New Arrivals Weekly Roundup December 10th, 2021 Part 1

Welcome back to Brian's office here in the New Hampshire seacoast! Our first dusting of snow arrived overnight, and the temperature has taken an artic plunge. Winter is here for certain!

This week among the handful of highlights, we've got a wonderful cartoon pictorial map of Miami Beach c. 1951, and a scarce 19th century New England resorts guide book with accompanying maps. If American travel isn't your thing, why not take a trip to Europe to the Paris Exposition, with a delightful exhibition guide published by Wanamaker's department store of Philadelphia, or tour London with the help of the Langham Hotel's guide to the city? If all that doesn't warm your heart, we've also got a lovely illustrated book on heraldry, a delightful miniature leather promise book, and a lovely leather bound edition of the Rubaiyat! And that's just part one! 

As always, each item shown in the video can be found by searching its item number (listed below) on our website, Thanks for joining us today, and we'll be back shortly with even more antiquarian items for your viewing pleasure.

B3838 - Faith Promiser 1853 miniature leather book
B3840 - Miami Beach c. 1951 cartoon pictorial map
B3854 - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 1892 leather book
B3897 - Taintor's Guide to Northern New England 1890 guide book
B3905 - Langham Hotel Guide to London 1887 guide book w/ map
B3906 - Wanamaker's Guide to Paris 1900 Paris Exposition guide w/ map B3907 - New Practical Guide to Paris 1878 guide book w/ map
B3911 - Miracle Workers c. 1919 Cheney Brothers American Silk Co.
B3932 - Practical Manual of Heraldry 1864 illustrated book