1780 London Annual Register History Politics Literature rare fine leather book
17th Century Military Encampments & Battles Pike Squares 1683 Mallet lot x 8
4th of July Independence Day Story c. 1850's Indian Eagle juvenile chap book
Ancient Ruins City View Lunar Eclipse 1719 Mallet astronomy diagram print
Arthur Rackham c. 1920's Fantasy Art Prints Gnomes Women Lot x 12
Atlantic City New Jersey tourist souvenir 1911 illustrated photo album boardwalk
Book of Common Prayer American Episcopal Church 1841 decorative leather book
Book of Common Prayer Episcopal Church 1847 lovely leather book Psalms Prayers
Boothbay Railway Museum Maine Sightseeing c. 1970's promotional leaflet w/ map
Boston Mass. Elevated Railway 1930 promotional illustrated travel guide w/ maps
Boston Massachusetts 1880's tourist souvenir album panoramic birds eye view
British Isles United Kingdom Ireland England Wales Scotland 1843 Stieler map
California as Island 1685 Armillary Sphere World Map Earth Globe Mallet print
California Pacific International Exposition San Diego 1935 illustrated brochure
California Picture Book 1931 Santa Fe Railroad Tourist Travel Brochure
California Vacation Brochure San Francisco Santa Cruz UCLA 1930's vintage advert
Cape Cod Massachusetts Old Colony Railroad c. 1880's map w/ lovely hand color
Cat & Mouse (Kat en Muis) c. 1900 scarce Dutch color pictorial board game large
Catholic Church Doctrine Sacrament of Penance 1815 lovely ornate leather book
Charleston South Carolina Civil War Era 1863 Ridgeway lovely Bird's Eye View
Charlottesville Virginia 1940's map brochure Monticello Lewis & Clark Monument
Cherry Valley Turnpike New York 1931 U.S. Route 20 souvenir cartoon map
Child's First Step ABC c. 1860's Illustrated Alphabet Chapbook near miniature
Christian Hymnal for Young Children Songs of Worship 1867 old book
Colpitt's Tourist Vacations 1928 Boston Mass. Travel Brochure Ocean Liners
Czechoslovak Chicago World's Fair Exhibition 1933 illustrated souvenir album
Diamond Atlas Western Hemisphere United States 1857 Colby complete 52+ maps
Dr. Blosser Catarrh Cure Medicated Smoke Herbs Patent Medicine 1910 promo
Earth's Atmospheric Regions Mountain View Monastery 1719 Mallet print
Eastern Hemisphere Africa Europe Asia Indonesia Australia 1719 Mallet map
England & Wales United Kingdom London Cardiff York Manchester 1788 Kitchin map
Europe British Isles Holy Roman Empire Italy Ottoman Balkans 1788 Kitchin map
Fenway Park Boston Mayor's Baseball Charity Event c. 1940 Souvenir Program
Feodor III Russian Czar Portrait Noble Fashion Scepter 1685 Mallet print
Finger Lakes Region Upstate New York 1925 promotional travel booklet w/ map
Fitchburg Massachusetts c. 1880's souvenir view album many city & street views
Genoa Italy City Bird's Eye View Harbor Scene Sailing Ships 1719 Mallet print
Glens Falls New York c. 1880's illustrated souvenir album street scenes
Golden Gate International Exposition San Francisco 1940 birds-eye view tourist
Great American Tea Company 1877 advertising circular A&P company news price list
Great Northern Railway Scenic Northwest c. 1920 illustrated travel brochure
Greece Greek islands Dodecanese Islands Leros Calamo Lango 1683 Mallet map
Haverhill Massachusetts 1890 tourist souvenir album w/ bird's eye view interiors
Holy Bible Old & New Testament French Language 1856 lovely ornate leather book
Honduras Central America 1904 U.S. Government Report Laws Geography Economy
Hotel Isabel Mexico City c. 1910 Promotional city plan map tourist brochure
Italy Italia 1719 Mallet decorative map w/ cherub cartouche fine hand color
