformers 1896 Robert Henry Quick pedagogy leather book
Ethnographic World Map Indo-European & Semitic Jewish Peoples 1852 Berghaus map
Etiquette Manners Family Life 1827 Mrs. Marshall American rare Exeter NH book
Europe Plants of the World British Isles Italy 1851 Berghaus scientific map
Frankfurt am Main Holy Roman Empire Germany 1770-80 engraved prospect view
Geological Map of Central Europe Germany Northern Italy Poland 1850 Berghaus map
Geological Profiles of Germany Forests of Germany 1850 Berghaus map
Glacial Systems of the Alps Glacier Phenomena 1856 Johnston scientific folio map
Golden Treasury of Songs & Lyrics 1911 Maxfield Parrish illustrated poetry book
Grammaire Pratique de la Langue Anglaise 1837 French-English grammar old book
Guines & Boulogne France Pas-de-Calais 1638 Mercator miniature county map
Handwriting Exercise Book & Cavalry Print 1830's American penmanship practice
Harry Clarke illustrations Tales of Mystery and Imagination 1933 Edgar Allan Poe
Holy Bible 1853 American Bible Society large leather book Christianity Religion
Holy Roman Empire Germany Switzerland Low Countries Austria c. 1719 Chiquet map
Johnny Crow's Garden c. 1910 L. Leslie Brooke Art Nouveau illustrations old book
Kidnapped & David Balfour 1920 Robert Louis Stevenson lovely leather book
Kingdom of Denmark Jutland Fyn Sjaelland Copenhagen 1748 Robert engraved map
Language Map of Central Europe Germany Austria 1852 Berghaus linguistic map
Languages & Peoples of the British Isles 1852 Berghaus ethnographic map
Mark Twain Tom Sawyer 1st Canadian Ed. 1876 book w/ Trollope 1st Golden Lion
Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes 1880 silhouette illustrated children's book
Mountain Ranges of Czechia 1850 Berghaus detailed map
Mountain Ranges of Europe & Asia Alps Urals Himalayas 1850 Berghaus detailed map
Mrs. Sarah Cleveland Dodge 1861 Her Eightieth Birthday celebration book portrait
Mysterious Deaths in History 1901 Dr. Cabanes A. Maloine lovely leather binding
New Testament 1843 rare Newburyport MA Mary A. Dodge signed American essayist
Nuremberg Germany Holy Roman Empire 1770-80 engraved city view
Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire Volcanoes Polynesia Hawaii Tahiti 1850 Berghaus map
Personal Memoirs of P.H. Sheridan 1888 US Civil War Indian Wars Leather Book
Physical Features of Europe & Asia 1856 A.K. Johnston map
Pictures from Holland 1887 Richard Lovett travel architectural views portraits
Pocket Dictionary of English and German 1846 F.W. Thieme small leather book
Publications of American Tract Society 1860's collected Christian pamphlets
Punch 1888 Bound Periodical Society Political & Funny Cartoons 6 months vol. 94
Quakers Memoirs of David Hall 1758 Early American History leather book
Religions of the World Language Families Protestant Missions 1856 Johnston map
Remarkable Adventures of Little Boy Pip 1907 Philip France Merle Johnson book
Remarkable Geological Phenomena Volcanoes Arthur's Seat Teneriffe 1856 map views
Responsibility in Mental Disease Insanity 1896 Maudsley Asylums Mental Illness
Rodents and Ruminating Mammals of the World Cattle Sheep Goats 1851 Berghaus map
Rose of Baden Germany 1870's rare tourist souvenir 28 mini views & envelope
Rose of Heidelberg Germany 1870's rare tourist souvenir 28 mini views & envelope
Rotterdam Exchange House Holland Netherlands 1770-80 engraved architectural view
Sister Mary's Stories About Animals 1850-60 illustrated children's book
Sixes and Sevens 1920 O. Henry decorative leather book
Southern Brazil Uruguay Rio de la Plata Lagoa Mirim 1773 Bellin map
Spain & Portugal Iberian Peninsula Lisbon Madrid Barcelona 1700 Moll map
St. Peter's Basilica Rome Italy Colonnade Obelisk 1683 Mallet bird's eye view
The American Odd Fellow 1867 Monthly Periodical rare Leather book many issues
The Cooking School & Other Stories 1880 Emma E. Brown illustrated child's book
The Gem Painting Book 1880 McLoughlin Bros Chromolithographed Children's book
The Law of Nature 1790 C.F. Volney natural philosophy leather bound book
The Orchard Swing 1908 Happy Stories for Happy Children illustrated book
The Pocket Lawyer 1831 American legal reference law advice contracts deeds
Tidal Patterns of the World Atlantic & Pacific 1849 Berghaus scientific map
Treasure Island The Black Arrow 1920 Robert Louis Stevenson lovely leather book
Trenton Falls New York Picturesque 1851 N. Parker Willis illustrated book
Truth Divine Origin Christian Revelation w/ Islam 1811 Bielby Porteus rare book
Vienne Lyon Kingdom of France 1638 Mercator miniature county map
William Cowper Private Correspondence letters 1824 John Johnson leather book
World Religions & Governments Anthropological World Map 1852 Berghaus map
Young Folks History of the United States 1890 Annie Cole Cady children's book
Young Sportsmen Instructions 1853 Hunting Shooting No. America Illustrated Guide