World's Fair 1939-40 New York lot x 20 ephemera items brochures Art Deco
World's Fair 1939-40 New York lot x 20 ephemera items brochures Art Deco World's Fair 1939-40 New York lot x 20 ephemera items brochures Art Deco
$ 450.00

World's Fair New York 1939-40. Lot of 20+ original fair souvenirs & ephemera items, all printed and distributed at and during the fair.

All display nice Art Deco aesthetic typical of the era, lot includes three rare cellophane wrapper items, all with original contents still inside.

Fun lot, all items worthy of collecting condition. Various formats, includes large folding automobile map, a large Deco masterpiece booklet entitled City of Light, advertising, hand bills, etc.

Short video captures condition much better than words. Please watch prior to purchase to ensure a clear understanding of the lot. Nicer lot than typical for the type.

New York World's Fair, 1939. (Fiberglass Bookmark in original translucent cell paper wrapper).

Working Model of Reading Company Passenger Locomotive. (hand-bill advertisement).

New York World's Fair 1939-40 Scot Tissue Paper Towels. (2). Both transparent printed cellophane with original paper towels still inside.

New York World's Fair 1939 Kraft advertisements. (3 items still inside their printed envelope).

Stamped envelope from British Pavilion postmarked London 5 May 1940.

Seeing New York World's Fair in Colors. Great book of color & b&w images.

1939 New York's World Fair Souvenir of Canadian Pacific Locomotive. unfolds.

Rip Discovers Radio. Great b&w booklet.

Missouri (Official) Highway Map, Compliments Missouri State Highway Commission, Jefferson City. 1939. Large folding state auto map.

Optics and Wheels, A Story of Lighting from the Primitive Torch to the Sealed Beam Headlamp. 1940, Detroit, General Motors Corporation. booklet.

Visit Baltimore On Your World's Fair Trip. folding booklet.

Better Photography.1939. World's Fair article.

The City of Light on the Plaza of Light at the New York World's Fair.
1940, New York, Consolidated Edison System Companies. masterpiece of graphic design.

60 Exhibits by Gardner Displays at the World Fairs. (loose advertisement sheet).

The Town of Tomorrow and Home Building Center. World's Fair of 1940 in New York.

Free at the Fair. (Informational brochure). 1939.

New York Herald Tribune. Gate to New York World's Fair. 1939. Profusely illustrated with b&w pics and color ads.