Italy Italia Croatia Dalmatian Coast Sardinia Sicily 1843 Stieler engraved map
Italy Italia Italian States Savoy Piedmont Papal States Tuscany 1796 Kitchin map
Johnson's Animal Kingdom Zoology 1880 illustrated 64 color plates leather book
Kalymnos Leros Kinaros Dodecanese Islands Greek Islands 1683 Mallet Greece map
Kingdom of France Ancien Regime Paris Marseilles Lyon 1843 Stieler engraved map
Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania Warsaw Minsk East Prussia Vilnius 1719 Mallet map
Kingdom of Scotland Edinburgh Glasgow Shetlands Orkneys 1786 Kitchin map
Kingston Massachusetts 1875 detailed city plan homeowners identified
Lexington & Concord Massachusetts 1903 illustrated souvenir album w/ map
Lightning Sailing Ships Stormy Street Scene Soldiers Carriage 1719 Mallet print
Lilly Strepetow Russia Female Acrobat & Texas Dog Animal Trainer c. 1930's promo
Lisbon Portugal City View Harbor Scene Naval Battle 1719 Mallet print
Loch Lomond Stirling Oban Trossachs Scotland 1892 Travel Guide w/ maps
Los Angeles County Pasadena Glenwood 1925 illustrated promotional booklet
Low Countries Netherlands Belgium Westphalia Germany 1843 Stieler engraved map
Lynn Massachusetts c.1890's photogravure souvenir album great city street scenes
Man in the Moon night time road scene moonlit lake 1719 Mallet print
Martha's Vineyard Cape Cod Buzzard Bay Mass c. 1880's Old Colony Line promo map
Merchandise Mart Chicago Department Store c. 1933-4 map brochure products goods
Mexico California & Hawaii 1930 bus tours illustrated travel brochure
Minneapolis Minnesota Vacation Brochure 1925 pictorial city promo advertisement
Morse's American Gazetteer 1804 Geography book Louisiana Territory description
Moscow Detailed City Plan Kremlin Castle Peter the Great's 1719 Mallet map
Moscow Russia city plan 1789 Neele scarce Neele engraved hand color map
Mount Vernon George Washington Home & Tomb 1892 illustrated travel guide
Mr. Peanut Famous Americans 1935 Planter's Nuts Children's Promo comic type Book
Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg Flanders Brabant Hainault 1788 Kitchin map
New England Almanac & Farmer's Friend 1869-84 CT by Daboll Lot x 8
New England Coastal Cruising Guide c. 1950's Standard Oil Large Maine coast map
New Orleans Louisiana Civil War Era 1863 Ridgeway engraved Bird's Eye View
New York City 1880's tourist souvenir album Statue of Liberty many Street Scenes
New York City Manhattan Statue of Liberty 1880's souvenir album street scenes
New York State Inland Cruising Long Island Sound 1950's Standard Oil promo Map
Night Sky Constellation Planetary Orbits Eclipse 1843 Stieler astronomical print
Night sky Scene Comets Meteors Asteroids shooting stars 1719 astronomy print
Noah Webster's Elementary Spelling Book 1829 Brattleboro VT school book children
Ottoman Balkans Serbia Albania Greece Bulgaria 1686 Mallet map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Hungary Albania Serbia Croatia Wallachia 1788 Kitchin map
Ottoman Empire Moldavia & Transylvania Hungary Poland 1719 Mallet hand color map
Our Young Folks American Illustrated Juvenile Magazine 1873 Lot x 12 issues
Panama & the Canal Zone 1940 illustrated souvenir booklet street scenes
Panama Pacific International Exposition 1915 Standard Oil Promotional booklet
Parental Advice Monument of Affection to only son 1814 scarce Hartford CT book
Peek-a-Boo Bess Dutch girl 1927 novelty shaped children's book early autos taxi
Perry's Expedition to Japan 1856 Night Sky Observations Star Charts leather book
Philadelphia & American Hotel c 1920's-30's Auto Travel Pamphlets Lot x 2
