Weekly Highlights: November 19th, 2021

Welcome back to Brian's office here in cold but still snow-free southern New Hampshire! We hope that this week's gems more than make up for our absence last week. Some of our selection include a monumental mid-1800's illustrated History of Slavery, a beautiful and famous illustrated 1771 edition of Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered (Liberated), a charming pocket atlas of the late 19th century, and a beautiful collection of a colorful and famous French magazine dedicated to Japanese art & culture done by Bing. Also, some beautiful leather bindings which display the appeal of antiquarian books.

As always, the books in this week's roundup can found by searching their items number (found below) on our website, BrianDiMambro.com. Thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next week post-Thanksgiving for our Black Friday special roundup! Visit our website for special offers and a big sale this weekend!

B2453 - Eugene Montrosier Salon de 1888 Art prints book.
B3731 - Japon Artistique c. 1889 Bing French arts magazine.
B3739 - History of the Voyages 1749 French leather book.
B3752 - History of Slavery 1858 leather book.
B3800 - Asprey's World Atlas c. 1890-1910 small leather book.
B3802 - The Christian Year 1853 decorative leather binding.
B3803 - The Jest Book 1909 leather book.
B3804 - Story of My Boyhood 1913 John Muir book.
B3805 - Charles Lamb 1866 Barry Cornwall 2 vol. leather set- Extra Illustrated. B3806 - Collected Works of Edmund Spencer 1869 leather book.