Account Life Spencer Houghton Cone 1856 Baptist Preacher embossed leather book
America Far East Hawaii Asia Japan China 1906 leather 6 vols 1200+ views & maps
American Fabrics Magazine 20th Century 1951-5 Fabrics Trade Magazine 3 issue lot
American Gazetteer 1797 J. Morse's early Geography USA Georgia Territory book
American Indians Hope & Have 1866 Oliver Optic adventure book for children
Ancient Greek Art Temple Architecture 1898 Perrot fine illustrated leather Book
Art Industry Illustrated German Trade Book 1879 folio 96 full page plates folio
Batavia Dutch East Indies Indonesia Jakarta Citadel 1683 Mallet city view print
Bolingbroke and His Times 1901 Walter Sichel two volume biography leather set
Boston and New York Classic Hotels 1912 advertising booklet w/ pictorial map
Boston Directory 1907 City Record Citizen & Business Directory Monumental Book
British Heraldry Glossary of Terms 1847 Parker illustrated leather book
Captivity in Morocco Metric System Alexander Graham Bell 1906 Nat Geo magazine
Celebrated Native American Indians Lives 1849 wood cuts decorative child's book
Century Magazine December 1913 Christmas edition lovely ads & artwork
Chattanooga Tennessee Its History and Growth c. 1930 illustrated history
Colorado Springs & Pikes Peak Region c. 1930's road trip Hotel promo pamphlet
Complaint or Night Thoughts 1847 Edward Young small decorative poetry book
Cotton Chinese Boycott Forestry Immigration 1905 National Geographic mag
Curiosities Human Nature 1849 Goodrich illustrated ethnographic book conjoined
Dream City Chicago 1893 World's Colombian Exposition illustrated souvenir album
Elegant Extracts: Useful and Entertaining Passages 1801 decorative leather book
Famous Locations of the World c. 1885 pocket tourist souvenir view album book
Fireside Pictures 1863 illustrated woodcut children's book Religion Christianity
Florence Italy Firenze Italia c. 1870-9 tourist souvenir photo view book album
Goffstown New Hampshire Town History 1922 George Hadley book w/ maps & photos
Grand Tartary Eastern Asia Mongolia Tibet Turkestan 1683 Mallet map
Granite State New Hampshire History 1956 Squires illustrated 4 vol set Americana
Gulf of Guinea West Africa Congo Sierra Leon Ivory Coast 1780 Bonne engraved map
Guyana French Guyana Suriname South America 1780 Bonne engraved map
Helen of the Glen 1841 Robert Pollok rare American children's books
History of American tribal Indians North America 1849 book illustrated wood cuts
Holy Bible 1881 Oxford Press Old & New Testaments fine leather book color maps
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Bohemia Switzerland c.1760 Jeffrys map
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Switzerland Prussia Bavaria 1759 Kitchin map
Huahine Beach Tahiti Indigenous Homes Society Islands 1839 scarce French view
India Souvenirs c. 1950's Agra & Delhi Postcards Mercury Travel brochure
Isfahan Safavid Empire Persia Iran 1683 Mallet birds-eye city view hand color
Islands of Guadeloupe French Caribbean Lesser Antilles 1780 Bonne engraved map
Italian Art Journal 1909 L'Arte scholarly illustrated monumental book vellum
J. Morse's American Universal Geography 1793 Europe Africa Asia Discoveries book
Japanese Imperial Palace Kyoto Japan architectural Japan view 1683 Mallet print
Jedidiah Morse's 1819 American Universal Geography United States history book
Kingdom of Denmark Jylland Fyn Sjaelland Copenhagen 1790 Neele engraved map
Kingdom of France Ancien Regime Normandy Burgundy Maine Anjou Provence 1705 map
Lady's Almanac for 1856 Boston decorative book period adverts business directory
Lady's Life in Rocky Mountains America 1910 Isabella Bird nice old leather book
Maria's Reward The Voice of the Dead 1827 1st American edition religious book
Martin Luther's Biblical Prophets Old & New Testament 1716 German leather book
Meteorological & Chronological Register 1869 Leonard Hill Moon phases weather
Milan Italy Milano Italia c. 1879 tourist souvenir photo view book album
Miniature Holy Bible Old New Testaments 1830's woodcut illustrated leather book
Mughal India Southeast Asia Indonesia Malaysia Philippines c. 1780-90's map
Natural History Our Living World JG Wood's 1885 leather set 3 vols color plates
Northern Brazil Amazon River Maranhao Piau Paraiba 1780 Bonne engraved map
Panama Canal Alaska Transportation Isle of Pines 1906 National Geographic mag
Panama Canals Towers of India Russian Lit 1905 National Geographic mag
Paradise for Children 1838 rare American Sunday School Union juvenile book
Penfield art cover 1904 House Beautiful illustrated American magazine great ads
Pennsylvania state Historical Collections c. 1848 Day illustrated leather book
Polar Airship & American Agricultural Protection 1906 National Geographic mag
Queen Victoria 1897 Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Booklet Illustrated London News
Ratak Island Carolines Family Scene native Homes 1839 ethnic view breast feeding
Reading Pennsylvania German almanac 1862 illustrated calendar Pennsylvania Dutch
Richmond Virginia Guide Book 1936 city map illustrated tourist guide advertising
Scientific American 1892 Home Building Edition 6 monthly issues 12 color plates
Scientific American 1893 Building Architecture 12 issues 24 color plates Houses
Soldier's Uniforms Celebes Indonesia Sword Shield 1839 scarce French ethnic view
Songs Divine & Moral 1846 Isaac Watts religious songbook for children
South America Colombia Venezuela Guyana Suriname Panama 1780 Bonne engraved map
Southern Brazil Uruguay Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires 1780 Bonne engraved map
Springfield Massachusetts Picturesque 1895 illustrated Americana local history
Sulu Philippines Soldiers Male & Female Fashion 1839 Malay French ethnic view
Tales for Youth Prison Friends & Christmas Day 1828 1st American edition
The Photographic Beacon 1886 photography trade magazine 2 issues stereopticon
Venice Italy Venezia Italia 1879 tourist souvenir photo album color view book
Verona Italy Italia c. 1879 small tourist pocket souvenir photo album view book
West Africa Morocco Sahara Canary Islands Cape Verde 1780 Bonne engraved map
Western Hemisphere Africa Europe Asia 1751 Bion Guerin mini world antique map
Wild Flowers of America 1894 album 288 chromo-lithographed plates botany book
World & Its Inhabitants Ethnicity Cultures 1855 Witchcraft drugs juvenile book
World Map in Double Hemispheres 1790's Barker engraved map