1937-8 magazines Hollywood Movies Photography lot x 4 Focus MoviePix b&w photos
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland c. 1900-10 Lewis Carroll illustrated book
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland c. 1910 Lewis Carroll pictorial lovely book
American Politics Literature Sammelband 1904 Life & Death of James Blair Scandal
Basket of Flowers Piety & Truth Triumphant 1835 Bedell rare Christian book
Boy Travelers Siam & Java SE Asia 1881 Knox illustrated travel adventure book
Cabinet Maker Upholsterer's Companion lacquering glues 1891 Stokes trade book
Camel Cigarettes vintage c. 1920-30 color advertisements lot x 12 pictorial ads
Chattanooga Tennessee Battle Plan Chickamauga 1863 Virtue Civil War era map
First Principles of Calculus 1824 Bezout Harvard University 2 folding plates
Golden Goblin fantasy 1906 Dunham George Kerr art nouveau illustrations book
Gulf of Mexico Southern States Florida Louisiana 1863 Virtue Civil War era map
Ladies' Home Journal 1889-91 Lot x 4 scarce American Women's great ads & photos
Little Women 1912 Louisa May Alcott illustrated book lovely decorative binding
Louisa May Alcott Life Letters & Journals 1890 Cheney biography lovely book
Lucky Strike Cigarette Ads c. 1925-35 Lot x 14 color advertisements tennis fun
Modern Priscilla 1915 lot x 2 pictorial women's magazine Cream of Wheat ads
Needlecraft Magazine 1918-19 Lot x 3 American women's magazines Cream of Wheat
New York Almanac & Weather Book 1857 Mason Brothers Calendar Disasters
Pocket Classical Dictionary Mythology History Geography 1847 near miniature book
Port Hudson Louisiana Baton Rogue Fortifications 1863 Virtue Civil War era map
Romantic Couples Skipper & Mate Sailing Courtship 1913 Life Magazine x 3 issues
Scientific American 1894-8 American Technological Newspapers Lot of 5 issues
Siege of Kars Travels in Armenia Ottoman Empire Crimean War 1856 Sandwith book
Suffield Massachusetts 1859 Hezekiah Sheldon rare history booklet limited ed.
Through the Looking Glass 1897 Lewis Carroll illustrated children's book
Through the Looking Glass 199 Lewis Carroll lovely illustrated art nouveau book