Austria Village View Landscape Quaint c. 1840 beautiful antique hand color print
$ 125.00

Ischl Vom Calvarienberg

(Austria- Quaint Village View- Landscape- Idyllic- Picturesque)

Printed c. 1840, Germany/ Austria by Johann Hofelich

Remarkably beautiful original antique aquatint print, with some of the most artistic original hand coloring on an old print we have ever seen. The colorist was almost certainly an artist, the sky is lovely, the figures painted skillfully, gum arabic expertly applied by the colorist to maximize visual effect whcih still pleases the eye to this day.

A gem of an image, almost looks like an original painting.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The photos are a major part of the item description. Please examine them closely, as what you see is what we will send you. [note: we grade conservatively and always seek to disclose any noteworthy flaws.].

Print remains overall clean & sound, light signs of age typical to all old sheets of printed paper. The photographs or scan provided should capture the appearance better than words.

Wonderful old print entirely worthy of hanging for display.

A visual depiction captured in a manner entirely unique to this era.

Sheet measures c.  7 7/8" H x  10 1/2" W.

Printed area measures c. 7 1/8" H x  9 1/4" W