A Warmin' Up in Dixie 1904 poster sheet music African-Americans dancing
Africa Cape Colony Congo Guinea Morocco Egypt Abysinna 1849 Flemming map
Africa European Colonies Egypt Congo Guinea Morocco Algeria 1849 Flemming map
African Continent European Colonies Boer Republic Guinea Congo 1855 Radefeld map
African continent Morocco Egypt South Africa Madagascar 1860 Mitchell map
Ancient Anatolia Lydia Phrygia Bithynia Cappadocia 1854 Lapie large folio map
Arabian Woman Costume Print Noble Dress Female Fashion 1860 Paquet lovely print
Arizona & New Mexico American Southwest 1887 Bradley & Bro map
Around the World c. 1880 souvenir album famous world cities London Paris Sydney
Art of Breathing Basis of Tone-Production 1890 Leo Kofler illustrated manual
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia India China Japan 1867 A.J. Johnson Scarce Issue map
Australia Colonies New South Wales Tasmania West Australia 1849 Flemming map
Australia Colonies Tasmania New South Wales West Australia 1849 Flemming map
Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Empire Dalmatia coast 1816 Thomson large oversized map
Battle Plan Third Silesian War Bohemia Frederick the Great 1760 decorative map
Beauties of Mason & Blair Self Knowledge 1833 religious philosophy leather book
Bern Switzerland Souvenir Album 1880's hand colored photographic views
Bishopric of Utrecht Low Counties Netherlands 1767 Le Rouge decorative map
Black Rock Connecticut 1901 Eldridge detailed coastal nautical survey
Boulogne & Guines France Pas-de-Calais 1638 Mercator miniature county map
British Raj India Southeast Asia Burma Kongbaund Dynasty 1855 Radefeld map
Brunswick & Magdeburg Holy Roman Empire Germany 1638 Mercator map
Brunswick & Magdeburg Holy Roman Empire Germany 1683 Mercator miniature map
Circus Parade Tent Clowns Elephant Camels 1904 E.T Paul illustrated sheet music
Congo Lower Guinea Southern Africa 1846 Kiepert oversized folio map
Cooking & Medicine 1661 Secrets Physicks Cookery Two rare works Leather Binding
Duchy of Berry Kingdom of France 1630 Mercator miniature county map
Duchy of Cleves Holy Roman Empire Germany 1638 Mercator map
England Windsor Album Royal Cabinet 1878 Victorian era photo souvenir album
Florida State map Florida Keys Everglades Miami Mobile Alabama 1879 Mitchell map
France in Departments Belle Epoque French 3rd Republic c. 1880 large Drioux map
Germs of Thought 1837 Thomas Wood mental exercises Improvement for young people
Herefordshire England County Map British Isles UK 1738 Robert Morden map
Holyoke Massachusetts 1904 New England Water Works Association photo album
Hungary Transylvania Hapsburg Empire Austria-Hungary 1849 engraved Meyer map
Iowa & Nebraska American Midwest c. 1870 A.J. Johnson scarce issue map
Iowa & Nebraska Midwest United States 1866-79 A.J. Johnson map
Isothermal Chart United States Atlantic Pacific Oceans c. 1856 old antique map
Japanese Officer Costume Print Military Fashion 1860's Paquet print
Japanese Woman City Fashion Kimono Sandals Umbrella 1868 Paquet Costume Print
Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life 1834 Arthur Austin collected papers letters
Lorraine France Lotharingia Nancy 1638 Mercator miniature map
Louisiana Gulf of Mexico Southwestern District 1845 antique state Surveyor map
Lyon Vienne Kingdom of France 1638 Mercator miniature county map
Lyon Vienne Kingdom of France 1638 Mercator miniature map
Martin van Buren President Life & Political Opinions 1835 author inscribed book
Martinique Caribbean woman Beautiful Dress Costume Print 1865 Paquet fine print
Mexico & Central America Guatemala Honduras 1867 A.J. Johnson Scarce Issue map
