Acapulco de Juarez Mexico Spanish Colony Ships 1804 engraved bird's eye view
America westward Rocky Mt. travel 1870 by White Irish-Americans Canada rare book
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia Qing Empire British India
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin & Collected Essays 1857 scarce book
Boston Harbor Mass. & Environs 1848 Boynton charming hand color map
Boston Harbor Mass. lovely large 1877 detailed coastal survey map hand color
Cape Ann Harbor Massachusetts Gloucester 1854 Blunt coastal survey chart map
Cases of Conscience 1744 Jean Pontas French Casuist fine 2 vol. leather set
Chile Argentina La Plata Patagonia Tierra del Fuego 1780 Bonne hand color map
Christopher Columbus Voyages Exploration Atlantic Ocean 1828 Walker map
Church Psalmist c. 1860 Presbyterian Hymnal & Psalm decorative gilt leather book
Columbian 1893 Chicago World's Fair Photographs scarce 24 plate souvenir book
Denmark Art Nouveau 1895-1904 Blaeksprutten 175 fine color lithographed plates
Dublin Ireland birds-eye view from Phoenix Park Liffey River 1850 Meyer print
East Prussia German Confederation Pomeralia Danzig Kongisberg 1844-7 Walker map
Esso Cruising Guide No. 6 New York State Hudson River Boating c. 1940's map
Family Photo Album c. 1940's Travel Beach Dogs Cars Sight Seeing 80 B&W photos
French Scientific Review Arts Industry 1902 Illustrated nice 2 vol. leather set
Friedrichroda Gotha Thuringia Germany 1897 folding pocket map city plan
Frost's Pictorial History of California 1850 Gold Rush era leather book
George Selwyn & His Contemporaries c. 1910's limited edition 4 vol. leather set
Gowanus Heights Brooklyn New York Landscape View 1850 Meyer engraved print
Great Wall of China Qing Empire Architectural View 1804 engraved print
Gulf of Guinea West Africa Congo Ivory & Gold Coast 1780 Bonne engraved map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Netherlands Bohemia Prussia Bavaria 1790 map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Switzerland Spanish Netherlands 1730 map
Institutes of Practical Medicine 1785 Burserius Latin rare medical book
Italy 1820 Italian Carbonari Revolution 1822 fine rare leather 4 vol. set
John Gay Collected Poems 1777 Bell's Great Britain Poets 3 vol leather set
Juvenile Primer Natural History Birds Animals 1812 Baltimore French lang. book
Kingdom of France Ancien Regime Paris Lyon Bordeaux Marseilles 1730 map
Loves Heroines of the Poets 1861 Stoddard gorgeous leather book 12 engravings
Mandan Village Missouri River Dakota Territory 1850 Meyer engraved print
Mercer's Numismatic Directory Curiosity Shop List 1884 Cincinnati Mercer coins
Middle Ages & Renaissance Arts Music c 1880's Paul LaCroix pictorial Art Book
Napoleon Bonaparte Memoirs 1836 de Bourrienne 4 vol. leather set 20 engravings
Napoleonic Europe French Empire Rhine Confederation 1805 map Gridley scarce
Needham Lower Falls Massachusetts 1876 Norfolk Mass. detailed town map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Greece Hungary Albania Serbia Croatia 1788 Kitchin map
Ottoman Empire Balkans Hungary Wallachia Serbia Albania Greece c1790 Russell map
Peking Beijing China Qing Empire great wall Buddhist Monk 1804 hand color print
Romola Florence Renaissance c. 1880 Eliot leather 2 vol. set photogravure plates
Russian Empire Muscovy Novgorod Ukraine Astrakhan Crimea 1806 Barlow map
Scandinavia Northern Europe Denmark Norway Sweden Finland c. 1750's engraved map
Seasons & Castle of Indolence 1835 James Thomson lovely gilt urn leather book
Sheffield Scientific School Yale Univ. 1928 Chittenden signed 2 vol. ltd. ed.
Sir Francis Bacon Collected Works 1854 rare Phila. leather 3 vol. set
South America Brazil Peru Chile Columbia Venezuela 1844-7 Walker engraved map
South America European Colonies Brazil Peru Guyana Amazonia Chile 1805 map
The Four Courts Dublin Ireland Street Scene 1850 Meyer hand colored lovely print
The Tombs New York City Hall of Justice & Jailhouse 1850 Meyer engraved print
Travels in Canada 1892 Croonenberghs Jesuit Traveler illustrated leather book
West Indies Caribbean Seas Columbus' Voyages w/ tracks 1828 Murray & Walker Map
White Mountains Silver Cascade New Hampshire 1850 Meyer hand color fine print