Pike's Peak Colorado Cog Railroad c. 1910 illustrated souvenir album
Poland Lithuania East Prussia Courland Red Russia 1788 Kitchin hand colored map
Portland Maine Harbor Coastal Survey c. 1870's detailed map w/ lovely hand color
Pronouncing Bible Old & New Testament 1825 Mass. lovely leather book illustrated
Punch's Almanac for Christmas 1896 Seven Ages of Man Phil May art magazine
Quincy Massachusetts 300th Anniversary Celebration 1925 Souvenir Guide & Map
Rainbow Landscape Scene Dueling Nobles 1719 Mallet hand colored celestial print
Reign of Philip II King of Spain 1855 William Prescott 3 vol. illustrated set
Revolutionary France in Departments c. 1790 Kitchin engraved hand colored map
Rio de Janeiro Brazil c. 1920's illustrated souvenir album 10 plates
Samuel Johnson Collected Excerpts Witty Sayings & Wisdom 1853 decorative book
Saturn in the Night Sky Stars Landscape View Water Mill Ruins 1719 Mallet print
Scandinavia Sweden Finland Norway Denmark 1719 Mallet decorative map
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Denmark Finland Baltic Sea 1843 Stieler engraved map
Scheidegg Bern Oberland Switzerland Ski Resort c. 1930's advert magazine
Seasonal Light Distribution Sun Earth Globe 1719 Mallet astronomy print
Solar Eclipse Viewing Experiment Telescopes 1719 Mallet Astronomy Print
South America Brazil Peru Venezuela Bolivia Chile 1788 Kitchin hand color map
Southern California Promotional Book 1920s Illustrated Travel & Tourism Magazine
Southern California Promotional c. 1935 art deco style photos Tourism Magazine
Southern Hemisphere Antarctica Australia New Zealand South Arica 1719 Mallet map
Southern Italy Ancient World Roman Empire Sicily 1719 Mallet map
Soviet Union Travel Guide Intourist Tours c. 1930's illustrated promo book
Spain & Portugal Iberia Lisbon Madrid Barcelona 1843 Stieler engraved map
Spain & Portugal Iberian Peninsula Madrid Lisbon 1788 Kitchin engraved map
Squam River Essex County Massachusetts Ipswich Bay Annisquam c. 1910 coastal map
St. Petersburg Russia city plan 1789 Neele engraved fine hand color River Neva
Stockholm Sweden Carlsberg Palace 1790 Neele engraved city plan fine hand color
Street Scene Sunset Celebrations Comets & Meteors 1719 Mallet astronomy print
Sun surface mountains Astronomy 1719 Mallet hand colored Print
Sweden Denmark Norway Iceland Finland Baltic Sea 1788 Gridley American map
Taunton Massachusetts 1880's illustrated souvenir album street & city views
Teasing Tom & Naughty Ned 1879 Clark's Thread Cotton promo juvenile chap book
U.S. Presidents Mr. Peanut's History c. 1931 Planter's children's advertising
Uncle Wiggly's Adventures 1939 Garis & Carlson Lot x 4 Platt children's books
Utah Salt Lake City Tourist Guide Lot x 2 pictorial promotional 1915-16 booklets
Venice Venezia Italy City View Harbor Scene Sailing Ships 1719 Mallet city view
Venus in the Night Sky City View Night Scene 1719 Mallet astronomy print
Washington D.C. B&O Railroad 1927 promotional souvenir album vintage advert
Washington D.C. Civil War era 1862 Ridgway beautiful bird's eye view hand color
Washington D.C. guide 1906 Reynolds tourist book w/ city plan map & views
Washington D.C. Standard Guide 1896 Reynolds illustrated tourist guide w/ map
Worcester Massachusetts Canadienne Community Magazine 1894 business directory
World's Columbia Exhibition Chicago World's Fair 1893 tourist souvenir album
Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful Geysers Hot Springs 1920's souvenir album
Young Man's useful life Instructor 1792 Fisher book Math Manufacturing Spelling