Missouri state folding pocket map 1884 Rand McNally antique scarce litho map
Montpelier Vermont Watchman 1893 illustrated souvenir edition local history
Mutiny on the Bounty 1836 John Barrow naval adventures South Pacific
Namur Limburg Low Countries Belgium Netherlands 1638 Mercator miniature map
Native Americans US Westward Expansion 1864 Johnson antique vignette frontis
Netherlands Holland Luxembourg royal coats crests c. 1865 Petri rare antique map
New England Gazetteer w/ lg. map 1902 Americana Vermont New Hampshire Maine Mass
New Zealand North & South Island Wellington Auckland Peninsula 1870 Blackie map
Newport Rhode Island 1907 B & W illustrated photo album
Niagara Fall Complete Guide 1860 travel & tourism color illustrated pocket guide
Northern California Nevada Utah Central Pacific Railroad 1882 uncommon map
Northern Hemisphere Polar Map North Pole California as an Island 1683 Mallet map
Northern Night Sky Star Map Constellations Zodiac North Star 1849 Flemming map
Northern Switzerland c.1680's antique old vintage detailed hand color map
Nubia East Africa Nile River Egypt Abyssinia 1683 Mallet miniature map
Ottoman Anatolia Asia Minor Turkey Syria Mesopotamia Armenia 1849 Flemming map
Ottoman Anatolia Syria Mesopotamia Armenia Turkey 1829 Hall folio Longman map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Greece Albania Serbia Bosnia Romania 1835 Brue map
Peninsular Campaign Civil War Virginia Richmond James River 1868 Johnson map
Persia Iran Afghanistan Baluchistan Indus River Caspian Sea 1849 Flemming map
Prayer Book for All Occasions 1859 American Christian Religious book German text
Rockland by the Sea Maine New England 1900's souvenir photo album nice views
Rome Italy Roma Capitoline Hill Street Scene Senatorial Palace 1719 Mallet print
Russian Empire Finland Poland Crimea 1821 Brue large detailed map hand color
Russian Empire Ukraine Finland Poland Crimea 1867 A.J. Johnson map
Russian Woman from Kaluga Costume Print Winter Clothes 1860 Paquet print
Sacred History of the World 1838-41 Sharon Turner 3 volume set old books
Song of Hiawatha 1906 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow illustrated book suede binding
Southern Lorraine Lothringia France Germany 1638 Mercator miniature map
Sweden & Norway Stockholm Baltic Sea Scandinavia 1884 Bradley & Bro map
Tahitian Dancers Capt. Cook view 1802 South Pacific ethnic costume print
Tales in Verse 1839 Mary Howitt 1st Amer. Illustrated Children's Book
The Dairyman's Daughter c. 1830's Rev. Legh Richmond Christian parable old book
The Decorative Sisters 1881 Pollard Walter Satterlee illustrated children's book
The Girl's Book 1849 L.H. Sigourney Rowland illustrated book for children
The Merchant Widow and Her Family c. 1840 Barbara Hofland old leather book
The Mother at Home Principles of Maternal Duty 1833 John Abbott leather book
Uncle Sam w/ U.S. map March Two Step Americana 1904 Abe Holzman sheet music
Vermont & New Hampshire New England Morse 1842 Harper & Brothers cerographic map
Vlissingen City Hall Senate building Holland Netherlands 1612 Blaeu antique view
Washington & the Presidents 1928 B&W photographic souvenir album
Water Spaniel Hunting Scene Dog Ducks 1805 J. Scott engraved print
Western Poland Russian Empire Moldavia Podolia 1749 Vaugaundy map
Westphalia Holy Roman Empire Germany 1638 Mercator miniature map
Women of Modern France 1907 Huge P. Thieme leather bound history of women
Young Man's Book of Knowledge c. 1830's Thomas Tegg encyclopedic collection
Zyp Holland Netherlands Zype c. 1720-50 detailed city plan miniature map