AAA 1932 Highway Map East Coast New Castle Ferry travel & tourism brochure
Aesop's Fables 1799 rare Phaedrus Latin Fabulist Collected Fables
Algeria & Tunis North Africa Views 1924 French illustrated souvenir album
American U.S. History up to 1876 Centennial Celebration 1876 Peck pictorial book
Ancient Athens Greek City States c. 1870's large color lithographed city plan
Antique Marbled Paper 19th Century Lot x 10 lovely patterns sheets unique
Arthur Rackham 1909 Lot x 16 Fantasy Art Prints Giants Gnomes Adventure Women
Arthur Rackham c. 1909 Art Nouveau Print Lot x 5 lovely women fantasy art
Athens Greece City Plan c. 1953 TWA illustrated travel brochure map
Australia & Polynesia New Zealand Hawaii Tahiti 1855 Stulpnagel detailed map
Benjamin Franklin American Founding Father Racoon Cap 1794 Granger portrait
Bluebeard Sleeping Beauty Baby's Alphabet c. 1899 Walter Crane illustrated book
Boston Massachusetts 1946 Detailed Street Plan folding tourism brochure
Britain & America Lost Tribes of Israel 1902 P.S. McKillop illustrated book
British Crime & Punishment Engravings Jails Chains c. 1760-90 lot x 8 prints
Brynolf Wennerberg Art c. 1922 Lovely liberated Women 20 color plates Dancers
Canada Canadian National Railways 1926 rare Mineral Resources views & maps book
Canada Canadian Railways United States 1926 Illustrated Vacation Map Brochure
Cartoon pictorial World Map 1964 McCormick Spices promotional ornate great map
Castine Maine 1903 Albertype illustrated tourist souvenir album coastal views
Chester Arthur President 1884 Vermont National Almanac Diary Gazetteer book
Children's Catechism Lot x 2 Religion Geography Mathematics c 1810-50 chap books
Chinese Calligraphy & Painting 1962 Crawford scholarly book Pierpont Morgan Fogg
Columbian Riddler Children's Word Puzzle book Games 1840 pictorial chap book
Crime engravings mail Robbery Forgery Smuggling suicide c. 1760-90 lot 9 prints
Crime engravings Murder c. 1760-90 lot x 19 rare engraved prints
Czechoslovakia Magazine 1934 Swiatowid pictorial news culture society periodical
Eastman Kodak Water Color Stamps Sample Book c. 1910's advertising booklet
Edinburgh Scotland c. 1880 illustrated 6 volume set portraits street scenes
Esso Marketers WWII era World Map Promotional Pamphlet Tanks Bombers U.S. Army
Fishing Prints Lot x 10 Coastal Scenes Fishing Boats c. 1812 hand colored prints
Floral Garden Beauties c 1850's Jerrard 12 color Plate Book gutta-percha binding
Frolich's Frolics Nursery Rhymes 1879 illustrated children's book shadow scenes
German Confederation Prussia Bavaria Hanover Saxony c. 1840-45 decorative map
Himalayas Geology 1908 Burrard Hayden large important map Calcutta imprint
Hotel Hamburg German Luxury Grand Hotel c.1900 illustrated souvenir album
Huge consumer products mail order catalog 1916 Charles Williams NY 1298 pages!
Ireland Portraits Street Scenes City Views c. 1880's souvenir album
Japan Pan American c. 1960 Shopping Guide Osaka Kyoto Kobe Nara promo w/ maps
Jules Richard Photographic Equipment 1913 Verascope Stereoview camera catalog
Kate Greenaway's Children c.1907 Saalfield linen juvenile book color
Kingdom of Denmark Iceland Faroe Islands c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
Kingdom of Prussia German Confederation Berlin c. 1844 A. Baedeker scarce map
Life Among the Shakers c. 1880 American advertising pamphlet patent medicine
Liverpool & New Brighton United Kingdom c.1890's illustrated souvenir view album
Los Angeles California 1925 City Plan pictorial Bekins moving truck storage
Los Angeles Road Map 1913 Automobile Routes in and out of city detailed plan
Marbled Paper nice Lot x 10 19th Century Lovely Antique Printed Paper
New England Primer 1818-43 Lot x 3 Illustrated juvenile chap books woodcuts rare
New York World's Fair 1940 ConEd Promotional map exhibit pamphlet
Ocean Highway New York to Florida 1956 automobile travel map brochure
Origins History of Photography until 18th Century 1913 illustrated journal
Panama Canal geology 1924 illustrated yearbook w/ lg. folding color map
Paul Konewka Silhouette Art Nursery Rhymes Collection c. 1870's children's book
Paul Konewka Silhouette illustrations Goethe's Faust 1870 lovely 12 plate book
People's Illustrated & Descriptive Family Atlas 1886 monumental world atlas
Philippine Islands atlas 1900 American Government Complete Atlas
Pictorial World Atlas Geography Ethnography 1898 illustrated book complete atlas
Pilgrim Plymouth Colonial Massachusetts 1890 Burbank illustrated souvenir album
Piraeus Athens Greece Harbor c. 1870's detailed color city plan
Portland Oregon pictorial City Plan 1925 Bekins Moving & Storage promo map
President Benjamin Harrison 1880's Puck Judge Political Cartoons x 7 prints
Public Executions Hanging Crime Punishment c.1760-90 lot x 9 rare prints
Puck U.S. Political Cartoons 1880s Politicians Lot x 10 F. Opper color prints
Royal Families England Scotland & Wales 1851 Burke noble genealogy 2 vol. set
Russian Empire Poland Finland Ukraine Crimea Astrakhan c. 1840-45 decorative map
Salt Lake City to San Francisco c. 1915 Western Pacific Railway souvenir album
Sleeping Beauty in the Woods c. 1870 McLoughlin color litho juvenile chap book
South America Brazil Peru Bolivia Venezuela Chile 1853 Stulpnagel detailed map
Southern California 1924 Highway Map San Diego Los Angeles Security Bank promo
St. Nicholas Magazine 1909 WW Denslow art x 2 illustrated children's periodicals
St. Petersburg Florida Business Directory City Plan c. 1940's tourist promo map
Tel Aviv city plan Israel c. 1960 illustrated travel pamphlet w/ detailed map
Twenty Third Psalm 1965 Tasha Tudor St. Onge miniature leather book dust jacket
Uncle Sam American National Symbol 1880s Puck Political Cartoons Lot x 11 prints
Verascope French Photography Equipment 1922 Jules Richard supply trade catalogue
Vermont first state Geology map 1861 Hitchcock Civil War era fine color map
Washington D.C. (L'Enfant 1791) City Plan 1901 scarce large Capital city plan
Washington DC Alexandria Civil War Defenses Forts & Roads 1901 (1865) color map
Women's Men's Fashion Dresses Gowns c. 1840's-50's lot x 10 hand color prints
World Atlas 1899 huge Illustrated Geography Ethnography color maps
World Map Air Travel Routes 1943 Rand McNally WWII era large color folding map
World Religions Catholicism Judaism Islam Buddhism 1752 Massuet leather book