1933 Chicago World's Fair Scrap Album w/ 63 rare antique German religious images
Africa & Asia c. 1910 Post Card Album Pre-WWI 300 cards lovely unique old album
Africa Continent Unexplored Regions Egypt Guinea Congo 1823 scarce Ellis map
America Asia Travels World voyages 1614 Purchas Pilgrimage Described rare book
American Gazetteer 1797 Jedidiah Morse geography book w/ 7 maps Georgia Terr.
Antwerp Belgium plan c. 1930 Tourist's map w/ key large detailed city plan
Asia Continent Arabia India China Japan c. 1655 Ortelius rare miniature map
Asia Eastern Tartary native house interior family c1810 Tomlinson engraved print
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia British India Qing Empire Japan Korea 1823 Ellis map
Atlas of Massachusetts 1871 Walling Gray complete atlas 14 maps Cape Cod Boston
Australia continent Sydney city plan 1890 Luddecke Stieler detailed variant map
Bar Harbor Maine Mt. Desert Island Hotels 1890 Stuart map detailed city plan
Boston Massachusetts Cambridge Brookline 1906-07 city plan scarce large map
Brick Monthly Magazine 1899 rare pictorial trade 6 monthly issues clay masonry
British India Hindoostan 1823 scarce Ellis scarce map w/ original hand color
British Isles Ireland United Kingdom Scotland England Wales 1780 Bonne map
Brooklyn New York 1898 large rare pocket city plan map w/ 2 elevated RR lines
Brunswick & Topsham Maine 1890 Bowdoin College detailed city plan Stuart map
Cabinet Maker Home Decoration Guide 1826 Smith illustrated 153 plates book
Caledonian Railway Trossachs Tours Scotland 1906 illustrated tourism booklet map
California L.A. c. 1915 Salt Lake Route oranges Novelty Travel RR views souvenir
California State 1893 Barnard rare large pictorial map agricultural vignettes
California state c.1910 Judson Freight RR rare large color pocket map
Canary Islands Tenerife Palma de Fer Madeira Atlantic Islands 1780 Bonne map
Caribbean Sea West Indies Cuba Bahamas Jamaica Puerto Rico 1823 rare Ellis map
Celestial Southern Night Sky Zodiac Constellations c.1890 Bruhns detailed map
Centennial Exhibition Philadelphia 1876 rare Fitzki illustrated souvenir album
Charles I King of England 1898 John Skelton illustrated fine leather biography
Chicago's World's Fair 1893 rare Papermaker's promo souvenir view photo album
Child's Holy Bible History 1792 Boston rare American book 24 woodcuts juvenile
Civil Engineering in Europe 1902 French illustrated journal rare monumental book
Cleveland Ohio 1903 rare pictorial urban city views souvenir album street scenes
Counts of Holland 1745 Haarlem Peter Langedyk 2 vols w/ 33 plates leather book
Courtship Choice of Husbands & Wives Slave kneeling 1824 life advice rare book
Delaware Hudson River Lines c.1915 Summer Vacations cartoon map New York Canada
Dentist pulling teeth London views 1831 rare pocket illustrated 47 images book
Double Hemispheres World Map Decorative Vignettes c. 1767 Crepy Desnos fine map
Dr. King's Guide to Health & Household Instructor c.1890 patent medicine almanac
Duchy of Brabant Southern Portion Brussels Liege Namur 1752 Vaugondy large map
Earl of Chesterfield 1804 Collected Letters Philip Dormer Stanhope 4v. leather
Elizabeth & Essex 1929 Lytton Strachey British History Sangorski leather book
Enckhuysen Holland 1634 Hondius wonderful detailed full hand color city plan
English School Reader Prose Poetry 1821 Brookfield / Murray early primer book
Essex Institute Salem MA 1894 Publications catalogue small publisher's catalog
Europe Iberia British Isles Holy Roman Empire Poland Ottomans 1780 Bonne map
Figaro Trilogy Spanish Plays c. 1913 de Larra 3 volume decorative leather set
Florida Southern Resorts Winter Travel & Tourism c. 1900 rare Rail promo booklet
FMR Magazine 10 issue lot Franco Maria Ricci 1984-6 luxury books European Arts
