Weekly Highlight: November 24th, 2021 Thanksgiving Edition!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We're here in Brian's office early this week for our weekly roundup, showing off our favorite items which we've catalogued this week. Although the week was short, we still have a full complement of antiquarian items for your browsing and purchasing pleasure, including a scarce and pleasing set of souvenir albums with views of the Chicago World's Fair, a lovely illustrated collection of poetry in a custom leather binding, an early 20th century Florida travel guide, and much more!

As always, the books in this week's roundup can found by searching their items number (found below) on our website, BrianDiMambro.com. We hope that you all have a relaxing and gastronomically enjoyable Thanksgiving, and we'll see you all next week!

B3636 - Chicago World's Fair 1894 Illustrated Set.
B3734 - Women in Sacred History 1873 Illustrated Leather Book.
B3813 - Florida Standard Guide 1921 Illustrated Guidebook.
B3817 - William Nicholson 12 Sports Almanac 1900.
B3819 - Collected Letters of George Sand 1883 French 7 Vol. Set.
B3822 - International Studio Arts Magazine 1902 Leather Book Jessie King.
B3825 - Sweet Home Soap Company c. 1890 Famous People Booklet.
B3826 - Amsterdam Souvenir 1860's Tourist Album.
B3828 - Swiss Letters & Alpine Poems 1882 Custom Leather Binding.
B3830 - Shepherd Brothers New Hampshire Shoe Company 1911 Booklet.