19th Century Marbled Paper Lot of 10 Lovely Antique Hand Made decorative Sheets
Allegorical Frontispiece Africa Pyramids Lions Putti 1745 Child hand color print
Armillary Sphere Planetary Orbits Solar System 1793 Doolittle engraved print
Aspen Colorado Frontier Town Bird's Eye View 1889 Harper's City View print
Austria-Hungary Hapsburg Monarchy Bohemia Lombardy 1834 Streit two sheet map
Baltic States Latvia Lithuania Estonia Courland St. Petersburg 1849 engraved map
Baseball Game Early Crowd Scene Pitcher Batting 1889 Snyder Americana print
Bay of Good Success Tierra del Fuego Strait of Magellan 1774 Hawkesworth map
Belgium Luxembourg Catholic Low Countries Flanders Hainaut 1719 Mallet map
Bell & Howell Motion Picture Cameras 1929 illustrated mail order trade catalog
Bell & Howell Motion Picture Cameras 1932 illustrated mail order catalog
Brazil Paraguay Guyana Surinam Rio de Janeiro 1856 DeSilver scarce hand map
British Poets Selected Works Southey Croly 1844 decorative leather book
British Reformers Protestant Theologians biography 1844 illustrated leather book
Caldera Chile Harbor View 1855 lithographed city view sailing ships
California & Nevada Hawaii San Francisco Reno Los Angeles 1897 Mast Crowell map
California Sacramento San Francisco Los Angeles 1884 Cram detailed state map
Cats Puss in Boots Children's Story 1910 illustrated juvenile linen book
Ceylon Mission 2 rare early American engraved maps 1830 Missionary leather book
Chicago 1892 World's Exposition Advertisement City Plan 1889 Harper's print
Chile Argentina Patagonia La Plata Buenos Aires 1856 DeSilver scarce map
Civitatis Orbis Terrarum World Cities 1966 Braun & Hogenberg 3 v. set 100's map
Colombia Ecuador Venezuela Panama Railroad 1856 DeSilver engraved map
Constitucion Chile Detailed City Plan 1855 Gritzner lithographed map
Denmark Jylland Sjaelland Fyn Copenhagen Holstein 1856 DeSilver scarce fine map
Eastman Kodak Co. Lot x 7 Camera Promo Booklets c. 1915-31 pictorial catalogs
Fore-edge painting Chester Castle 1809 Letters on Improvement Mind Capone book
Gems of Wood Engraving Illustrated London News 1849 William Chatto leather book
George W. Blunt Map Maker Advertising 1822 Flags signals trade catalogue
Germany Bavaria Westphalia Rhineland 1862 Johnson & Ward map Scarce Issue
Germany Prussia Bavaria Austria Bohemia Hanover Saxony Rhineland 1856 Young map
Gleason's Pictorial Newspaper Vol. 2 Jan - June 1852 leather book 26 issues
Hallowell Maine Lot x 2 Paine Poetry Chap Book & Newspaper 1815-26 Waterloo
Holland & Belgium Netherlands Low Countries Amsterdam 1856 DeSilver engraved map
Holy Land Israel Palestine Biblical World 1861 Tardieu large hand color map
House Development Merrymount Park Quincy Massachusetts 1919 large detailed map
Hungary Budapest Transylvania Austria c.1780 Bowen large antique hand color map
India & Southeast Asia Sri Lanka Thailand Malaysia Vietnam 1849 engraved map
India Sati Indian Funeral Practice Mortuary Pyre 1719 Mallet engraved print
Indonesia Philippines Papua New Guinea Australia 1849 engraved map
Infelicia Poetry 1869 Adah Isaacs Menken fine leather book w/ 2 signed letters
Ireland Dublin Cork Derry Galway 1849 Radefeld engraved map
Kingdom of Poland Warsaw Vilnius c. 1849 engraved map
Kingdom of Prussia Germany Poland Silesia Berlin 1834 Streit two sheet map
Lake Kyoga Uganda African Great Lakes Region 1899 Kirkpatrick small folding map
Lake Shirwa Shire Highlands Malawi Mozambique Zomba 1899 detailed geographic map
League of American Wheelmen Bicycle Road Atlas 1893 Mid Atlantic book w/ 6 maps
Lot x 4 Tartar Ethnic Views Costume Prints Uzbeks Calmucs c. 1720's print lot
Moosabec Beach Maine Coastal Survey 1879 large nautical chart
New York City plan Manhattan Central Park Brooklyn Hoboken 1902 Cram large map
New York City Statue of Liberty 1889 Centennial Naval Parade large print
North America Territorial United States 1857 Morse Colby Lot 3 hand color maps
North America United States Canada Mexico Caribbean 1850's Ludolph map
Northern Italy Lombardy Parma Modena Tuscany Papal States 1856 DeSilver fine map
NYC Madison Square Centennial Military Parade West Point Cadets 1889 print
Old Man of the Mountains White Mts. of New Hampshire 1874 curious sketch print
Ottoman Balkans Albania Greece Serbia Bulgaria Bosnia 1856 DeSilver fine map
Paris & Environs Versailles St. Denis Military Forts 1884 Raynaud engraved map
Peru & Bolivia South America La Paz Lima 1856 DeSilver scarce hand color map
Piano sheet music 1852 Strack folio leather book Gracie Wright cover dedication
Poland Polish Magazine 1932 Swiatowid culture pictorial news society c.40 issues
Pompeii Excavations Archaeology 1832 Gell leather 2 vol fine illustrated set
Republic of Chile 1855 Northern Portion Gold Mines Railroads engraved map
Republic of Chile Southern Portion Gold Mines Railroads 1855 engraved map
Russia in Asia Siberia Kamchatka Caucasus 1856 DeSilver engraved map
Russian Empire Finland Baltic States Ukraine Crimea 1856 DeSilver scarce map
Russian Empire Poland Ukraine Finland Caucasus Moscow 1879 Johnson scarce map
Santiago Chile 1855 Mint Building Architectural View Street Scene
Santiago Chile Detailed City Plan 1855 Gritzner Santiago Military map
Santiago Chile Royal Palace Street Scene 1855 Duval architectural view
Songs of Theodore Botrel French Popular Composer c. 1900 large leather book
Spain & Portugal Madrid Lisbon Barcelona Seville 1856 DeSilver engraved map
Sweden & Norway Oslo Stockholm Bornholm Trondheim 1856 DeSilver scarce fine map
Tartarin on the Alps 1886 Alphonse Daudet illustrated lovely leather book
Teddy Roosevelt & Family Boston Herald Portrait 1904 rare colorful print
Texas & Oklahoma Indian Territory West Texas 1899 detailed Matthews-Northrup map
Texas 1857 Morse miniature state map w/ original hand color early RR lines
Texas State Map Houston Dallas El Paso Corpus Christi 1891 Cram 2 sheet map
Texas State Map Houston Dallas El Paso Corpus Christi 1902 Cram 2 sheet map
The Stage American Theatre Film Opera Magazine 1935 complete 12 issue year's run
Thomas Gray Collected Poems 1850 Radclyffe illustrated ornate gift leather book
Upper & Lower Canada New Montreal Quebec 1862 Johnson & Ward map Scarce Issue
Utah & New Mexico Territories 1857 Morse Colby miniature map old hand color nice
Virginia Richmond Suffolk Hampton Weirton 1857 Morse miniature state map
Washington & Oregon Territories 1857 Morse & Colby miniature map old hand color
World Map in Double Hemispheres East & West Hemisphere Pair x 2 Baker h.c. maps