German Geography 1749 rare book w/ 29 folding maps & celestial astronomy plates
Germany Austria Bohemia Prussia Berlin Vienna Munich 1860 Petermann Dower map
Germany Rhine Legends Traditions History 1839 Snow 2 vol. extra illustrated set
Gorham Co. Book Salads 1917 NYC 5th Ave rare small Art Nouveau leather book
Hannah More English Writer 1839 Collected Letters & Biography 2 vol. set books
Hans Christian Andersen 1858 Der Improvisator German novel lovely leather book
Hansell's Photographic Glimpses of New Orleans 1908 Teunisson souvenir album map
Herric's Patent medicine almanacs for 1868 & 1870 Lot of 2 seasonal booklets
History of Charles XIV King of Sweden & Norway 1858 French leather 3 vol set
Holland Breaking of the Dykes Natural Disaster Flooding 1711 Nicholson view
Holland Low Countries Netherlands 1823 rare Ellis map gorgeous old color
Holland Netherlands Nederland c. 1655 Ortelius Turrini rare miniature map
Holy Land Palestine Bible Geography Herod c.1850 Tardieu fine large engraved map
Holy Land Palestine Israel Jerusalem c. 1910 Post Card Album 161 vintage cards
Holy Roman Empire Germany Austria Low Countries Bohemia 1779 Bowen map
Honolulu Hawaii cartoon city plan c. 1920-40's rare map Chinatown Hell's acre
India British Raj w/ regional powers shown Colonialism 1890 Luddecke map detail
Ireland British Isles Ulster Connacht Leinster Munster Dublin 1823 Ellis map
Ireland city plans -Dublin Belfast Limerick Cork Waterford & more 1740 Seale map
Italian States Italia 1782 Bonne attractive engraved map lovely hand color
Italian States Kingdom of Naples Piedmont Tuscany Papal States 1823 Ellis map
Jarlberg Holy Roman Empire 1598 Munster Cosmography wood cut print city view
Jayne's Medical Almanac 1850 Pleasantville Ohio merchant patent medicine booklet
Joke Books w/ cartoon drawings 1920s Max Stein Chicago illustrated humor lot x 7
Kennebunkport Beach Maine Cape Arundel & Porpoise 1890 Stuart plan coast map
Kingdom of Denmark Jutland Fyn Sjaelland Copenhagen 1905 large detailed map
Kingdom of Poland Galicia Prussia Lithuania Warsaw 1823 scarce Ellis map
Kingdom of Prussia Pomeralia Danzig Marienburg Konigsberg 1823 scarce Ellis map
Le Bon Jardinier Good Gardener c. 1803 Napoleonic Gardening Almanack rare book
Leerdam Holland Nederland 1634 Hondius detailed full hand color city plan map
Life Lessons 1796 Dodd w/ T Bewick woodcuts rare illustrated juvenile book
Louisiana Purchase 1904 Exposition St. Louis Missouri pictorial souvenir book
Lucretius Natura Nature of Things 1773 Baskerville imprint Latin leather book
Macedonia & Thessaly Balkans Ancient World 1729 Paulus decorative map
Mackinac Island Michigan 1904 tourist travel guide Battle Creek Sault St. Marie
Maine State Geological Map Bangor Augusta Portland 1890 Stuart map
Malta- The Maltese Boatman's Song c. 1830 L. Deveraux illustrated sheet music
Manhattan New York City 1912 Rand McNally large folding pocket map city plan
Marken-Volendam Holland Steamboat Service c.1900 color Advertising promo w/ map
Martha's Vineyard Buzzard Bay Old Colony Line Mass. 1880 promo advertising map
Memoir of James Brainerd Taylor American Missionary 1833 Rice nice leather book
Meredith New Hampshire 1875 rare broadside tax announcement
Meredith New Hampshire 1898 rare original Minstrel ole Plantation Show Broadside
Mexico & Peru Oxford County Maine 1880 Halfpenny detailed city plan businesses
Michigan 1905 Dr. Fenner's Family Remedies rare patent medicine cook book promo
Middle East Holy Land Israel Palestine Syria Arabia 1579 Petri miniature map
Milwaukee Wisconsin 1916 Caspar Co. rare pocket city plan folding large map
Morocco North Africa Fez Marrakesh Casablanca Tangier c. 1930 Paul Bory map
Motor Bus Weekly August 1925 rare Philadelphia illustrated user periodical w ads
Mount Clemens Michigan The Bath City 1900 pictorial pocket promo guide booklet
