ABC Book Alphabets Pictures of Birds 1837 Butler rare woodcut juvenile chap book
Africa Continent Guinea Congo Abyssinia Zanzibar Sudan Egypt 1802 Kirkwood map
Allegorical Frontispiece Muses Philosophy Temple of Fame c. 1772 engraved print
Amherst College Musical Association February 1896 rare Souvenir Concert Program
Ancient Greece Achaia Hellas Attica Athens Corinth 1729 decorative battle map
Ancient Greece Hellas Epirus Roman Empire Athens Corinth 1807 Longman map
Ancient World Mediterranean Basin Iran India 1818 Findlay engraved map
Arabian Peninsula Red Sea Yemen Hejaz Mecca Medina Egypt Persian Gulf 1780 map
Asia Ottoman Empire Arabia Mughal India Qing China Japan Korea Russia 1770 map
Asia Ottoman Empire Persia British India Qing China Korea Japan Russia 1797 map
Astronomical Diagrams Earth Sun Celestial Eclipses Lunar Phases c. 1780's print
Ben Franklin Autobiography c. 1900 Americana book w/ tissue dust jacket
Bolshevism in Russia 1919 New York Times March 20th Pictorial magazine
British India Mysore Tipu Sultan Calcutta Bombay Delhi Agra Goa c. 1795 map
British Isles Ireland United Kingdom England Scotland Wales 1744 Bion map
Bukhara Central Asian Steppe Western China Kobi Jesuits 1749 Bellin engraved map
Cape Verde Islands African Coast Atlantic Islands c. 1753 Kitchin engraved map
Central Asian Steppe Russian Empire Siberia Tartary China 1697 decorative map
Ceylon American Child Missionary Charles L. Winslow Memoir 1840 rare tract book
Character Essential to Success in Life 1824 Advice for Young Men Etiquette rare
Description of Various Nations 1843 rare woodcut child's ethnographic chap book
England & Wales County Map London Cardiff York 1779 Kitchin engraved map
Feodor III Russian Czar Portrait Noble Fashion Scepter 1719 Mallet print
Florence Italy Tuscany view across Arno River 1750 antique color city view
Florida as islands Gulf of Mexico Caribbean Sea Tabasco c. 1780's engraved map
Gulf of Guinea West Africa Benin Ivory Coast Gold Coast Congo c. 1750 Bellin map
Harvard University YMCA Association 1890 rare pocket Hand Book w/ advertising
Island of Cuba Havana Caribbean Sea West Indies 1780 Bonne engraved map
Island of Ireland Leinster Munster Connacht Ulster Dublin 1802 Whitehead map
Island of Ireland Munster Connacht Leinster Ulster Dublin Cork 1802 engraved map
Island of Madeira Atlantic Islands Dragon Tree Dragon's Blood c. 1753 fine map
Italian Peninsula Piedmont Savoy Tuscany Papal States Naples 1802 engraved map
Italian States Kingdom of Piedmont Naples Venice Tuscany Papal States 1759 map
Italy Venice Florence Canals Duomo San Marco lot x 10 old Italian albumen photos
Kingdom of Scotland Edinburgh Aberdeen Shetlands Orkneys 1802 Neele engraved map
Life of Christ c.1830 Darton rare children's chapbook w/ old hand colored plates
Life of George Washington 1840 Jared Sparks American history biography
Natural History for Children 1835 illustrated juvenile's chap book
No. Africa Eastern Mediterranean Egypt Libya Cyprus Crete 1697 decorative map
North Africa "Barbary Coast" Mountains of the Moon chain named shown c. 1697 map
Northern Italy Italian Republics Venice Genoa Milan 1780 map
Paolo Y Virginia Paul 1825 Saint-Pierre rare Spanish juvenile tragic shipwreck
Paris & Environs France 1840 detailed city plan with lovely hand color
Penobscot Man 1924 Fannie Eckstorm expanded edition American lit.
Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition 1876 Souvenir View Book w/ 50 litho views
Popular West Coast Flora 1905 Volney Rattan illustrated guidebook w descriptions
Qing Empire China Japan Korea Hainan Formosa Hong Kong Taiwan 1780 engraved map
Rare Advertising pocket map Vermont & New Hampshire 1895 Lackawanna Coal folding
Roman Empire Ancient World Mediterranean Basin 1802 Conder eagle cartouche map
Roman Empire Noricum & Vindeliciae Northern Italy Austria 1729 decorative map
Russian Empire European Holdings Finland Ukraine Crimea c. 1790's two sheet map
Scandinavia Denmark Norway Sweden Spitzbergen Svalbard 1780 engraved map
Shipwreck c. 1840 scarce ATS woodcut children's chap book nautical life at sea
Southeast Asia Philippines Thailand Cambodia Laos Myanmar 1780 Bonne map
The Pictured Alphabet c. 1830's rare woodcut illustrated children's chapbook
Treasury of Useful & Entertaining Reading 1843 illustrated book science travel
Twilight Club of New York City 1910 Joel Benton illustrated Americana old book
United Provinces Low Countries Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg 1744 Bion map
Western France Brittany Aquitaine Gascony French Empire c. 1810 Charnouin map
White Hall British Royal Palace London England 1829 engraved architectural view
Window Displays Cutawl Designs 1931 American advertising photos rare book
Winsted Connecticut souvenir 1889 U.S. Army encampment photographic view book
Women of the Bible 1852 P.C. Headley illustrated book Old & New Testament