Nude Goddess Proteus predicts a son for Thetis Delightful 1808 Mythology print
$ 55.00


(Beautiful nude goddess in the clouds, sky, robes, sirens, porpoise, Mythology)

Issued Paris: 1808.

Engraved by .

Beautifully engraved and very uncommon early 19th century mythology print.

The precise, detailed & nuanced engraving style epitomizes a particularly fine visual aesthetic, quite unique to this moment in the development of engraving. The theme & style of imagery is without question quite specific to this era. A very highly skilled engraving technique which stands out superior in contrast to many others similar around it.

This type of richly contrasting light & dark engraved printing process was very difficult and laborious, involving long-apprenticed highly trained skillful pictorial artisans. It also involved challenging hand-operated machinery, inking of plates, hand-made sheets of paper individually hung to dry, skill, patience, and other endless tasks and labor. Because of these and various other factors, this printed leaf is an interesting original artifact from long past moment in printing history.


Please view scan closely as it allows for a close zoom inspection .

[ note: We grade very conservatively and always seek to disclose any noteworthy flaws. We are doing our best to show & describe this item so you are happy when it arrives ].

Sheet shows mostly light signs of age and handling. The hand-made paper is naturally slightly wavy and uneven with normal minor thin age wrinkling, trivial age spotting, dustiness or small surface abrasions (not distracting), sheet is also lightly age toned, some insignificant old light stain spotting on the back, etc.

Overall the print displays no flaws which are visually offensive or worhty of discussion -- print is clean, well printed and visually attractive.

Could readily be displayed or collected.

A most attractive antique print any collector, dealer or institution would be pleased to own.

Possessing a nice age patina which marks it as a unique & genuine survival old print.

Sheet measures c. 5 3/8" W x  8 3/8" H.

Engraved area measures c. 3 3/8" W x  4 7/8" H.


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