Ms. Frances Baroness Bunsen 1879 her Life & Letters 2 vol fine rare leather set
Mt. Tom Holyoke Massachusetts Railroad 1912 tourist souvenir album fun views map
Napoleon Bonaparte 1830 illust. Biography lovely 2 vol. decorative leather set
Napoleonic World Geography 1806 celestial design gilt spine 8 maps splendid book
New England Primer c.1800 rare American juvenile book Heartman 330 Gumuchian 181
New English Canaan Thomas Morton 1883 New England History rare Prince Soc. book
New System of Modern Geography 1780 Guthrie Gazetteer leather book w/ 13 maps
Norman's New Orleans & Environs 1845 scarce early illustrated tourist guide
North & South America Caribbean Sea European Colonies c.1655 Ortelius scarce map
North America United States Mexico Canada 1823 scarce Ellis map old hand color
North Dakota Pan-American Exposition 1901 Bartlett fine scarce souvenir album
North Haven Vinal Haven Hurricane Isles Knox Maine 1890 Stuart Coast chart map
North Pole Artic Ocean Frisland island myth 1628 Mercator minor map early color
North Pole Northern Hemisphere Arctic explorer routes 1890 Stieler detailed map
Northern Night Sky Celestial Zodiac Constellations c.1890 Bruhns detailed map
Norway Village Oxford Maine 1880 Halfpenny detailed city plan businesses map
Oceania Australia Polynesia New Zealand c.1850 Tardieu fine large engraved map
Oedipus Bible commentary Christianity Moses Prophets & Psalms 1745 vellum book
Old Fashioned Fairy Tales cats c. 1900 chromo pictorial classic children's book
Omaha Nebraska Tornado Easter Day 1913 scarce illustrated souvenir album
Ottoman Balkans Macedonia Greece Epirus Crete 1579 Petri rare wood cut map
Pacific Ocean Captain Cook Australia New Hawaii Polynesia c. 1794 Lodge map
Pan-American Expo 1901 Lake Shore Michigan RR rare tourist pocket maps & views
Pan-American Exposition Buffalo & Niagara Falls 1901 illustrated souvenir album
Pan-American Exposition Buffalo Niagara Falls New York 1901 album w/ 100 views
Pan-American Exposition Buffalo NY Souvenir Album 1901 illustrated Fair viewbook
Pan-American Exposition Illustrated 1901 C.D. Arnold lovely souvenir photo album
Pan-American Exposition NY 1901 rare Special Edition tourist souvenir view book
Pan-American Exposition Sketch Book 1901 Hengerer Co. Department store souvenir
Panama Canal Pacific Universal Exposition 1913-15 San Francisco photo souvenir
Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 rare colored plates souvenir album
Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 rare pictorial Guide w/ map views
Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 San Francisco color views album
Peoria Illinois 1920 Huebinger city plan large rare detailed folding pocket map
Persia Iran Fars Khorasan Isfahan Caspian Sea Persian Gulf 1823 scarce Ellis map
Persian Letters by Lyttleton 1785 Dr. Johnson Rambler 30 engravings pulling ears
Peruna Patent Medicine c.1900 illustrated advertising catalog fake testimonials
Philadelphia Centennial Exposition Guide 1876 illustrated guide book Map views
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1916 detailed city plan w/ elevated subway electric
Philippine Islands Luzon Mindanao Leyte Manila Bay 1904 very large detailed map
Pocket Album 1832 Witchcraft Demonology Devil illustrated book London city views
Porter Oxford Co. Maine Hanover 1880 Halfpenny detailed town & city plans map
Portsmouth Herald New Hampshire Souvenir Wentworth 1898 Beer Breweries Shoes
President James Madison Life & Times 1868 William Rives monumental 3 vol. set
Providence RI Bay Steamboat Co. Block Island 1914 rare promo birds-eye view map
Puzzle Book c. 1820 rare early children's chap book w/ 14 hand colored plates
Railway Terminal Map of Chicago 1908Rand McNally large detailed city plan
