Jerome Weston Earl of Portland fine 18th Century antique Portrait print
$ 46.00


Issued in the mid-18th century (1700's), Europe.

(print was aquired loose & undated, as offered; our approximate dating here is speculative and is our best attempt to state it correctly).

A very appealing 18th century engraved portrait print. Mounted to a paper backing sheet.

This type of richly contrasting light & dark engraved printing process was very difficult and laborious, involving long-apprenticed highly trained skillful pictorial artisans. It also involved challenging hand-operated machinery, inking of plates, sheets of paper individually hung to dry, skill, patience, and other endless tasks and labor. Because of these and various other factors, this printed leaf is an interesting original artifact from long past moment in printing.

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Sheet has narrow margins, likely shaved down at some point in the past. Sheet is lightly to moderately age toned, still mostly clean & fresh -- appealing visually.

Could readily be displayed or collected.

In all, remains a charming antique printed image any collector, dealer or institution would be pleased to own.

Sheet measures c. 3 7/8" W x  6 3/8" H.

Engraved area measures c. 3 5/8" W x  6 1/4" H.


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