Children's Books 19th century juveniles c.1850's-1900 lot x 10 w/ color plates
Children's Books 19th century juveniles c.1850's-1900 lot x 10 w/ color plates Children's Books 19th century juveniles c.1850's-1900 lot x 10 w/ color plates
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Children's Books of 19th century. Collection of ten (10) illustrated soft-cover.

Each item uncommon/ scarce, lot is interesting, appealing and unique.

Short video captures condition much better than words. Please watch prior to purchase to ensure a clear understanding of the lot.

Mother's Series. The Passionate Child. c.1872, New York, McLoughlin Brothers. 8 pp. color lithographs.

Alfred Crowquill's Fairy tales. The Selfish Man or, the World's Teaching.
1857, London, G. Routledge & Co. With color litho cover and 14 full page plates with early/ original hand color. Sheets once loose, early owner amateurishly re-stitched spine with thread.

Mother Goose's Melodies.nd (c.1880-90), London, McLoughlin Bros. Publishers. Profusely illustrated with b&w line drawings. Spine amateurishly repaired by early owner with cloth.

On Guard A B C. New York& London, Raphael Tuck & Sons. Co. Ltd. c.1890-1910. Color lithographed and printed on linen.

The People's Handbook Series. Every boy His Own Toy-Maker.
New York, F. M. Lupton Publisher.

The Palette Painting Book. London,c.1890-1900, Frederick Warne & Co. [Shaped like artists palette] New York, McLoughlin Bros. near toy book. Chromolithographed covers, 8 color lithographed plates, heavy water color paper. Original water color dabs to show colors on final key leaf.

Little Folks' Painting Book. NY, McLoughlin Bros., c.1880-90. With eight full page choromolithographs, numerous full page lithographed. Themes are circus, dolls & cats.

Babyland. Oct. 1889, Boston, D. Lothrop Company. Monthly juvenile periodical. Illustrated with advertising.

Larkin's Sunday School Greeting. c.1890-1900, NY. Soap Company juvenile promotional book. Color litho covers, well illustrated.

My Painting Book. c.1880-90, London, Raphael Tuck & Sons. Art by Shute, NC Bishop, Walker Hodgson, E. Lewis, G. Stoddard & W.W. Lloyd. Chromolitho cover, lacks rear cover, With 1891 gift inscription from Caroline Beaumont. 8 full page color lithographed plates.

Every Boy His Own Toy-Maker. NY, 1894 by F.M. Lupton. [People's Handbook Series]. Profusely illustrated, comprehensive and wonderful compendium of toys and amusement novelties.

Smallest book measures: 6" H X 4 7/8" W.
Largest book measures: 9 5/8" H X 7 3/4" W.