Ralph Waldo Emerson Complete Works 1903 lovely 12 vol. illustrated leather set
Reverend Legh Richmond memoirs 1829 Grimshawe ATS Christian rare leather book
Roman Empire Noricum & Vindeliciae Northern Italy Austria 1729 historical map
Rush's Sarsparilla Almanac 1879 patent medicine color booklet Drugs Medicines
Russian Empire in Europe Finland Ukraine Poland Crimea c. 1841 engraved map
Sailing Ships & Ocean Liners 500+ old post cards c.1910-40 great collector album
San Francisco California Golden Gate Park 1906 Rand McNally large map
Santa Claus Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate 1907 Goldfield Nevada Territory CA
Scandinavia Denmark Finland Iceland Norway Sweden 1802 Conder engraved map
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Denmark Baltic Sea 1802 Neele engraved map
Scandinavia Sweden Norway Denmark Finland Baltic Sea c. 1841 engraved map
Schiedam Holland Nederland 1634 Hondius map detailed old hand color city plan
Scottish Poetry Collection prior to 1600- lovely 1874 2 volume leather set
Solar System Planetary Orbits Eclipses Lunar Phases 1889 Berghaus detailed map
Songs in Scottish & English 1871 Tea Table Miscellany lovely 2 vol. leather set
South Africa 2nd Boer War 1899 British Boer Republics Lot x 2 early Battle Maps
South America Brazil Patagonia Colombia Chile Peru 1840 Dower Mt. Heights map
South America continent 1823 scarce Ellis map with lovely original hand color
South America European Colonies New Granada Brazil Peru Patagonia 1797 map
South Pole Southern Hemisphere explorer routes 1890 Petermann detailed map
Southeast Asia Philippines Indonesia Malaysia Java 1890 Berghaus detailed map
Souvenir Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 Locks Hardware souvenir bk
Spanish Conquest in America & History of Slavery 1856 Helps abolitionism w/ maps
St. Louis Exposition Louisiana Purchase 1904 art nouveau souvenir album 3-D
St. Louis Missouri c.1900 rare promotional business souvenir urban street scenes
St. Paul Minnesota c.1908 Visitor welcome guide illustrated tourist pamphlet
Studio Magazine 1901 art nouveau large illustrated book w/ many color plates
Sweden & Norway Scandinavia Baltic Sea c. 1840 Dower engraved map
Teixeira Manufacture Madeira Embroderies c. 1939 rare photo booklet 19 views
The Imitation of Christ 1818 lovely illustrated decorative ornate leather book
The Seasons 1816 James Thomson illustrated poetry decorative leather book
Treatise on the Dog c. 1908 G.W. Clayton patent medicine Grooming Training Guide
Tresor French Libraries Treasures 1925-38 rare book collecting 100's plates 24 v
Turkish Ottoman Empire Middle East Arabia c.1655 scare Turrini Ortelius mini map
Twelve Decisive Civil War Battles 1867 William Swinton book w/ maps & portraits
United States Early Republic Western Territory District of Maine 1823 Ellis map
United States entire nation 1879 O.W. Gray large hand colored map
Utah & Nevada County Map Salt Lake City Reno 1884 Bradley large map
Virginia Colony Chesapeake Bay Maryland Potomac River America 1628 Mercator map
Wilhelm Bousset 1883 Funeral Orations Lmt'd Ed. #402 fine French leather book
William Fountain Barber Shop Price Sheet Advertisement 1921 haircuts shave tonic
Wisconsin & Michigan 1926 rare Camping & Fishing Summer Map tourism pictorial
Wonderful Lunch Boxes 1925 Postum Cereal illustrated art nouveau children's book
World in Double Hemispheres Mountains & Rivers of the World 1876 O.W. Gray map.
World Map Distorted North America Huge Southern Continent 1655 Ortelius rare map
World Map in Double Hemispheres 1823 Ellis map explorers tracks of discovery
World's Columbian Expo 1891 Principal Buildings Grounds 15 color views album
Wright's Pictorial Family Almanac 1860-66 Civil War era run lot x 7 woodcuts
York Harbor & York Beach Maine York County Cape Neddick 1890 Stuart old map